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Gentle Giant Previews "Empire" Boba Fett at the 2018 NYTF

Updated February 20, 2018 7:42 pm • Published February 16, 2018 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

The 2018 New York Toy Fair (NYTF) is about to start and Gentle Giant teased a photo on their Instagram showing what appears to be a new Boba Fett piece, which sports his "Empire Strikes Back" colors.

Gentle Giant's line of Fett busts, maquettes, and figures is already impressive. Late last year they had a nice Jango Fett Classic Mini Bust, which we got to see and review first hand.

For this level of detail, it's got to be a larger style of figure. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE Gentle Giant revealed it's their "Collector's Gallery" Boba Fett, coming in Q3 2018.

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  • Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi by Rian Johnson (writer and director) to be released December 15, 2017
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story by Ron Howard (current director) and Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan (writers, each confirmed by starwars.com on July 7, 2015); Christopher Miller and Phil Lord (original directors) were fired during production; to be released May 25, 2018
  • Star Wars: Episode IX by J.J. Abrams (confirmed September 2017); replacing Colin Trevorrow (director) who was fired, including Jack Thorne (writer); originally set for a May 24, 2019 release, it’s now confirmed for December 20, 2019
  • Star Wars Story Film #3 has no protagonist and no director (after Josh Trank was fired); Simon Kinberg (unconfirmed writer) may still be attached or involved; no release date announced

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Add a Touch of Class with the HEX Boba Fett Phone Case

Updated February 16, 2018 8:04 pm • Published December 17, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

New from HEX is your choice of a Boba Fett snap case or a Boba Fett wallet case for an iPhone. The snap cases feature a little less than half of Boba Fett in a headshot style image that includes his rangefinder. The case itself is leather on plastic with a green felt lining for your phone. Fett is embossed in the leather appearing the same color as the rest of the case. Towards the bottom is a sewn-on leather patch reminiscent of a pair of jeans that includes the Star Wars logo, the HEX logo, some lettering that appears to resemble Aurabesh, "made in the USA," and presumably the product code: Inside the case in the felt is the HEX logo and the phrase "As you wish."

HEX offers both style cases in iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X sizes. While the website says the size is designated for the iPhone 8, the packaging indicates it will fit the 7, 6S, and 6 as well. Not all snap cases can fit all 4 styles due to Apple’s changing the camera size, positioning, and protrusion from model to model. I was not able to compare this feature for the plus size phones for this review. If you want to go fancier the wallet case features Fett’s full helmet when opened.

From Our Image Gallery

The inside of the wallet is green leather with yellow inside the 3 credit card slots -- or 5 for the "Plus" -- and a plastic tray mount for your phone that again features the HEX logo and the phrase "As You Wish." Finally, the wallet case has an elastic band to hold it all closed.

My take: this is a great case. I love the subtlety of the image in the leatherwork. The case snaps on easily and stays on -- something that isn’t always a guarantee with snap cases. Having used this case for a week now I’m pleasantly surprised by the durability of the little leather patch. I carry my phone in my rear pants pocket with the screen facing outward. I had thought that the patch would repeatedly catch on the pocket button causing it to peel or the stitching to fray. I’m happy to report this has not been the case.

The only flaw I can find after a week’s worth of use is some discoloration has begun to appear in the leather on the sides and around the edges. Even though it may not look as pristine as when I opened it, Fett himself is a little beat up so for me it just adds character to, well, the character.

From Our Image Gallery

This is an easy purchase decision if you’re a Fett fan. Currently only the plus size cases are available through their website as the other sizes are sold out. If you’re willing to look beyond Fett they have currently have full availability in their other Star Wars designs: Darth Vader, R2-D2, Stormtrooper, and X-Wing Helmet (which is a snap case only) on their website.

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Be Quite the Bounty with the Star Wars Suits and Ties from OppoSuits

Updated February 16, 2018 8:05 pm • Published December 13, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Lego Master Cole wearing the suit, along with his own Boba Fett helmet

For five years OppoSuits has provided unique, quality-made suits for fans of all fandoms who aren't afraid to show their geeky side. With over one hundred designs for men, women and kids you won't be able to leave their online shop without finding something that will suit (no pun intended) your fancy. They ship to several different countries offering fans around the world the chance to spice up their closet a little more. OppoSuits also offers free shipping to US residents if you get your order in by 2pm PST! Now let's get on the good stuff, shall we?

Their officially licensed Star Wars line for men includes a range of Light and Dark side themes with suits ranging from bold and bright to subtle and cool. We here at Boba Fett Fan Club took a liking to their Festive Force suit. It screams "bad guy" and so obviously our favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, is included among the several characters featured in the fair isle pattern. All of their slim fit cut suits are made of an open woven, high quality polyester. The jackets include an inner lining, inside pockets and outside pockets. Their pants also have pockets in the front and the back along with button closures in the back for extra security. We feel that in this particular suit you will be quite the bounty at that Holiday party you have coming up!

Besides your basic Star Wars sweaters and ties it's not often we find unique Star Wars wear for men that wouldn't exactly fall under the "casual" category. So if you're looking for something that makes a statement for a special occasion, be sure to check out the rest of the line here and submit your ideas for even more Star Wars suits that will be released in 2018. And while you're at it, perhaps suggesting Star Wars options for women and the little ones would be a good idea too!

Want the suit? Enter our contest before December 20, 2017 11:59 PM Pacific for a chance to win!

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Funko Introduces Classic Star Wars Mystery Mini Keychain Plushies

Published December 7, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Due out in February 2018, Funko will be releasing small plush keychain figures. They're in blind boxes, so you don't know exactly what you're going to get. Each are between 2.5" and 3" tall and cab be clipped.

In addition to Boba Fett, you can find Princess Leia, a Jawa, Yoda, Darth Vader, Greedo, C-3PO, and an Ewok.

For past releases like this, see our Funko category and our plush category in the Bounty database.

Helmet nod to Action Figure Insider for the heads up.

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2017 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Star Wars Sales Featuring Boba Fett

Updated November 27, 2017 12:33 pm • Published November 23, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Here's our fourth annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale breakdown, focusing on Boba Fett.

Note that our guide here is in addition to our updated-for-2017 holiday guide and our holiday ornaments collectibles database.


Apparel and Accessories

  • TeePublic has a Black Friday sale that's already begun (as of 11/22 4pm) thru 11/25 at 12am. They also have a Cyber Monday sale from 11/26 thru 11/28. This includes the 20th and 21st anniversary BFFC designs, where we send all proceeds to Jeremy Bulloch's favorite charity.
  • NME Props has a deal where, with the purchase of any helmet during their Black Friday Sale, they'll give you a coupon for 15% off the Stalker armor to be released near Christmas.

  • Hot Topic has a Black Friday sale, where all t-shirts are $10 (down from $20-22).
  • shopDisney (previously called Disney Store) has a big sale, which includes Boba Fett slippers, Boba Fett mug, Boba Fett shirts, and Boba Fett hats.

Prints and Posters

  • Joe Corroney has 35% off all items and a FREE autographed "The Force Awakens" print with every purchase. Use code SITH at checkout. Ends November 26th.

  • StarWarsAuthentics.com has 25% off on most items & up to 40% off select items. (Thanks to @DarthVonOhlen on Twitter for the heads up.)

(Are we missing something cool? Let us know in the comments and we'll update.)

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Interview with Abbernaffy Customs, Maker of a Custom Sketch NYCC Boba Fett with Slave I Funko POP

Updated November 2, 2017 11:38 pm • Published October 23, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Community

Jazz legend Miles Davis has been quoted as saying “Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” This well known quote was specifically referring to musicians, but the underlying principle can easily be applied to any given category of artists. Mastering the technical skills of one’s chosen craft is certainly paramount, but an artist’s ability to develop and establish a style distinct to themselves is truly what sets them apart from their would-be peers. One such artist who has clearly achieved that in the custom toy world is Alan of Abbernaffy Customs.

Our first exposure to Alan’s work was a Sketch Boba Fett based on a Smuggler’s Bounty exclusive Boba Fett Funko POP! bobblehead, initially brought to our attention by our good friends at the Boba Fett Fan Club. Even at a glance, we knew this was something profoundly different from the plethora of custom vinyl figures out there, and this was only one of Alan’s many distinct styles. His body of work is as extensive as it is unique. We actually have yet to see his portfolio in its entirety, as his Instagram feed is so long that our browser keeps crashing while attempting to reach the beginning. Even then, there was clearly plenty to see for fans of just about any genre you can think of. Just focusing on the character of Boba Fett alone boasts unique styles such as rusted silver, block shadow, Planet X, sketch glow, Freddy Funko, and even this distinctive Headless Jango Fett (warning: mild gore). To say that this is only the tip of the iceberg is a comical understatement of epic proportions. That we recommend a thorough look through the Abbernaffy Customs portfolio goes without saying, and we hope your devices will handle displaying his Instagram feed better than ours did. You won’t regret it.

Alan’s artistry and workmanship is perhaps eclipsed only by his kindness and humility as he generously shared his experience, insight, and thoughtful advice with our readers in his interview below. To cap off with another quote, Albert Einstein once mused “Why is it I always get my best ideas while shaving?” Today, this amusing thought has become a classic illustration of how a wandering mind can stimulate brain function and capacity. Alan shares his own version of that phenomenon with us as well, and we are sure you will find it as humorous and inspiring as we did. Enjoy!

What are the top three interesting facts about yourself?

I’m from Glasgow Scotland. Not the craziest of all facts, but a lot of fans I’ve had have thought I was based in the US. My previous job to customising was working as a UK-wide product specialist for Canon Cameras. It was quite the career change when I decided to start making toys instead of learning all about the working of cameras. I have a 9 year old son who basically gives me the seal of approval on all of the customs I make. If he doesn’t give me the “wow” reaction then I know the custom needs more work!

How did you get your start in customizing toys?

I’d love to give some sort of inspirational origin story as to my beginning in the custom world, but it was a series of unfortunate events that set the wheels in motion for this path I’ve taken. It started back when I first began collecting. I was new to the community and pretty naive. I was introduced to customs though Facebook groups and fell in love with the idea that people could make their own toys, and I purchased a custom from one of the custom makers in the community. I paid a fortune for it and then I waited around eight months for it to arrive. Finally when it did I was so disappointed with the quality of it that it made me a little sour with the idea that I’d waited so long and paid so much money for it. So I figured you know what, I’m going to make my own customs and I’m going to make sure I don’t disappoint people the way this guy disappointed me. My first custom series I made was my metals series. I was laying in bed one night and I was staring at the Superman Pop sitting on my bedside cabinet. I figured he would look really cool if he looked like he was made of brass. So I made it happen. I shared my custom with the community and they really took to it. I didn’t expect anyone to like what I made, as admittedly my stuff wasn’t great when I first started. But I kept going and trying different things and evolving my styles. Ultimately, I had seen so many different customizers around the groups who were all known for their particular style so I wanted to create my own style that when people see it, they would say “Oh, that’s Abbernaffy’s”. I was laying in bed one day and I was looking at my Pops and I thought, “how cool would it be if they looked like they were a drawing on paper?” Then I thought how cool would it be if they glowed in the dark and you could see the sketch really pop then! That’s when my sketch series was born. Since then, that style has became the one I’m most known for!

You have done many sketch customs prior to your latest Sketch Boba Fett Funko Pop. What do you find most enjoyable about this particular style?

The sketch customs are super satisfying for me to make because I genuinely can’t draw to save myself. If you give me a piece of paper and ask me to draw something, you’ll get a stick man in return! Yet when I make a sketch Pop, I can make it look like it’s right off the page. So it’s always been weird for me seeing what I can create on a Pop that I couldn’t create on a piece of paper. I also still geek out when I make my glow sketch versions and they light up in the dark. It’s so cool seeing a glow in the dark 3D drawing sitting on your shelf.

You have previously done quite a few Boba Fett-based customs in general. Is it safe to guess that you’re a Boba Fett fan?

So here’s where the fans get their pitch forks out: I love Star Wars, but I’ve never really considered myself a diehard fan! That being said, I’ve grown up with these movies and being a kid, I stuck to the coolest-looking characters like glue! So Boba Fett and Jango Fett were just the coolest characters in my eyes. I used to have a Jango Fett figurine when I was a kid and I NEVER put it down so I have fond memories of that character. I also enjoy making the Fett customs because it’s actually really hard to make it look bad. Plus there’s a little satisfaction in making something that I played with so much when I was a kid into Pop form! It’s basically a nostalgia blast for me!

Where and how do you draw inspiration for each custom piece you create?

You may have noticed a trend with most of my inspirations. I tend to come up with these ideas when I’m laying in bed trying to sleep! I have a bad habit of going into contemplation mode when I should be sleeping. I always end up thinking “Wouldn’t this look cool on a Pop?” More times than not, I actually get up out of my bed at midnight and start trying out these ideas. A lot of my inspiration also comes from the fact that I’ve immersed myself in geek culture for most of my life, especially with Star Wars. As much as I’m not a diehard fan, I love the Expanded Universe and the stories you don’t get to see on the big screen. I always think how cool it would be to see that represented in Pop form. I’ve got plans to make some of the Expanded Universe Jedi and Sith into Pops in the near future!

What is your dream goal as a custom Pop maker?

You know, I’ve never really thought about my future in the customs business. I’ve really only went with the flow for as long as I could. As far as my future as an artist, I’d absolutely love to make my own vinyl line. I’m currently in the concept stage of making my own. I’m basically just brainstorming the ideas I have swirling around in my head and trying to form them into a cool looking product! If ever I do manage to make my own stylised vinyl figures, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be including many Star Wars characters in the line!

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to an aspiring toy customizer?

I have to say, one of the daily challenges I face as a customizer is having people ask me for all my tips, tricks, and secrets on how I make my customs look as slick as they do. I actually get a lot of stick for it because I choose to keep those parts private. There’s a reason for it though. The biggest advice I can give to any artist is to do the hard work. Go through the frustrating trial and error part of the journey as that’s what makes you as an artist. That’s what helps you define your own path and artistic style! The whole point in being an artist is to find a way to channel your own creative ideas and manifest them into something physical. It would be easy for someone to message an established artist and have them tell them exactly how to make art like they make it, but then you’re doing nothing more than simply walking in the shadow of someone who’s already established. Don’t walk in anyone’s shadow. Put in the hard work, the late nights, the anger, the pain, the frustration, and the pride when you progress and the satisfaction when you look at something you worked really hard to make and think, “Wow, I made that.” I suppose my advice summed up would be that a lot of people want to get to the finish line without running the race by piggybacking other runners, but the race is the fun part! Embrace it and enjoy it!

About the Artist

Alan of Abbernaffy Customs is a toy artist from Glasgow Scotland. He enjoys making toys from geek culture’s biggest names, and is a Star Wars fan who loves making Boba Fett and Jango Fett custom toys. Alan’s work can be found on both Instagram and Facebook.

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Social Media Contest: Win SDCC Exclusive Boba Fett Socks

Updated November 7, 2017 10:08 pm • Published October 22, 2017 • Written by • Filed under About BFFC

[11/7: Congrats to Michael B., Matthew L., and Jose J. -- each winners of our contest!]

[11/6 7:30pm: Each winner has been contacted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook respectively. Didn't win? Don't worry. We're going to be doing a whole lot more of these -- each with different ways to enter and win.]

[11/6 5:30pm: We've gone through all of the entries, pulled out any that did not follow the rules, and done a random.org number generator pull for the Twitter and Facebook entries. For Instagram, we're picking out favorite. Winners will be contacted shortly and have 48 hours to reply with a valid mailing address before we consider any runner-ups.]

We ended up picking up a lot of off-the-shelf, mint-condition San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive Boba Fett socks made by Stance, and it's time to give some of them away.

You have three ways to enter to win:

Tag a friend and comment with your reason why you deserve this pair of socks...

  1. ...on this Facebook post as a comment reply
  2. ...on this Twitter post as a retweet with a comment (aka quote retweet)
  3. ...on this Instagram post as a comment reply

Some rules:

  • Starting Monday, October 23rd at 6am Pacific, you have until Sunday, November 5th at 10pm Pacific to enter.
  • You can enter any or all contests, but you cannot win more than one pair of socks.
  • Entry is free, including shipping. While the prizes were not donated, and the manufacturer is not involved with the contest (as is sometimes the case with many of our other past contests), we will pay for shipping internationally. Pretty cool, huh?
  • You must have a public profile, or we may not see your entry. For Facebook and Twitter, a winner will be chosen at random. For Instagram, we will pick our favorite comment, factoring in points for originality.
  • Don't want to tag a friend? No sweat, Boba Fett. Just tag yourself -- we won't judge.
  • Following our social channels, sharing, re-posting, and/or multiple comments do not help or hurt your odds, but feel free to do it all as we appreciate the love.
  • Entries via re-posts are not eligible. We are only watching for valid entries at the three posts linked above.
  • Each pair we have is a size large, which translates to 9 - 12 US, 8.5 - 11.5 UK, 43 - 46 EUR, and 27 - 30 JAP. We have no other sizes -- sorry.
  • If you are a winner of this contest, we will contact you via the social network your entry came from, so check for a notification "ping" from us.
  • We will contact contest winners during the day on Monday, November 6th. You have 48 hours to reply with a valid postal mailing address before we move on to a runner up.
  • We hope to have everything in the mail that week -- from our cargo hold to yours. Once we ship it, we will not bother you again. Your secret headquarter is safe.
  • In case you have to ask, the socks are unworn and still in pristine, original packaging from when we got it in person at SDCC 2017.

Good luck!

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Review of Star Wars Rebels Season 4 "Heroes of Mandalore"

Published October 16, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Film & TV

The crew of the Ghost returns today as Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels premieres on Disney XD. This season begins with the long awaited return to Mandalore, last seen in season 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2013. Now under Imperial control, Sabine and her Rebel friends including Fenn Rau have joined forces with Sabine's mother and the rest of clan Wren to stand up against the treacherous Clan Saxxon. Mandalorian fans are in for a treat in these first episodes with all of the high-flying and explosive combat. Beware for spoilers ahead, so read with caution!

The first episode sees our heroes on a mission to rescue Sabine's father from an Imperial convoy on their way to his execution. The "train robbery" feel of this episode is very reminiscent of the Boba Fett-centric "Bounty" episode from Season 4 of The Clone Wars. We also finally get to see the weapon that Sabine created at the Imperial Academy and it is devastatingly deadly. The episode ends on an emotional cliffhanger leaving many of us that saw it at Star Wars Celebration Orlando in April confused and concerned about the well being of some supporting characters. Arguably the most notable part of this episode is the return of Bo Katan Kryze. We last saw Bo Katan bid farewell to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mandalore after Maul murdered her sister Satine. Since then she has become a fan favorite Mandalorian for her iconic armor and helmet design, as well as her refusal to join maul after he defeated Mandalore Pre Vizla in single combat.

The second episode picks up shortly after Bo Katan refuses to take the darksaber from Sabine and unite the Mandalorian clans. Thankfully we find out almost immediately that Sabine's mother and brother are not in fact dead, like the first episode had suggested. Imagine having to wait six months to find that out instead of six minutes! After it is revealed that the weapon Sabine created targets "beskar" Mandalorian armor specifically, the group hatches a plan to attack the Star Destroyer over Mandalore's capital and destroy the weapon once and for all. Filoni and co. naming the weapon "The Duchess" is an amusing nod to fans that disliked Duchess Satine and her pacifist Mandalorians from The Clone Wars. Bo Katan is likely far less amused about her sister's namesake than we are, however her leadership and combat abilities really shine in this arc as the stage is set for a showdown between the Empire and the united might of all the Mandalorian clans.

Star Wars Rebels continues to deliver some of the best fan content since Disney purchased the franchise back in 2012. Sound off in the comments below with your favorite part of the episodes.

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Gentle Giant's Jango Fett Classic Bust Captures Best of Prequels

Updated October 12, 2017 12:20 am • Published October 12, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

At a time when Disney appears to be ignoring the prequels, Gentle Giant bucks that trend by releasing Jango Fett as their latest offering in their Classic Bust line. If you’re a Jango Fett fan, or even a Fett fan in general, there is so much to love about this bust. The attention to detail and the design decisions (save one seemingly large oversight) can put this squarely in the “must buy” column for collectors.

From Our Image Gallery

The one-sixth scale bust is starting to ship now from their warehouse now. It retails for $80.

Once again, the packaging is consistent in style and design with all Gentle Giant’s other offerings. One thing that does appear to be new here is a sticker on the styrofoam inserts indicating the piece number and over all run. As with other releases this is noted via a sticker on the bottom of the box and handwritten/printed again on the COA card as well as the piece itself. My guess is that now labeling the styrofoam ensures a matched set.

From Our Image Gallery

At 1,500 pieces, Jango seems to be a smaller than usual run for the classic busts, although my only firsthand comparison is the Boba Fett (GameStop Exclusive) which was 5,000. An odd curiosity about the packaging, specifically about the character description on the back: it refers to Jango as using a "sleek armored suit that concealed his scarred face." Ok, yeah, they gave Tem some make-up but it’s not like he was horribly disfigured or grotesque and needing to hide it. Also, no mention of him or his armor being Mandalorian at all. What’s up with that?

From Our Image Gallery

The first thing I look for on a new Jango piece is which jetpack was chosen. Personally, I prefer the "Boba" style jetpack over the "Arena" style, but GG’s decision to go "Arena" helps set this apart from their Boba and pacify the repaint critics. The next thing I look for is the helmet’s neck seal. More specifically, is there one? None of the screen-used Boba buckets had neck seals. The actors wore what is essentially a balaclava covering their necks, chins, and head. While the Jango costume features a similar neck piece for the actor, the costume designers took the extra step of adding what appears to be a foam doughnut that attaches to the bottom rim of the helmet and fills that space from the helmet to Jango’s neck. If you ever catch these costumes on display, you can check that out. GG nailed this detail in adding it to the bust.

From Our Image Gallery

Another difference from their Boba is the rangefinder. Jango’s is permanently attached, and while it looks like it might have the freedom to be rotated to the down position it’s permanently up. I never lower mine anyway but I know some collectors do. The packaging prevents this from getting bent so probably a better production choice than Boba’s whose is removable (or losable).

One oversight to note. All the Classic Busts feature the insignia of the character’s allegiance. Since Boba doesn’t really have one, they used the Mythosaur, an insignia featured on his armor. Otherwise the Rebels have the Rebel Alliance insignia and the Imperials have the Galactic Empire insignia. Sequel trilogy characters feature the First Order or Resistance insignias. Jango features an exceptionally detailed Galactic Empire insignia.

Unfortunately, Jango dies approximately 3 years before the Galactic Empire even comes into existence. Like Boba, Jango is basically a freelancer except his armor doesn’t have any insignia to pull from. My best guess is that it should be the Republic insignia since he is the clone template, even though he’s actually working for the Sith/Separatists in doing so.

In all fairness the canon Republic insignia does very closely resemble that of the Galactic Empire. The Republic one has 6 spokes and the Empire one has 8. As best as I can tell, Jango is the first prequel era character to be produced in the Classic Bust line. However, given the attention to detail that is exhibited in not only recreating the costume but also in carving the very intricate insignia into the base it does leave me slightly disappointed that their research missed the difference in insignias.

If the mismatched insignia doesn’t bother you -- or your love for Jango, or Fetts, or prequels outweighs that -- then this belongs in your display. It’s a great piece and a very faithful reproduction of the armor. And if you’re fortunate enough to have the Boba, they look amazing together.

From Our Image Gallery

Photos by Scott Casanova for BFFC.

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Fan Reviews of "Added Muscle"

Published October 3, 2017 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Last month we learned Boba Fett would be included in "From A Certain Point of View," a book celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. They're counting the bounty hunter's Special Edition addition at Docking Bay 94 to the first film in 1997. The new story is called "Added Muscle," written by Paul Dini.

While it can be implied that all stories released by Disney are canon (see our guide for more about this specific to Fett's canon fate), Lucasfilm Story Group's Pablo Hidalgo unofficially responded to fans asking if the book's stories are canon. He replied, "Some are. Some aren't. Some might be. Some might not be." He later followed up: "[T]he whole 'point of view' by design is meant to be ambiguous." He also noted he hadn't yet read the Fett story.

Speaking of canon, if this story is even canon, it does three notable things: 1) it explains why Vader says "no disintegrations" in The Empire Strikes Back, 2) it suggests Boba doesn't know Huttese (even though Jango speaks it to him in Attack of the Clones (so is he just rusty?), and 3) it may contradict the timeline of his meeting with Darth Vader in the new Marvel comic, which takes place between Episode 4 and 5. (Thanks to Mark M. on our Facebook page for bring up that last point.)

Now that the book is out today, what do fans think?

  • "My 100% honest opinion of it is: Thanks, I hate it. Throwing aside the horrible characterization, some of the things are extremely questionable, such as him not knowing Huttese. Which is honestly one of the most important languages for him to know after Basic. The only good part of it is, at least in my opinion, the restatement that he is a clone. Restatement is not the best word there but hopefully y’all know what I mean. But that wasn’t enough to redeem the story to me. I’d like a good story about Boba now, Lucasfilm." -- @youaristocat
  • "I gravitated to #BobaFett as a child because I had a torturous time in elementary school. Specifically, 3rd-5th grades. I was the only nerdy kid in a class of 30. All the other kids played sports outside. I just wanted to sit inside and read my Star Wars books. Kids are cruel. They would go into my bag, take my books, and throw them in the garbage. They’d laugh and tease. I cried a lot those days. I always thought Boba Fett had a really cool helmet. Plus, he had a fearsome reputation. Darth Vader gave him a warning! He caught Han Solo! I daydreamed that Boba Fett would come to my school one day and put my bullies in carbonite. Take them away forever, and give me peace. Every Star Wars Legends Boba Fett story portrayed him as a kind of antihero, and that was something I have ALWAYS gravitated to. Always will. The idea that Boba Fett is now a cocky, rude bro... he’s exhibiting the same behavior I abhorred as a kid. It’s tough for me to swallow. That’s my honesty. Not every Boba Fett lover is some bro that doesn’t understand Star Wars. We all love what we love for different reasons." -- @VileZero

[Editor's Note: Emphasis added.]

Additionally, here are some reviews based only on the USA Today exclusive excerpt and the publisher's audiobook excerpt, featuring the voice of Jon Hamm. Note that the final short story is a little bit longer than the excerpt.

  • "I think I'll stick with 'Last Man Standing' if that's okay. This makes me sad." -- Klara Z.
  • "I'm a sucker for Paul Dini's work. I don't picture anything when I hear it though. I like Hamm's voice but just don't visualize him as Boba." -- @ASackFullOfJack
  • "Dini's writing was fine, but Hamm's narration wasn't Fett. I just want to hear more about the incident on Coruscant now." -- @Phorusrhacid
  • "This characterization just... sucks. [I]t just feels wrong, too egotistical." -- Nick W
  • "I like Jon Hamm a lot but...no. This is wrong. The voice and dialogue both." -- @KennyEller4
  • "Dammit @Paul_Dini Boba Fett is Clint [Eastwood] not John Cusack." -- @jfett85
  • "John Hamm is a talented guy... but he isn't Fett. Temuera Morrison should have been the first pick. And if nothing else Dee Bradley Baker should've been the next option. It sounds petty but I just cannot enjoy this with Hamm's performance. It doesn't work." -- John Wayne W.
  • "His performance is entertaining but I don't hear Fett." -- Natti K.

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