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Review: "Star Wars: Age of Republic - Jango Fett #1" Does Both Fetts Right

Published January 13, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Star Wars: Age of Republic - Jango Fett #1 is the latest entry in the aforementioned comic book series, and our first glimpse into the new canon lore for Jango Fett. We start out with a ragtag group of bounty hunters discussing an easy job they were hired for. The hunters are joining forces with Jango Fett and are puzzled as to why he would accept a mission that is far beneath him. Rumors circulate concerning what we know to be the Clone Army project: that Jango has found steady work with one client and that they are rich enough to be his only client. As Jango joins them, it is revealed that he is accompanied by a young Boba Fett. Jango explains that this mission is part of his training and the hunters depart.

Aboard Slave I, Boba wonders why they can't work with bounty hunters that they already know. Jango Fett explains that Boba must learn to deal with the "unknown factor." Boba Fett asks if his father can't simply take the jobs he wants. Jango explains that although he can, it took a long time to reach that point.

It's here that we get our first flashback. It is the meeting where Darth Tyranus recruits Jango Fett to be the clone template of the Grand Army of the Republic. They meet on one of the moons of Bogden; in fact, we knew this ever since Jango told Obi-Wan as much during Attack of the Clones. Sadly, this is also where the new canon continues to phase out the Expanded Universe (aka "Legends"). In the video game, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Jango Fett was hired to capture a Dark Jedi named Komari Vosa. This ordeal is orchestrated by Tyranus in order to find the best template for the Clone Army. This time around, it seems that Jango Fett's reputation alone is what draws Tyranus to recruit him.

Back in the present, the bounty hunters have located their target, a runaway woman who sought to be with her lover. However, he immediately ditches her when the hunters surround her. She ends up stumbling off a balcony, only to be caught and stunned in midair by Jango. Boba and the Rodian bounty hunter Neelda are amazed; Tiver and Rinn not so much.

As they head back to their ships, Jango tells Boba that he knew her fall was a possibility because "desperate people make stupid decisions." This foreshadows the next immediate event: Tiver and Rinn betray the Fetts and ambush Boba. Pressing a sword against his throat, they demand that Jango relinquish the bounty to them in exchange for Boba. To their surprise, Jango refuses. As Tiver begins to question what kind of “maniac” would bring their child to a hunt, they are suddenly shot by a blaster. Jango had given Boba a backup weapon; it had remained hidden because the hunters did not think to search him. Boba shoots down Rinn and holds Neelda at gunpoint. Jango tells Boba that it is up to him whether to let Neelda go. Boba decides to do so because the Rodian was not in on the betrayal. However, because he didn't do much to stop it, he must forfeit his share of the bounty.

As they fly away, Boba wonders if he made the right decision. He says he let Neelda go because he wants others to know what happens when they cross Jango Fett. "When they cross either of us, you mean," replies Jango. Although the hunters got the drop on Boba, Jango gives him credit for his retaliation. This is summarized in the last quote of the comic: "You shot well. You trusted your judgment. And you've started building your reputation. A father couldn't ask for a better start for his son's legacy."

I must admit that I was fairly skeptical going into this comic. Jango and Boba Fett are not always portrayed well in the Star Wars universe. They are sometimes misunderstood or portrayed less effectively than they should be. However, this story did right by both Fetts. Jango is shown to be an excellent mentor who trusts his successor, Boba, to apply what he has learned. Boba unexpectedly had his moment in the spotlight and this foreshadows the legendary bounty hunter he will become by the time of the Original Trilogy. It seems that the Fetts also exhibit a moral code: they are merciful to Neelda since he didn't betray them and thus do not needlessly kill him.

We are also given insight into the way Jango Fett thinks. In a brief flashback on Kamino, we see that Jango is not very proud of the clones. He sees them as "livestock bred as cannon fodder." In contrast, he raises Boba as a son and teaches him what is needed to survive as a bounty hunter. As far as Jango is concerned, Boba is his true legacy.

The artwork has a crisp, basic look to it. For a short comic such as this it's acceptable, but I prefer the more lush work done by Chris Scalf on the comic Star Wars: Blood Ties. The overall writing for this comic is better than I expected and could have told a longer story if needed. Whether intentional or not, it still leaves much about Jango Fett unanswered, such as how he acquired his Mandalorian armor.

Star Wars: Age of Republic - Jango Fett #1, a one-shot issue with six variant covers, is a solid entry in the maxi-series of comics currently produced by Marvel. They cover three eras: Age of Republic, Age of Rebellion, and Age of Resistance, which take place during the prequel, original, and sequel trilogies respectively. Eight characters are selected for each era: four heroes and four villains. Boba Fett will be featured during Age of Rebellion in a short story such as this one. With cautious optimism, I look forward to it.

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2018 Charity Update On Our Anniversary Designs

Published December 24, 2018 • Written by • Filed under About BFFC

For our 20th and 21st anniversaries, we collaborated with illustrator (and BFFC fan) Jason Goad on some distinctive designs celebrating the Boba Fett Fan Club. Once again, thanks to amazing fans and supporters of BFFC, we are proud to donate proceeds — totaling $1,000 this year — to Jeremy Bulloch's favorite charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. The donation goes toward helping sick children to transform their lives.

Most popular among our fans are the "Empire" and "Jedi" 21st anniversary designs, on various t-shirts or stickers, available exclusively in our TeePublic shop. Since last year, we also added two new designs commemorating the "Holiday Special" and "Kenner" Boba Fett colorways.

To contribute with a purchase: https://bobafett.club/bffcshop

To donate directly: https://donate.gosh.org

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2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Star Wars Sales Featuring Boba Fett

Published November 20, 2018Updated • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Here's our fifth annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale breakdown, focusing on Boba Fett.

Note that our guide here is in addition to our updated-for-2018 holiday guide and our holiday ornaments collectibles database.


  • The new LEGO Brickheadz Boba Fett is 20% off right now for Black Friday.
  • For Cyber Monday, Amazon has the Star Wars Galactic Heroes "Jabba's Bounty" set for 30% off.
  • Sideshow Collectibles has a couple Fett-worthy sales:
  • Gentle Giant has 50% off in-stock "Collector’s Gallery" statues, plus 60% off in-stock mini busts, classic busts and their "Jumbo" figures! No code necessary -- discount shows up in the shopping cart. Ends 11/26. (Note: some existing users have noticed problems with their website. To work thru it, try checking out as a guest or reloading until you see the discount take.)
  • LEGO has up to 30% off on Black Friday, including their Slave I (75060) for $20 off.
  • Dallas Vintage Toys has 18% off for Cyber Monday, which includes a lot of vintage Boba Fett toys.

Apparel and Accessories

  • Zavvi has the Numskull #BobaFett sweater in stock and on sale! Get 30% off with code CM30. Small and medium sizes only, but other Boba Fett merch is on sale too.
  • Fifth Sun has 20% off between 11/19 and 11/29 at 11:59 pm Pacific. You can also get free shipping with code BFCM18 until 11/28 at 11:59 pm Pacific.
  • Spencer's has a few sales going on. Between 11/21 and 11/24, you can get free shipping for orders over $30 with code BFGET30. On 11/25 and 11/26, you can get 30% off and free shipping for orders over $50 with code CYMON18. Note that their Mandalorian bomber jacket is currently over 50% off.
  • OppoSuits has officially licensed Star Wars and Boba Fett inspired suits. Use code THANKS2018 for 20% off between 11/23 and 11/26 on their website.
  • Geeki Tikis Boba Fett
    2016, ThinkGeek

    ThinkGeek has a lot of sales on Boba Fett merchandise, most of which is their own exclusives like the Geeki Tikis ceramic mug for 83% off.
  • BoxLunch has 30% off on Black Friday, which includes a lot of Boba Fett shirts and hats.

Prints and Posters


  • Regal Robot has 20% off their Mandalorian skulls, director chairs, cafe tables, and more. Use code HOLIDAY18 at checkout.
  • shopDisney (aka Disney Store) has a lot of sales, including most of their in-stock Boba Fett items on sale up to 30% off. Look out for other codes on their home page to get free shipping, too.
  • OtterBox has a new Boba Fett case for the latest iPhone models, plus 25% off and free shipping for Black Friday.
  • FanWraps is doing 20% off site wide. Use code BLACKFRIDAY by 11/26.
  • Star Wars Insider has sales including these for Cyber Monday: Save 42% ($53.69 off) on 16 issues for $74.15, or save 40% ($24.93 off) on 8 issues for $38.99. See their subscription page for the deals.

Fan-Made Items

  • Our anniversary designs (20th and 21st) are all on sale, only on our TeePublic!
  • Our friends at Left Coast also use TeePublic and their designs are also all on sale right now.
  • Laughing Monkey Labs makes a 3D Boba Fett license plate frame. Use code MONKEY10 at checkout for 10% off your order when you spend $70.

(Are we missing something cool? Let us know in the comments and we'll update.)

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Exclusive Interview with Star Wars Author Adam Bray

Published November 20, 2018Updated • Written by • Filed under Fettpedia

For many avid Star Wars fans, Adam Bray is a household name. The former spelunker, travel writer, and chimpanzee caregiver has authored or co-authored more DK Star Wars reference books than you can count on one hand, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Not only is adhering to Star Wars canon an integral part of his job, Adam effectively helps create it too. "It is fun to track the changes in Lucasfilm’s and in George Lucas’s attitude on canon and how they change over time," said Bray.

"When I wrote Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor, I noticed that the topic of whether the stormtroopers actually were clones or not was something that George Lucas changed his mind on a lot. When he was working on the prequels, George determined that the stormtroopers were clones who were descendants from Jango Fett, which of course eventually got changed.

"If I remember correctly, Dave Filoni had said that when George Lucas was working on the live action TV show that never came to be, that was when he started to reconsider that. But it wasn’t until Star Wars Rebels when they decided that stormtroopers are actually volunteers, so that ties into it."

When it comes to seeking answers to Boba Fett’s fate in the current canon, asking Adam is about as close as you can get to hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth.

"I don’t think I’ve worked with any material that’s specifically about [Boba Fett], but I would presume that anytime Lucasfilm is leaving it open ended like that. Boba Fett is an obvious candidate for movies or some kind of project of significance and leaving that open will allow them to have all their options on the table."

For the rest of our interview, see our guest post on Fantha Tracks.

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Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy: Current Priorities

Published October 27, 2018Updated • Written by • Filed under Film & TV

On Friday at a Ryan Coogler/Black Panther event, journalist Erick Weber had an opportunity to ask Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy about the status of the (rumored) Boba Fett film. She pivoted her answer to say the current priority is about "The Mandalorian" and Episode IX. The journalist then tweeted, presumptively, that the Boba Fett film is "100% dead." Kathleen in fact said no such thing, but countless blogs published the misquote.

We asked the journalist via Twitter about her answer and gained no new clarity on the interaction. We believe the journalist could have asked about a Jar Jar film and the response would likely have been the same.

A feature-length film about Boba Fett has been rumored since 2013 — and never once confirmed by Lucasfilm. It’s only official when they say so. And Kathleen Kennedy did not say "the Boba Fett film is dead," despite widespread incorrect attribution.

Our take-away from this, for what it's worth: it's not dead if it never lived. Also: quotes matter.

For more of the ebb and flow of facts versus fiction with the long-rumored story film, see our Fett Fact Check section.

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Penny's New Boba Fett Bounty for Boarders

Published October 23, 2018 • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Penny Skateboards recently gave BFFC one of their new Boba Fett boards to try out. The Star Wars specific design of the board is beautiful. The watercolor Fett artwork on the deck is very well done, and the clear yellow wheels with "Boba Fett" embossed on them are a really nice touch. Even the box it comes in looks nice enough that I didn't want to recycle it. The board would look great just hanging on a wall, but it's made to ride. So how does it perform?

Made in their 27 inch form factor (about 69 cm), it's just the right size for getting you where you need to go followed by sticking in a backpack, throwing in a locker, or even tossing in a plane's overhead bin. The build quality is surprisingly high for a skateboard that costs around $100. The plastic deck and aluminum trucks keep it very light, while the soft, wide wheels provide a smooth ride with plenty of grip on almost any surface. The waffle tread print on the deck surface provides enough grip when dry, but if its wet a little grip tape would help. The bushings are very responsive but still firm enough to be stable at speed. The bearings are very smooth and are capable of decent speed without any noise. The tail has a nice angle for good control. After about 15 minutes on the board I really found my groove and wanted to take it with me to a lot more places.

Penny Skateboards Boba Fett Skateboard
2018, Penny Skateboards
Where To Find This

The new line of Star Wars boards are available globally this month. In the US the boards are now available in specialty retail stores and online at pennyskateboards.com on October 15. In addition to Boba Fett, other designs in the line include Darth Vader, R2-D2, and an imperial stormtrooper. The Darth Vader and Boba Fett models are available in both 22” and 27” shapes. The R2-D2 themed board are available in the 22” and the Stormtrooper themed model is in the 27” shape.

Penny has already carved out a nice niche for themselves over the last 8 years with their quality, comfort, value, and style. By adding the Star Wars brand to their stable of boards they've just made that niche a bit bigger.

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NYCC 2018: Fett Sightings

Published October 6, 2018 • Written by • Filed under Community

Long-time BFFC contributor Matt Booker, who primarily runs Fantha Tracks, spotted Hallmark's display with a new Boba Fett ornament coming next year:

They were also giving away a free Boba Fett pin on the first day, which they also did at SDCC this year:

He also found the latest Invicta Boba Fett watches on display:

Cosplayer and costume maker Wasted Fett went as a Holiday Special Boba Fett. Here's a video he shared on Instagram:

Bottleneck Gallery had a new Boba Fett print on display:

Artist Darrin Pepe shared that he was doing Boba Fett sketches at the show:

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"The Mandalorian," Disney's New Live-Action Star Wars Series

Published October 3, 2018Updated • Written by • Filed under Film & TV

Jon Favreau just shared via his Instagram account the title and synopsis for his new show, "The Mandalorian."

After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic...

UPDATE 10/4: 24 hours after Jon's exclusive announcement, Lucasfilm confirmed this on StarWars.com with the following "first look" image.

Back in March, Jon was confirmed to write and produce the live-action Star Wars series, which Disney has announced will be exclusive to their new streaming service in 2019. In May, during the Solo world premiere, Jon confirmed that his show would take place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. We like to think, if the storyline fits, Boba Fett would certainly be appropriate to canonically get out of the Sarlacc...

According to The New York Times in August, the series has been afforded $100 million to make 10 episodes. ""'Star Wars' is a big world, and Disney's new streaming service affords a wonderful opportunity to tell stories that stretch out over multiple chapters," Mr. Favreau told them in an e-mail.

A live-action Star Wars TV series has long been rumored. We keep track of the Fett mentions, separating confirmations from rumors, in a section of BFFC News called Fett Fact Check.

Fun fact: Jon Favreau voiced a Mandalorian named Vizsla on "The Clone Wars" animated series. But, as those who have seen the show know, spoiler alert -- he doesn't make it after a battle with Darth Maul. One fan podcast also thought in 2015 that Jon, who previously helmed "Iron Man," might take over for Josh Trank.

In a 2010 press release for "The Clone Wars," Jon joked that "the Mandalorians are all New Yorkers." He went on to add that, "the idea for me to play a Mandalorian came up [for voice-over work]. I wasn't holding out for a cool character, but I think the Mandalorians are probably the ones that the die-hards are going to be the most curious about."

UPDATE 10/4: The directors for episodes have also been confirmed by Lucasfilm:

The series will be written and executive produced by Emmy-nominated producer and actor Jon Favreau, as previously announced, with Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels) directing the first episode. Additional episodic directors include Deborah Chow (Jessica Jones), Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), Bryce Dallas Howard (Solemates), and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok). It will be executive produced by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, and Colin Wilson. Karen Gilchrist will serve as co-executive producer. Stay tuned to StarWars.com for updates.

Fan reaction for "The Mandalorian" has mostly been outstanding, especially according to our quick poll on Twitter. We look forward to knowing more as the series gets further into production.

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Nerdbot-Con 2018

Published September 28, 2018Updated • Written by • Filed under Community

Nerdbot-Con hosted their third annual convention on Saturday, September 22nd at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. Fans young and old gathered together to celebrate their favorite fandoms by showing up to the event in their eye-catching cosplays while shopping the different vendors, discovering new artists and enjoying live music. You can't have geeky without Star Wars so I made it my personal goal to hunt down Mandalorian themed merchandise and the best cosplayers I could find. Star Wars didn't have the biggest presence at this convention but what I did find won't disappoint!

The Manda'galaar Clan was there representing the Los Angeles chapter of the international Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Their booth consisted of various helmets and weapons as well as a fun area for photo opportunities. These guys and gals were ready to take on some bounties and were there to inspire and encourage others join them in their mission. If you're LA based and interested in attending the Manda'galaar Clan events, check out their build your own Mandalorian armor parties to find out how to become an official member!

It's not very often that I see merchandise that consists of horror and Star Wars. As I walked the floors of the convention these highly detailed figures and art prints by Blood and Teeth caught my eye and I had to stop and observe them. Mr. Dust and DeathDealerCa are the master minds behind these creations and seemed to have one of the most popular booths at the event. If you're interested in their style or think something from this line might make a good gift be sure to check out their Facebook page to see what convention they'll be traveling to next!

When you spot a female Boba Fett and Stormtrooper Deadpool casually roaming around, you obviously stop them and ask to take a photo! They were definitely one of the coolest husband and wife duos at the convention. Follow Sasha and Miguel on Instagram for even more photos of their incredible work as cosplayers!

When the armor is off and you still want to give off those Mandalorian vibes, etched glassware by Mombie Zombie might be the next best thing. Christina is the owner of this small business and also specializes in other geeky accessories. You can browse all of her creations on her Instagram page.

If you've never been to Nerdbot-Con I would suggest attending next year as it's always a fun experience to explore new geek-centered events!

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Remembering Gary Kurtz

Published September 24, 2018Updated • Written by • Filed under Fettpedia

Producer Gary Kurtz, shown here talking to Boba Fett (Jeremy Bulloch) on the set of "Empire," just passed away.

Jeremy shared with us the following:

Although it was a long time ago I do have fond memories of Gary Kurtz - he was a pleasure to work with and there was always a lovely atmosphere when he was on the set.

Along with Irvin Kershner, Kurtz met Jason Wingreen when he did the original voice-over for Boba Fett.

Born July 27, 1940, Gary was a producer on Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980).

Set photo via Darryl W Moran on the Star Wars Rare Vintage Photos group on Facebook.

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