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D23 Expo 2019: Boba Fett Merchandise

Published August 25, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

No convention is really complete without some Boba Fett merchandise, right? From some convention exclusives like Performa, to some newer inventory like BoxLunch, here's a look at what is at the show.

The BoxLunch Boba Fett fanny pack radiates utility. It's got zippers and mesh pockets, plus two PVC patches. You can wear it traditionally around your waist or rock it over the shoulder, as seen here modeled by BoxLunch's Sabrina Torres. You can find it for $34.90 on their website.

The BoxLunch Boba Fett cardholder works as the "cargo hold" for up to four cards and an ID. There's a PVC patch featuring Boba Fett's chest symbol. The product retails for $14.90 and can be found on their website.

The BoxLunch Boba Fett lanyard ($9.90, available on their website) is perfect for all those times you need to share some identification. The detail on this is most impressive, from the strap to the clear ID holder. It also comes with a sticker and PVC helmet charm.

Nixon had their display case alongside BoxLunch. Here's a closer look at their 51-30 Boba Fett watch.

Over at Performa, their convention exclusive Boba Fett tumbler is $20. It also appeared at San Diego Comic Con this year. BFFC will be doing a giveaway with Performa for one of these, so stay tuned!

Photos: Aaron Proctor (Boba Fett Fan Club)

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D23 Expo 2019: Exclusive Merchandise for "The Mandalorian"

Published August 24, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Despite the Disney+ panel reveal of "The Mandalorian" trailer yesterday, which also premiered online, D23 exclusive merchandise for the character was available for sale starting today.

As you can expect, both sold out fast. The Funko POP sold out within a few hours of opening and the limited release pin sold out in the early afternoon. Both will have a wider release, just without the D23 sticker and pin cardback, respectively.

Fortunately for BFFC and the media pass, here's a look at the very last Funko POP in stock and outside the display case. What a treat!

The t-shirts for adults and children (in the photo below on the left and right, respectively) were very much in stock this afternoon, and are all show exclusives. They sport Disney+ and D23 logos on them.

Photos by Aaron Proctor (BFFC).

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D23 Expo 2019: Disney+ Panel Featuring "The Mandalorian"

Published August 23, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Film & TV

While the D23 Expo's panel expressed a no video policy, they did permit photos during the non-video portions. Here are some of those moments.

Fortunately, the trailer also premiered online and some photos were also shared in Disney's press kit, which we've shared on BFFC social media tonight.

"The Mandalorian" premiers November 12th on Disney+, their new subscription-based streaming platform.

Photos by Aaron Proctor (BFFC).

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D23 Expo 2019: "The Mandalorian" Costume on Display

Published August 23, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Film & TV

On display at D23 Expo was Pablo Pascal's costume from "The Mandalorian." Here's a more in depth look at the details:

"The Mandalorian" premiers November 12th on Disney+, their new subscription-based streaming platform.

Photos by Aaron Proctor (BFFC).

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Exclusive Interview with Sandy Dhuyvetter, aka "Momma Fett"

Published August 19, 2019 • Written by • Filed under Fettpedia

Sandy Dhuyvetter was the artist who painted three of the Boba Fett costumes for The Empire Strikes Back and the helmet used in Return of the Jedi. She worked from the originals done by Joe Johnston, the designer of Boba Fett.

How did you initially get involved with Star Wars?

I have a degree in art specializing in illustration. I then received a teaching degree and taught art for 4 years in Pico Rivera, California at Rivera Junior High. I was motivated to become a working artist and knew to do that I had to leave teaching. In 1977 I moved to San Francisco and opened Daydream Productions where I started producing art for concerts products and companies who wanted original illustrations, logos and designs.

I had a friend who knew of an editor at Lucasfilm and I was able to take some of my portfolio to the Ranch where I was asked to create illustrations and the like for More American Graffiti. I worked on logos for the race cars for the racing scenes and I produced other posters and duplicates of art that was popular in the 70s. The ‘Rat Fink’ and ‘Keep on Truckin’ were some of the work I produced along with the famous Pot Leaf I recreated for the movie.

I was then asked to create a logo for t-shirts that artists (who worked at the ranch and played volleyball during lunch) could wear. I produced the t-shirts with the art on the front saying, "Sprockets, May the Force be with You." This was 1977 and 1978. At that point I was asked to complete 3 Boba Fett costumes, head to almost toe. (I did not produce the shoes.)

From Our Image Gallery

You painted three of the Boba Fett costumes for The Empire Strikes Back and one of the Boba Fett helmets used for Return of the Jedi. What input did Joe Johnston have on your work with Boba Fett's costume?

Hmm, somethings are harder to remember, but there was a rough costume to look at and use for ideas while recreating it. The armor was sent to me from England and resembled the 501st in that it was white and shiny. I don’t think anyone at Lucasfilm thought Boba Fett would raise up and be the star he became, so I was left alone more or less without much direction.

From Our Image Gallery

Could you explain some of your inspiration or thought process into the design of Boba Fett's costume and paint scheme as a whole? Feel free to include any memories of the more nuanced details, e.g. the initial prototype had "eyes" on the helmet, the different shoulder skull design, etc.

I should mention that this was 40 years ago and I worked on other films and TV movies, some included NBC movie of the week programming and Lorimar Productions and Bay Area film makers needing independent Artists. Each job was important but, of course, I had no idea of the outcome or what the future held for the projects I worked on.

I have designed products and "looks" for many including Russian Cola Company, Soft Scrub, and even one of the first computers, The Osborne. I did not keep the records of what exactly happened on each project. I did know though, that each project had potential to be something important but I had not expectations.

While making Boba Fett, I went to and spent much time in the Army and Navy Surplus stores in Santa Cruz picking up patches, belts, tarps and little accessories to make Boba Fett look the real deal. I went to horse shops and bought horse hair from tails and braided it to look like part of the armor. I also remember dying gloves, belts and the suits to make everything look well used and worn.

From Our Image Gallery

When you were working on the costume in 1978, did you know who the character was and what his role was in the film? Did you have any idea how big of a fan favorite the character would become years later?

I knew he looked good but with no speaking role, it didn’t seem to dawn on me that he would be memorable. I thought I was his biggest fan until I met a 45 year old man who cried when he met me. I guess that is when I knew it Boba Fett was special. The fans have always let me know that it was the way he appeared on the screen. I guess I would like to believe that too!

One interesting short story is that I was a young and "starving" artist and could only afford a Polaroid camera. I took 6 Polaroids of my work at the time and that is it. I still have the original photos and will probably part with them someday. We’ll see.

From Our Image Gallery

How is your relationship with the fans of Star Wars and Boba Fett? Have you done a lot of events/conventions?

I have some wonderful loyal fans that I have traveled with to visit film locations and I have done much to raise awareness for Human Trafficking as I have been a trainer of airport crews on the subject for over 8 years. I have just retired that aspect of my life. Having the Bounty Hunter as an image is always an attention getter and a good way to start the discussion.

I have not attended any comic cons or events for Boba Fett not because I did not want to, but I have been one busy person who has spent my entire career creating. Now I am choosing what I want to do and it might be fun at some point to get more involved.

I did paint another helmet molded from the original about 6 years for Make a Wish. It was auctioned off along with a few others and made over $135,000 for the organization.

What advice would you give to artists who wanted to pursue a career in the film industry like you did?

It is an interesting subject. We are all created differently in terms of our approach to life. I think for me it was important to believe in myself and not listen to anyone who told me different. I was raised to believe I could do anything. I started believing in myself when my parents told me I could be what I wanted. However the game changed when I had some success and misses in business. What I chose to remember were the successes, forget about the misses and use them to gather strength. I figured if I successful just once I could do it over and over. I have been very blessed.

From Our Image Gallery

What are you up to now?

I am still all about art and music and creating cultural bridges with both aspects. The most important aspect to my work is my music and my duet with George Powell called Dolce playing worldly mix of music with the mandolin and accordion. Dolce plays approximately 2 gigs each week and is getting ready for a West Coast Tour in 2020. I plan to travel with other professional musicians to do exchanges and cultural infusions of sounds from around the world.

I will be traveling again to Jordan with fans and other Star Wars designers to sign autographs, visit film locations and attend the upcoming premiere in December 2019. This will be my second Star Wars tour in Jordan where many movies are filmed. In 2017 Lorne Peterson also joined me in Jordan. We attended orphanages, toy stores, the premiere and other events with dignitaries to sign autographs.

I am the Director of Leelanau UnCaged, a one day music festival, held this year on Sept 28, 2019. UnCaged (inspired by John Cage). The event highlights over 35 bands and performers and 100+ vendors, we have over 8,000 visitors to the small village of Northport each year for the event. I am also a new Board of Directors’ member for the Northport Arts Association.

Finally, do you think we've seen the last of Boba Fett, or do you want to see more of the bounty hunter on the big screen like the rest of us?

I want him 100% back on the screen and of course his own movie would be a dream.

BFFC's Aaron Proctor also contributed to this interview.

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Boba Fett Outside Launch Bay at Disneyland

Published August 17, 2019 • Written by • Filed under Follow Fett

You can now find Boba Fett sometimes outside of Launch Bay at Disneyland in California.

They feature this at Disney World in Florida but have previously kept Boba Fett indoors at Disneyland... until now.

On Friday, August 16th, Boba Fett was scheduled for multiple times like normal for his indoor spot at Launch Bay. But as of the last two weeks, he is also coming or going between Star Tours and Launch Bay just like this: walking, stopping, talking like this, and moving on.

All of the lines are pre-recorded, voiced it seems by Dee Bradley Baker, who has voiced Boba Fett in Star Tours as well as multiple video games.

For more about when and where you can officially see Boba Fett, check out our Follow Fett > Costume & Props section. He's currently at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and as you can see in our video above at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. One of the screen-used costumes is currently at the touring Star Wars Identities exhibit in Tokyo, Japan.

Have you seen Boba Fett walk around at Disneyland or Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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SDCC 2019: Guide for Boba Fett Fans

Published July 10, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Community

The 2019 San Diego Comic-Con is next week! What can you expect? See what we did just with video in 2018 and 2017, just for examples.

Here's your very own checklist to all the Boba Fett stuff we know about in advance and/or as we see it. Updated frequently.


Hasbro (Booth 3329) has a Black Series "Kenner" Boba Fett exclusive figure this year. It will also have a limited quantity available through Hasbro Pulse, plus other international conventions. The "bounty" on this one is $24.99 (although StarWars.com says $27, so including tax presumably).

Funko (Booth 5841) has a "Green Chrome" Boba Fett ($15), which will be a share exclusive with Amazon (not FYE), making this one slightly easier for fans to get their hands on. (UPDATE: Now available on Amazon.)

Monogram Boba Fett Bag Clips (SDCC Exclusive)
2019, Monogram
Where To Find This

Monogram (Booth 3645) has a Boba Fett Bag Clips featuring Prototype Boba, Empire Boba, and Jango for $25.

Performa (Booth 1122) has a "PerfectShaker" Boba Fett shaker for $14.99.

Fifth Sun / Design By Humans (Booth 2913-J) has several t-shirts featuring Fett: Dat Boba, Divided Forces, Kanji Bounty Hunter and Dark Side Metal ($28). All are $28 each.

Her Universe has a new Fett enamel pin set plus three Fett items exclusively at SDCC: Mandalorian Cut-Off Denim Vest, Boba Fett Bounty Hunter T-Shirt and Boba Fett Pop Art Raglan.

Bluefin is giving away a Meisho Boba Fett pin and lanyard on Thursday, with Star Wars purchase. See their graphic on social media for additional information.


Heroes & Villains (Booth 2913-K) has a new Boba Fett collection.

EFX Boba Fett Replica Helmet
2019, EFX
Where To Find This

EFX has been taking pre-orders (via BAIT) for their Boba Fett Replica Helmet, which should be shipping any day now. They'll likely have one on display at the show -- and not just a painted prototype like in past years.

EE-3 Blaster Kit
2020, ANOVOS

ANOVOS announced an EE-3 Blaster Kit earlier this year, which we confirmed in advance will be on display. We should note, however, that the company has a history of offering a lot of pre-orders and not delivering for a long, long time. (The delivery estimate was Winter 2018 for their Mandalorian Jetpack Kit, but it's yet to be delivered to those who pre-ordered.)

RockLove has a new Boba Fett pendant, likely on display at the convention.


Scott Hattox (Booth 4813) has a new Boba Fett painting ready for SDCC. See his post on Facebook for what it looks like.

DKE Toys (Booth 2643) has some unique Boba Fett customs, including:


Friday 5pm: Lucasfilm publishing panel. Who knows? It's been a while since we've had a good Boba Fett book. #JourneyToTheMandalorian, right?

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Father's Day Gift Guide for Fett Fans

Published June 4, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Father's Day is on June 16th so, if you haven't started shopping yet, now is the time! I've recently spotted several new pieces that I think will make the men in your life who are dads and Boba Fett fans happy to add to their bounty. Let's take a look, shall we?

If you're into coordinating pieces, these new Jango Fett ("World's Best Dad") and Boba Fett ("Galaxy's Best Clone") t-shirts from BoxLunch are quite possibly the best father and son/daughter pieces I've ever seen. They're both exclusives and made of 100% cotton. The adult sized Jango shirt is $28.90 in sizes XS - XL while the toddler Boba shirt is $12.90 in sizes 2T - 5T.

Perhaps the man you're buying for prefers gift cards but you feel like throwing in a little extra something to surprise him? This new metal enamel Boba Fett pin has a classic but subtle design. And for only $7.90 at Hot Topic, you really can't go wrong!

This 100% cotton military styled jacket has a great retro theme and features a fantastic print of Boba Fett and select Bounty Hunters on the backside. The front has a more mimimalistic approach with a couple of patches and useful pockets. It can be found on shopDisney for $47.96, on sale from originally $59.95.

Beeline Creative recently branched out and created BPA-free plastic Geeki Tikis that can be used casually through the day. This Boba Fett number makes quite the statement and would be great to have by the pool or while you're barbecuing this Summer. It's only $14.90 at BoxLunch right now!

I don't know a single fan of Boba Fett who doesn't wish the character had more screen time. This t-shirt implies that Boba did indeed make it out of the Sarlacc Pit with his trusty jetpack. I'm telling you, we should all just start wearing jetpacks. Everywhere! It can be found at ThinkGeek for $21.99 and is available in sizes S - 3XL.

If you've never felt or owned a pair of Stance socks you're missing out! They're super luxurious and the designs are always outstanding. This pair features the Boba Fett sketches by Ralph McQuarrie and would make a fine addition to any Boba Fett collection. Only size medium is currently available on Stance.com, so snatch these up for $18 while they're still in stock!

Boxers. The bounty that all dads need. That's right, Stance also makes boxer briefs so they're obviously cool and comfortable. The "Bespin Tower" artwork on this particular pair is so eye-catching it's a shame you can't wear them in public! They're $28 on Stance.com and come in sizes S - XL.

From all of us here at BFFC, we hope you have a wonderful Father's Day!

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"Hunter's Heart," Marvel's First Boba Fett Comic: A Predictable Yet Spot-On Gritty Western

Published May 12, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

The newest Star Wars comic book, "Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Boba Fett," is the first Boba Fett based comic since 2012. It is just a one-shot comic but, even though it is a short story, it does a good job at portraying Boba Fett.

SPOILER ALERT — Before you continue reading this review, go and pick the comic up for yourself and read it!

The story starts with a group of mercenaries roughing up someone who appears to owe the group’s leader, Zingo, when the group spots Boba Fett riding up near them. Boba’s presence immediately sparks fear among the mercenaries which is a good way to start the story off. Boba is supposed to be an intimidating and mysterious character and the comic shows that right off the bat. He has a very Clint Eastwood like attitude throughout this comic. He stays silent for most of the comic and lets his actions speak for him. At first I thought this was overkill, but after further examination I think it fit well. Boba doesn’t answer to anybody and leaves people wondering what his next action will be.

By the end of the story, Boba and Zingo have a duel with each other that involves explosives, blaster fire, and even hand to hand combat. Seeing Boba Fett get physical with his targets is something we have seen a lot of in "Legends" (previously "Expanded Universe") but not so much in "Canon." In "Legends," Boba fights both Darth Vader and Jodo Kast with an assortment of techniques while in "Canon" he only squared off with an inexperienced Luke Skywalker and ultimately lost. Boba comes out as the victor of this battle however and claims his bounty. Right at the end of the comic, we see Fett have a more cold and brutal moment. A man comes up to him and asks for his help to fight against pirates but Fett realizes that the man is wanted by the Empire and kills him right then and there simply saying, "I hunt bounties." This was a good reminder that Fett doesn’t pick sides and only follows his agenda.

The artwork by Marc Laming is beautiful. There were some truly beautiful panels in this comic. He definitely captured the gritty, western look of Boba Fett. The story by Greg Pak was well written and had some interesting characters. However, I can’t help but notice some flaws in it. The story was a really straight forward bounty hunt and didn’t have any unexpected plot twists to keep me in suspense. One thing I love about "Twin Engines of Destruction" and "Enemy of the Empire" is their unexpected plot points. You never knew what was going to happen next. This comic lacked that and stayed predictable to the end.

All in all, this was a great start at bringing Boba Fett back into the Star Wars "Canon" spotlight. The character has so much potential as proven by past legends comics. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for future Boba Fett stories.

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Star Wars Day 2019: Guide for Boba Fett Fans

Published May 1, 2019Updated • Written by • Filed under Collectibles

Every May marks the month of "Star Wars Day," aka May 4th ("May The Fourth Be With You"). Following up on our traditional posts in 2018, 2017, and 2016, here are all of the 2019 sales we know about, perfect for Boba Fett fans. Some of the discounts have already started!


Our anniversary "BFFC" designs on TeePublic are 30% off with code BOBAFAN30 at checkout. All proceeds are donated to charity. Starts now and expires May 6th at midnight EST.

Disney Store

This "May The 4th Be With You" 2019 pin featuring Boba Fett should be available for $16.95 on May 4th. It's likely US only. The stores (including outlets) are doing other Star Wars activities, too. Not sure if it will be on Shop Disney, their website.


On Hallmark's website, you can find the new Itty Bitties Jango Fett, new Boba Fett novelty socks (with "Mandalorian" written on it, for better or worse), a new Boba Fett helmet holiday ornament with sound effects, and more.

They have some perks on May 4th only such as 25% off assorted items, $5 off personalized Star Wars ornaments, and a free limited edition 4-piece Star Wars pin set with a purchase of $15 or more in select Star Wars gifts.

Acme Archives

Get 20% off Star Wars art from Acme Archives with code FORCE20. Several premium prints with Boba Fett available. Expires May 4th.


You can get the 2-piece Boba Fett bear costume for 50% off. Bear not included, but can be added. Other Star Wars bear costumes available too. Expires May 5th.


Need Boba Fett decals on your car? Of course you do. You can get 20% off all of the Fanwraps Star Wars products on their site. Expires May 6th.


There's an exclusive May the 4th art print for LEGO VIPs which includes Slave I.


The wall decal shop, where you can adorn a giant Boba Fett to your wall (no cardboard standee required), is offering buy one get one 40% off. Starts May 4th and expires May 5th.

Fifth Sun

Get 20% off from the t-shirt vendor with code MT4. Starts April 29th and expires May 5th.


On May 4th only, you can find 25% off all Star Wars items on their website.


Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett) will be in Portland, Oregon on May 4th. John Morton ("Bespin" Boba and Dak) will be Leesburg, Virginia on the same day, also signing autographs.

For more vendor sales, see StarWars.com.

Did we miss anything else? Let us know in the comments!

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