Helping you with Boba Fett cosplay, plus finding reliable vendors and other clubs

Cosplay Resources

Costume Vendors

Looking for parts or the complete package? These craftspeople make it right.

Costume Blueprints

Need some blueprints to make your own? Download away.

Cosplayer Interviews

Looking for inspiration? We've talked with some of the best.

Costume Clubs

Making your own costume? There's a dedicated club for that.

Three Ways To Get Your Own Armor

There's no wrong choice. Start somewhere and maybe you change it up along the way.

1. Hire a Craftsperson

Cost: MoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoney
Time: ClockClockClock

If you've got the time and budget, try contacting a cosplay costume vendor or two, perfect for any or all parts including paint. They know all about screen accuracy and everyone will want to take pics when it's done.

2. Buy Official

Cost: MoneyMoneyMoney
Time: Clock

You're not a fan of D.I.Y. or you're in a rush? See our database for official costumes / masks, t-shirts / clothing, jewelry / pins / accessories, and more apparel. Most are not screen-accurate, but it may be faster or cheaper.

3. Make Your Own

Cost: MoneyMoneyMoneyMoney
Time: ClockClockClockClockClock

Consider starting with our Cosplay Blueprints page for PDF downloads. You may also benefit from specific items from cosplay vendors below. There are also different costume clubs to join with others who doing and sharing their builds.