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For over 3 years in a row now, once a day every day, we've been posting a photo-of-the-day to our Instagram. This soon led to doing the same on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. You can find each post here in one place, too, with clickable links.

Today's Daily

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#1228: July 20, 2017

#SDCC: EFX Inc. has a painted prototype of their "Empire" #BobaFett helmet on display!

More info:

Photos by @whitebobafett for Boba Fett Fan Club.

#SDCC2017 #DailyFett #VideoOfTheDay

Yesterday's Daily

1227 Thumbnail

#1227: July 19, 2017

Painted vintage #BobaFett cardback by Jason Chalker aka Manly Art for DKE Toys

24 variants are just some of many Fett exclusives at #SDCC this year, which begins tonight:

#SDCC2017 #DailyFett #PicOfTheDay #PhotoOfTheDay

1 Year Ago Today

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#863: July 20, 2016

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#WearItWednesday: The next coolest thing to a jetpack? A #BobaFett backpack!

Released this Monday, this new #BobaFett laptop backpack made by Bioworld is in stock at The Movie & TV Store at, but only in limited supply on Amazon at

2 Years Ago Today

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#497: July 20, 2015

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#MandalorianMonday: Sabine, who stars in #StarWarsRebels, has a costume with several nods to #BobaFett.

According to notes shared by director Dave Filoni back in 2014 on, here are some specifics on the #Mandalorian: "The cheeks [in the helmet] lack the cutout like a Bo Katan helmet and are more traditional in shape like Boba Fett's. ... The pants are more of a cargo pants, they call back to original Boba Fett somewhat. They are a bit more snug than Boba's loose fitting pants, but note the baggyness at the knees, so they are not really skin tight." The second season of the show, which will include Darth Vader and others, resumes this Fall.

#Sabine #StarWars

3 Years Ago Today

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#132: July 20, 2014

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The original soundtrack for "The Empire Strikes Back" in 1980 included the dedicated track for #BobaFett called "Departure of Boba Fett," seen here on the LP record release. Future releases of the John Williams soundtrack bundle this ode to the bounty hunter along with other adjacent tracks.

For all of Boba Fett's music and radio dramas, we've tracked them down at

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