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#1712: November 16, 2018

#FettFriday: Caption this!

#BobaFett (aka smuggler_fett on Instagram) and #Chewbacca (aka Travis Macken) photographed by Brad Passow

#StarWars #Cosplay #FanArt #DailyFett

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#1711: November 15, 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: That time when #BobaFett was accused of once being a Stormtrooper who murdered his superior officer!

Words by Tom Veitch with art by Cam Kennedy, Dark Empire II was published by Dark Horse Comics in 1995.

More Boba Fett comics: https://bobafett.com/bounty/books/comics/

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#1710: November 14, 2018

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Favorite Black Series Rebels merch: left, center, or right?

Available this weekend at Designer Con 2018 (Booth 205) in Anaheim, California -- but any leftover stock will be on their website thereafter: https://bobafett.club/u2gv8

Left: "Scum" tag

Middle: "Berber Scum" Holiday Special pin

Right: "Scum" deck, limited edition of 25

#StarWars #BobaFett #FanArt #DailyFett

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