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Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

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Masters of Teras Kasi (1997) Promo Art
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The mysterious champion Arden Lyn leads a group of the most feared champions of the Galactic Empire whose sole purpose is to eliminate the leaders of the Rebel Alliance in one-on-one contests. 1-2 players.


Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Emperor employs the services of a deadly young woman named Arden Lyn, master of the ancient martial art of Teras Kasi, to eliminate the key heroes of the Rebellion. Learning of the threat, Luke Skywalker and crew face her directly in a number of locales from the various worlds visited in the original trilogy.

Each warrior starts off fighting bare handed, but has a weapon that they can draw and use, ranging from Leia's staff, to Boba Fett's E-11, to Luke's lightsaber. A typical fighting game, it features arcade, survival, team, practice, and versus modes. Combat takes place on square arenas, and it is possible to get knocked out of the arena. The fighting arenas are from the original Star Wars trilogy, from the Slave 1 sitting on a cloud city landing pad to Endor Shuttle Pad from Return of the Jedi. The control scheme is also typical, and most of the powerful moves involve fairly complex combination of buttons.


Weapon: Blaster Rifle

Armed with his Mandalore battle armor and a vast array of deadly weapons, Boba Fett deserves his reputation as the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. His ruthless nature combined with his favorite blaster rifle leave his opponents with little hope of escape.


Right Spin Double Backhand (When Facing Right)

Thermal Detonator (1 power bar)

Double Knee Drop (Only Works on Prone Opponent)

Rocket Shot Volley (super gold power bar)

The Mandalore Chain Starter

Weapon Moves:

Shoot Rifle Straight

Rifle Rocket Shot (2 power bars)

Large Heads mode

Press and hold Select while choosing a Character. Release select when the fight starts.

Boba Fett Moves (Playstation)

No weapon moves

right hook: t-t-triangle
left hook: t-t-square
double backhand: d-d/a-a-triangle
thermal detonator: t-a-triangle (one bar required)
psycho crusher: a-a/d-d-d/t-t-triangle+square
stun cable: t-t/d-d-d/a-a-triangle+square (two bars required)
jetpack knee drop: u+X (on downed opponent)
bounty seekers: t-t/d-d-d/a-a-square (full bar required)
flame thrower: a-a/d-d-d/t-t-square
chain starter: triangle-X-square-square-triangle

Weapon moves

jetpack kick: t-t-circle (weapon or no weapon)
blaster: d-d/t-t-triangle
rocket shot: d-d-triangle (2 bars required)
hip toss: triangle+X (close range)(weapon or no weapon)

Play as Jodo Kast
Change "Player Change" to "No"
Change "Continue" to "No"
Select survival mode
Defeat at least seven characters


"I love this." — Jodo KastMore Info
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