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Our global audience is nearly half a million people per year.
That's not your average Star Wars website.

409,620+ unique visits   524,080+ pageviews

70% United States   6.7% United Kingdom   4.4% Canada   2.3% Australia

36% 25–34 yrs.   28% 35–44 yrs.   16% 45–54 yrs.   15% 18–24 yrs.

84% male   15% female

Data from Google Analytics last updated for 3/11/2019 – 3/11/2020

There are over 100,000 fans of the fan club.
Our stats for members of our site and our social media channels:

Last updated 4/8/2020

We've been online for nearly a quarter century.
Here are some stats from the last 14 years,
when we started our Google Analytics account:


6,648,190+ unique visits   9,525,410+ pageviews


58% bounce rate   0:57 average session duration


63.1% United States   7.8% United Kingdom   5.1% Canada   2.8% Germany

Last updated for 4/16/2006 – 3/11/2020

We've also been featured in newspapers, on TV, and on front pages of the web.
Our original reports, unique opinions, and thorough website caught the eye of media such as:

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The Boba Fett Fan Club is a not-for-profit, unofficial web site since 1996. Everyone involved volunteers their time. We operate without membership or licencing fees. We keep our expenses bootstrapped and all advertising revenue covers those third-party expenses.

When you make a purchase through clicking on a vendor link at BFFC, we may receive a small commission. We hand pick links for official merchandise to vendors with great reputations with their costs, shipping, and customer service. We are independently run and make our own decisions — nobody tells us what to do. Best of all, there's no extra cost to you and all proceeds cover our costs to be online, with any excess donated or used for free giveaways. Thanks for your support!

Here is a breakdown of our current advertisers:

Advertiser Why We Chose Them
Entertainment Earth has Boba Fett and Mandalorian exclusives, along with great prices, sales, frequently free shipping, and great customer support.
Things From Another World (TFAW) is your one-stop-shop for the latest Star Wars comics by Marvel, Dark Horse, and more.
LEGO has made dozens of Boba Fett products. Connecting with the manufacturer provides an obvious choice for fans to consider when getting the latest set.
Amazon has superb inventory and competitive pricing on books and comics both new and old, as well as a way for independent sellers to provide more vintage and rare items.
Zavvi, originally based in the UK, now has a US operation. They are often able to provide competitive pricing on the latest Boba Fett merchandise, sometimes with free shipping just for BFFC.
Star Wars Authentics is owned by Topps and responsible for official photos and authentic autographed prints for Star Wars. Buying from them, you know you are getting the real thing, in excellent quality.

Our Needs

Volunteers run this site — by the fans, for the fans. We operate with a relatively low cost — modest web server, no brick-and-mortar office, no employees, etc. With this great and lasting hobby, here are some things we are open to discussing:

  • Giveaways
    In the past, we've given away convention tickets, Boba Fett action figures, Boba Fett socks, and even a Boba Fett statue.
  • Contests
    We like rewarding creativity, so we sometimes host caption contests, where the most original answer or two wins the prize. We ask that the sponsor provides shipping, preferably worldwide.
  • Discount Codes
    Maybe we can pass along free shipping for BFFC fans on quality Star Wars merchandise.
  • Reviews
    We are often open to a review copy of something official and Boba Fett related for a formal review in our News section.
  • First Look/Reveal
    From time to time, licensees have come to us to help break the news of something new, where our site has the first images/videos often embargoes to drop at the same time as an official launch.

On the flip side, some things we're not open to:

  • Sponsored content that's been pre-written, such as verbatim press releases on their own.
  • Off topic material not related to Star Wars.
  • Pay for play glowing reviews.
  • Any endorsements for products/brands we don't use, trust, etc.

Think we should talk? Please contact us.