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Media kit information for journlists and advertisers

This not-for-profit, unofficial site operates with a dedicated team of volunteers donating their time. Any revenue goes right to our server and giveaway expenses. Unlike most fan sites, we are very particular and protective about the ads we run.

Numbers  |  Affiliates and Advertisers  |  Ad Specs  |  Our Needs


Recent Annual

7/15/2016 – 7/15/2017
Readership267,790+ visits
585,220+ pageviews
63% bounce rate
Location *62% U.S. visitors
8.9% United Kingdom
4.6% Canada
3.1% Germany
Gender **81% male
18% female
Age ***26% 18–24 years old
30% 25–34 years old
31% 35–44 years old
* Mexico also ranks very highly on our Facebook page, above the U.K.
** 61% accuracy, but similar stats via Facebook Insights
*** 24% / 26% / 27% on Facebook

Social Media

Stats last updated October 17, 2018 8:54pm PDT
Facebook44,533 likes
Instagram17,835 followers
Twitter7,766 followers
Tumblr2,670 followers

Last 10 Years *

7/15/2007 – 7/15/2017
Readership2,096,550+ visits
6,925,230+ pageviews
59% bounce rate
2:14 average session duration
Location63% U.S. visitors
7.4% United Kingdom
5.5% Canada
2.8% Germany
* Did you know our site is over 20 years old? Party like it's 1996! We'd go back further with our data, but we first started using Google Analytics in 2006.

Affiliates and Advertisers

The Boba Fett Fan Club is a not-for-profit, unofficial web site since 1996. Everyone involved volunteers their time. We operate without membership or licencing fees. We keep our expenses bootstrapped and all advertising revenue covers those third-party expenses.

When you make a purchase through clicking on a vendor link at BFFC, we may receive a small commission. We hand pick links for official merchandise to vendors with great reputations with their costs, shipping, and customer service. We are independently run and make our own decisions — nobody tells us what to do. Best of all, there's no extra cost to you and all proceeds cover our costs to be online, with any excess donated or used for free giveaways. Thanks for your support!

Here is a breakdown of our affiliates and advertisers that we currently run.

IndustryAdvertiserWhy We Chose Them
TOYSEntertainment Earth has Boba Fett and Mandalorian exclusives, along with great prices, sales, frequently free shipping, and great customer support.

Sideshow Collectibles makes premium, unique Boba Fett statues. They are hand-crafted with great artistry and often very limited edition, sometimes costing thousands of dollars.
We also experiment with rare collectibles that frequently find themself for sale on the largest auction site, eBay. When and where appropriate, we link to specific search results, where you can review each seller and decide whether or not to bid.
Things From Another World (TFAW) is go-to shop for the latest Star Wars comics by Dark Horse, the publisher who brought Boba Fett out of the Sarlacc once and for all.
Super Hero Stuff is a boutique toy store that often has rare and/or imported Boba Fett toys that are hard to find on the second-hand market. By pointing to a quality store rather than eBay, fans can enjoy an easier checkout experience.
The classic company LEGO has made nearly a dozen Boba Fett products. Connecting with the manufacturer provides an obvious option for fans to pick up the latest set.
BOOKSBoba Fett appears in hundreds of books, guidebooks, and magazines. Along with pre-orders, Amazon has superb inventory and competitive pricing on books new and old, as well as a way for independent sellers to work with them, offering more vintage and rare items.
Chronicle Books and Random House both publish high-quality books that frequently feature Boba Fett. Linking directly to the publisher gives peace of mind to buyers.
Forbidden Planet, a U.K.-based shop, sells several Boba Fett items, including an exclusive comic book cover that's quite popular.
MEDIAAngry Birds Star Wars — versions one and two — are wildly popular games for iOS, available via iTunes. Both include Boba and Jango Fett. We connect up with the Apple Store.
Boba Fett has appeared in countless video games. Gamespot provides a storefront for new and used games across all kinds of platforms, along with regular sales.
APPAREL TeePublic / Busted Tees, Spirit Halloween, HalloweenCostumes.com, and Spencer's each has unique and often exclusive Boba Fett and Star Wars merchandise which fans seek out year round.

Ad Specs

For banner ads, we run three ad units. We usually host all of the bannera in order to provide the utmost control of what appears on this site at all times. We track both impressions and click-throughs. We can control an ad to be exclusive in one and/or all spots on any given timeframe for any given day or days.

Ad Units

  • View ExampleHorizontal
    • Linked Banner: up to 768 x 90
    • Linked Text: up to 90 characters
    • Display: almost every page on this site
    • One banner per page
  • View ExampleSquare
    • Linked Banner: up to 180 x 180
    • Linked Text: up to 45 characters
    • Display: Home Page (below the fold), Bounty (above the fold), News (above the fold)
    • One or two banners per page
  • View ExampleVertical

    • Linked Banner: up to 120 x 600
    • Linked Text: up to 45 characters
    • Display: Bounty (below the fold), News (below the fold)
    • One banner per page

Other Specs

  • File Size: under 200kb
  • File Formats: JPG, GIF, PNG

Our Needs

We volunteer to run this site for the fans. We also operate with a relatively low cost — no giant server farm, no office, no staff, no free t-shirts, etc. With this great and lasting hobby, here are some our options for one month of rotating and/or static placement:

  • Giveaway or contest. In the past, we've given away convention tickets, action figures, and even a Boba Fett statue.
  • Online credit. Like comissions, but functional for retailers that aren't stocked with Fett per-se; the limitation here is within the world of Star Wars, as we're giving it back.

Contact us.

Last Updated: June 17, 2017