Some BFFC stats for journlists and curious fans

Our global audience is nearly half a million people each year.

That's not your average Star Wars website.

409,620+ uniques per year  | 524,080+ pageviews per year

On just this website alone, excluding social channels, that comes to approximately
34,135 unique visits per month and about 43,673 pageviews per month!

BFFC fans are worldwide.

Our volunteers powering the site hail from the United States, Germany, and Spain!

70% United States  |  6.7% United Kingdom  |  4.4% Canada  |  2.3% Australia

Boba Fett appeals to a lot of generations.

Original trilogy fans, Special Edition / prequel fans, animated series fans, and beyond.

36% 25–34 yrs.  |  28% 35–44 yrs.  |  16% 45–54 yrs.  |  15% 18–24 yrs.

84% male  |  15% female

Data from Google Analytics last updated for 3/11/2019 – 3/11/2020

There are over 100,000 fans of the fan club.

Our stats for members of our site and our social media channels:

Last updated 1/25/2021

We've been online for nearly a quarter century.

Here are some stats from the last 14 years (when we started our Google Analytics account).


6,648,190+ unique visits  |  9,525,410+ pageviews


58% bounce rate  |  0:57 average session duration


63.1% United States  |  7.8% United Kingdom  |  5.1% Canada  |  2.8% Germany

Last updated for 4/16/2006 – 3/11/2020

We've been featured in newspapers, on TV, and on front pages of the web.

Our original reports, unique opinions, and thorough website caught the eye of media such as:

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