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BFFC is the longest running Boba Fett site and the most popular single Star Wars character site.

Below are some stats for journlists and curious fans alike.

This website's global audience is over half a million fans each year.

That's not your average Star Wars website — especially about just one character.

682,863+ sessions per year

821,027+ pageviews per year

56,905 unique visits per month and about 68,419 pageviews per month to this website alone — and that's not even including our social channels!

Last updated 3/17/2022

We've been online for over a quarter century.

We began in 1996. Here are some stats from the last 16 years (when we started our Google Analytics account in 2006).


8,049,844+ unique sessions

11,221,160+ pageviews


62% bounce rate  |  0:58 average session duration


See highlights from our 25+ year history

Last updated for 3/18/2022 for data since 4/8/2006

There are over + of the fan club.

Our stats for members of our site and our social media channels:

Last updated 10/5/2022

We've been featured in newspapers, on TV, and on front pages of the web.

Here are just some of those outlets.

We even had one of our original videos win a Telly Award.

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Boba Fett appeals to a lot of generations.

"Original Trilogy" fans, "Special Edition" and "Prequel" fans, animated series fans, "The Mandalorian" fans, and beyond.

36% 25–34 yrs.  |  28% 35–44 yrs.  |  16% 45–54 yrs.  |  15% 18–24 yrs.

84% male  |  15% female

In 2021, we conducted a "State of Boba Fett Fandom" survey with nearly 1,000 recipients. Read the highlights.

Data from Google Analytics last updated for 3/18/2021 – 3/18/2022

BFFC fans are worldwide.

Our editors also reflect that, coming from the United States, Germany, and Spain.

62% United States  |  8.6% United Kingdom  |  5% Canada  |  2.6% Germany  |  2.3% Australia

The BFFC logo variants represent different colorways of the character.

Re-Armored, Prototype, Holiday Special... We hired illustrator, Jason Goad, to dial in the details for our 20th - 25th anniversaries so we can share something with fans offline and raise money for Jeremy Bulloch's favorite charity. With 100% of the proceeds donated each year, we've raised over $4,000.


The team behind BFFC has done on-camera (in person and remote via Zoom), written, and radio interviews.

Depending on the topic, we have Boba Fett experts of all types available 24/7/365 in the United States and Europe.

For interview and hi-res logo inquiries, please contact us.