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Enso Rings Galactic Outlaw Ring

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Enso Rings Galactic Outlaw Ring
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Enso Rings Galactic Outlaw Ring
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Retails for $44.99.

Part of their "The Book of Boba Fett" silicone ring collection revealed in December 2021.

Engraved with two symbols found on Boba Fett's™ armor this ring is sure to be sought after in the galaxy.

Handcrafted Design: Two striking colors are mixed by hand to create truly unique rings; no two are exactly alike.

Made in the USA: Made with the highest quality materials to set the standard for luxury silicone rings

Ultra Comfortable: Unique, flexible design for ultra comfort even with swelling fingers and hands

Safe: Engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology to break away and protect your finger

Breathable Channels: Promotes airflow to keep your fingers dry and comfortable


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