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  • Found the Falcon ... at the Solo: A Star Wars Story World Premiere
  • May the 4th!
  • Our Web Series, No Disintegrations
  • Toybox Boba Fett, Inspired by Disney Infinity, is Now Available
  • "Jabba's Prize" by Brian Miller
  • Fan-made "Solo" Poster
  • "Jabba's Memo," Episode 2 of Our Web Series, "No Disintegrations"
  • BFFC In The House at The Last Jedi World Premiere

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From Our Archive

by UndeadToast1249

98 Fett Stories »


  • Comeuppance
    by Melinda McMahon

    Rookie hunter Boba Fett is given the chance to prove himself to the galaxy by taking down the leading bounty hunter, the Widowmaker.
  • Agamemnon
    by R.K. Blanton

    Fett takes 40 million to capture a Force user.
  • Revenge of Boba Fett
    by Michael Boyd

    The wind whipped across the desert of Tatooine, throwing large drifts of sand in every direction.
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I Wish That I Was Boba Fett
by Bometheus

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