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  • First Look at "The Mandalorian"
  • Halloween Guide for Boba Fett Fans, Updated for 2018
  • 40 Years Ago: Boba Fett's First Public Appearance
  • U.S. patent application for Boba Fett's Slave I for Kenner (1980)
  • "Sun Sets" by Cliff Cramp
  • What if a Boba Fett film had graced theaters in the summer of 1982?
  • Exclusive: Jeremy Bulloch's Retirement From Conventions
  • BobaFett made the cut for Empire Magazine's list of greatest Star Wars characters

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BFFC Anniversary Designs

For our 20th and 21st anniversaries, we worked with Boba Fett fan and illustrator Jason Goad to come up with some designs for a charity fundraiser. You can get each design on shirts, bags, phone cases, and more only on TeePublic. All of the proceeds are donated to Jeremy Bulloch's favorite charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

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