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  • Behind the Mask
    Documenting all of the actors, authors, voices, and artists who have officially contributed to creating Boba Fett.
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    The who, what, and where within the Star Wars galaxy of the mysterious bounty hunter, grouped and ordered in order of significance.
  • Fett References
    Chronicling the non-Star Wars characters, movies, books, and comics that have been influenced by Boba Fett and — in some cases — where Boba Fett was influenced when first being developed.
  • Timeline
    Tracking down the age of Boba Fett (the character) throughout his appearances as well as the dates behind Boba Fett (the fictional character) from first appearance through major milestones.


"This is my face."Boba Fett to Dengar about being asked why he never takes off his helmet
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Source: Boba Fett Twin Engines of Destruction 17
More of Boba Fett's lines with sources from film, television, books, and comics

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