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Featured BountyThumbnailThe Vintage Collection Boba Fett (Kenner Colors)
2023 • The Vintage Collection (2010-Present)
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Merry Mandalorian Knitted Christmas Sweater
Merry Mandalorian Knitted Christmas Sweater
2019 • Outer Wear (Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, and Jackets)

Avatar MDFETT rated this and wrote this review on January 9, 2022:

I really like this sweater. The knit is nice and tight and is a comfortable fit. Very cozy to wear. Make sure to check the sizes on the site. Merchoid is UK based so the sizes seem different than US/CAN sizes. The reason I gave it 4 star is because the back is just solid red. Not such a big deal since if your sitting it’s not visible but I would have like to have seen the pattern go l the way around, with the the single Mythosaur on the front. Love the blaster rifle, helmet and slave 1 details as part of the patter. Cuffs are nice as well.

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