Unboxing the Boba Fett Diorama Light by Paladone

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I reviewed the new Boba Fett diorama light by Paladone. The light features an action-figure-like Boba in the air, blaster in hand, suspended by a jetpack cloud. The light itself is nestled within that cloud. It has three modes: 10 percent, 50 percent and 100 percent, which each provide varying degrees of brightness and colors (from yellowish white at its lightest to orange-y red at its brightest). A stormtrooper helmet serves as the switch to turn it on and change the brightness. The piece is powered with a fairly long USB cord, although you’ll need to provide your own brick plug.

The 12.5″ tall, USB-powered collectible is available now on Zavvi.

Special thanks to Zavvi for sponsoring this video review!


4 / 5
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