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On the front cover and player option.

Walk-thru FAQ by Game FAQs / Craig Lantrip:


Intro to the game, a bit of fett footage (YouTube video)


Expanded Universe during galactic civil war

On the Outer Rim world of Tatooine, Crime Lord Jabba the Hutt continues to prosper chaos. Jabba has amassed a vast fortune through gambling and smuggling. The Empire has outlawed the dangerous Podraces, but Jabba has devised an even more dangerous underground contest to attract high-stakes gamblers from across the galaxy to his betting parlors on Tatooine.

Boba Fett is Jabba's bet to win it. Vehicle: jetpack Special Weapon: disintegrator (a big purple ball that acts as an ion weapon shutting down everyones vehicle causing massive damage)


If Fett loses, he stands before Jabba who triggers the trapdoor to the rancor pit, Fett falls in but immediatly shoots out of the trap using his jetpack. Jabba is amused and launches into a fit of laughter.

If Fett wins, he is shown lying on a couch in Jabba's throne room. He is handed a drink by one of Jabba's slave girls. He nods at Jabba. *


Boba Fett
Sure, he has no armor and is fairly slow, but check out that L4 Laser!! Fett is also the smallest character, making him exceedingly hard to hit (thus counteracting his lack of speed). Move around constantly so no one can draw a bead on you. Only attack in quick bursts, unless you can get directly behind a character (and stay there). Just be sure to watch your radar so nobody sneaks up on you. Hog the Shield Rechargers. Believe me, you'll die really quick otherwise. Fett's L4 Laser makes him throw a Disintegrator bomb a very long ways, which, upon explosion, will quickly demolish anything caught in it. Abuse this one!

Aurra Sing
She plays essentially the same as Boba Fett, only much faster.

A mix of Aurra Sing and Boba Fett. They play almost exactly the same, too. The L4 Laser makes you throw a supercharged Thermal Detonator which moves the same as Boba Fett's Disintegrator, but is much faster and targets well. It does massive damage.

All Characters
Tractor beams can be useful if employed correctly. Latch on to an opponent (Level one) and fire your laser (Level four) point blank. This works great with Boba Fett, Boushh, and Wittin. In fact, with all of these characters, I've gone through four enemies without taking a hit using this strategy.

* Thanks to BFFC member Cujo for this addition.

Boba Fett is voiced by Tom Kane.

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