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Behind BFFC is a roster of hard-working volunteers worldwide

Here are the individuals who have contributed to starting, maintaining, and growing the Boba Fett Fan Club since 1996. We also include how you can join the team.

Current Roster

Founder / Curator

Aaron Proctor (aka BFFC Admin)

Contributing Editors

Dan Lo (aka daniello of WhiteBobaFett.com), James (aka The Real McCoy), and Scott Casanova (aka scasanov)

Daily Contributors

Gustavo (aka Gustavo_Perez), Peter (aka Sadriel_Fett), Quinn Crain (aka quinncrain64)

Collectible Contributors

Thorsten Heiss (aka DashRendar2), Matt Booker (Fantha Tracks), Sharpy, Honeybadger, Jayson (Yakface.com), Nigel Cox, Jenmarie (Anakin and His Angel), Phu77, and The Boba Bounty

"Behind The Mask" Talent

We've also been fortunate to have support and exclusive content from four Fetts: Jeremy Bulloch, Mark Austin, Daniel Logan, and John Morton

Want to Help?

Since starting in 1996, BFFC has always been run by volunteers. We're currently looking for more help in the following fields:

  • Social Media
    We post a notible, different, and captioned photo with attribution every day on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, and Twitter. The effort takes 15-45 minutes to research, format, and schedule for the next morning. We could use some help with the research, which weighs current news/collectibles, "this day in history," and other social trends (e.g. #TriviaTuesday, #WearItWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday, etc.).
  • Trivia
    Do you love trivia? We're looking for weekly trivia Q&A for use on our #TriviaTuesdays posts, as well as further documentation on Fettpedia.
  • Costume Guide
    Are you a cosplayer? We're looking for more pro tips -- written and/or outreached to other cosplayers -- to expand upon our easy-to-use costume guide.
  • Fettpedia
    We use and update our knowledge base called Fettpedia so often, but know it needs work. Fact checking, detail finding, and other unique ways to add value just about Fett (which doesn't tread right on Wookipedia) could be fun for someone who loves quotes, history, and attribution.
  • News and Editorial
    We follow Boba Fett news closely, but can't always get it all nor all day long. We'd love to section out news and/or editorial editors by specialty/section (e.g. games, collectibles, etc.).
  • Message Board Manager
    Over the years, conversations have moved to social media from our message board. We'd like to explore ways to bring the community back here.

Please contact us with how you'd like to help, especially in the areas above.

Special Thanks


Past Contributing Editors

  • Eric
  • Phil Kearney

Server Hosts

  • FWD:labs (2009–Present)
  • Bobby Wong (2001–2008)
  • Daniel Sully (1998–2001)
  • Joe Carlson (1996–1998)


  • Jason Dwayne Ivey
  • David Adame
  • Cathy Bowden
  • Scott Boyd
  • Matthew Goddard
  • Johnny Jagwani
  • LadyFett
  • Ender Mangan
  • David Shiffler (Costume Guide)
  • Jonathan Winski


  • Steve Adams
  • Mitch Brown
  • Christopher J. D'Alessio
  • Marvin Gouw (Slave I video game)
  • Jon McGarry
  • Abby Perry


  • Tim Ho
  • Perry Thompson

Thanks to the StoryVault.org in San Francisco for inspiring this project in 1996.

Learn more about the history of BFFC.