Volunteer Team

BFFC is a group effort spanning generations — and the globe.

Here are the individuals who have contributed to starting, maintaining, and growing the Boba Fett Fan Club since 1996.

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Founder / Editor-in-Chief

All day every day, since starting BFFC at age 13 AvatarBFFC Admin aka Aaron Proctor

Steering Committee / Editors

Often daily, consistent team of superfans to help shape BFFC on all platforms


Invaluable content, multimedia, and/or information providers who add perspective, value, and integrity to BFFC

Sean V. Lehosit
Eric Cromwell
Phil Kearney
Perry Thompson
Tim Ho
Travis Souders
Miss Chrys
Nigel Cox
Kelu Fett
David Adame
Cathy Bowden
Scott Boyd
Matthew Goddard
Johnny Jagwani
Ender Mangan
David Shiffler
Jonathan Winski
Steve Adams
Mitch Brown
Christopher J. D'Alessio
Marvin Gouw
Jon McGarry
Abby Perry
Perry Thompson

"Behind The Mask" Talent

BFFC has been fortunate to have support and exclusive content from four original Fett actors

Jeremy "Boba Fett" Bulloch
Daniel "Young Boba Fett" Logan
John "Bespin Boba Fett" Morton
Mark "SW:SE Boba Fett" Austin

Web Hosting
FWD:labs (2009–Present)
Bobby Wong (2001–2008)
Daniel Sully (1998–2001)
Joe Carlson (1996–1998)
Slip.Net (1996)
Thanks to the StoryVault.org in San Francisco for inspiring this project in 1996.