Official Games Featuring Boba Fett

Arcade Games (Official)

Tracking down all of the Boba Fett video games between 1993 – Present.

Trading Card Game (TCG) / Collectible Card Game (CCG)

Keeping track of the trading / collectible card game, where Boba Fett made an appearance.

Fan-Made Boba Fett Games

Slave I: Shadow Hunter

Check out our free RPG game! Required Windows. Made in spare time by a game developer, with the help of a fan fiction writer published on this very site.

"Shoot Boba"

Don't miss our tongue-and-cheek "shooter" game! Requires Java. Made in 1999 by our colleague in Japan, Boba-rin, and still fun despite the times.


Downloadable Boba Fett mods/skins for various games, including Jedi Knight: Academy, Quake 3, Diablo, Dark Forces: Jedi Knight, The Sims, Half-Life, DOOM 2, and Quake 2.