SDCC 2019: Guide for Boba Fett Fans

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The 2019 San Diego Comic-Con is next week! What can you expect? See what we did just with video in 2018 and 2017, just for examples.

Here’s your very own checklist to all the Boba Fett stuff we know about in advance and/or as we see it. Updated frequently.


Hasbro (Booth 3329) has a Black Series “Kenner” Boba Fett exclusive figure this year. It will also have a limited quantity available through Hasbro Pulse, plus other international conventions. The “bounty” on this one is $24.99 (although says $27, so including tax presumably).

Funko (Booth 5841) has a “Green Chrome” Boba Fett ($15), which will be a share exclusive with Amazon (not FYE), making this one slightly easier for fans to get their hands on. (UPDATE: Now available on Amazon.)

Monogram (Booth 3645) has a Boba Fett Bag Clips featuring Prototype Boba, Empire Boba, and Jango for $25.

Performa (Booth 1122) has a “PerfectShaker” Boba Fett shaker for $14.99.

Fifth Sun / Design By Humans (Booth 2913-J) has several t-shirts featuring Fett: Dat Boba, Divided Forces, Kanji Bounty Hunter and Dark Side Metal ($28). All are $28 each.

Her Universe has a new Fett enamel pin set plus three Fett items exclusively at SDCC: Mandalorian Cut-Off Denim Vest, Boba Fett Bounty Hunter T-Shirt and Boba Fett Pop Art Raglan.

Bluefin is giving away a Meisho Boba Fett pin and lanyard on Thursday, with Star Wars purchase. See their graphic on social media for additional information.


Heroes & Villains (Booth 2913-K) has a new Boba Fett collection.

EFX has been taking pre-orders (via BAIT) for their Boba Fett Replica Helmet, which should be shipping any day now. They’ll likely have one on display at the show — and not just a painted prototype like in past years.

ANOVOS announced an EE-3 Blaster Kit earlier this year, which we confirmed in advance will be on display. We should note, however, that the company has a history of offering a lot of pre-orders and not delivering for a long, long time. (The delivery estimate was Winter 2018 for their Mandalorian Jetpack Kit, but it’s yet to be delivered to those who pre-ordered.)

RockLove has a new Boba Fett pendant, likely on display at the convention.


Scott Hattox (Booth 4813) has a new Boba Fett painting ready for SDCC. See his post on Facebook for what it looks like.

DKE Toys (Booth 2643) has some unique Boba Fett customs, including:


Friday 5pm: Lucasfilm publishing panel. Who knows? It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Boba Fett book. #JourneyToTheMandalorian, right?

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