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Boba Fett Fan Club

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Here at the Boba Fett Fan Club, we love linking up all the best Boba Fett sites, as well as the most excellent general and niche Star Wars websites. We also log Fett sites that have come and gone since we began in 1996.

"Behind the Scenes" Boba Fett Sites

General Boba Fett Sites

  • White Boba Fett
    White Boba Fett Editor's Pick

    History, collectibles, and fan art surrounding the McQuarrie / Johnston white supertrooper / supercommando Boba Fett
  • Fett of the Day
    Fett of the Day

    Tumblr featuring mostly illustrated Boba Fett art. Last updated 2/2016.
  • Mandalorian Dictionary
    Mandalorian Dictionary

    Simple website with Mandalorian words and their definition, plus a forum and translator with the Mandalorian font
  • Mando Board
    Mando Board

    Community for anything around or remotely related to Mandalorians in Star Wars.
  • No Disintegrations! Boba Fett Analysis
    No Disintegrations! Boba Fett Analysis

    Community for anything around or remotely related to Mandalorians in Star Wars. Last updated 2011.

Boba Fett Costuming

Boba Fett Collecting

Boba Fett Gaming

    Nothing new.

General Star Wars

  • JediNews
    JediNews Editor's Pick

    Newer fan site with a lot of reportage on breaking film and collectible news.
  • Yakface.com
    Yakface.com Editor's Pick

    Breaking news and pro insight on Star Wars collectibles
  • Anakin and His Angel
    Anakin and His Angel

    Creative, timely, and original content on Star Wars fashion, accessories, and collectibles
  • Jedi Bibliothek
    Jedi Bibliothek

    Great wealth of content with easy-to-use functionality, even though it's in German
  • Lledra's Fanworks
    Lledra's Fanworks

    Beautiful illustrations and creative storylines
  • PeterMayhew.com

    Official site for the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the original trilogy
  • Rebelscum

    Highly respected collectibles site, featuring great photography and documentation of all Star Wars toys.
  • Star Wars Junk
    Star Wars Junk

    Rumors and light-hearted humor about the upcoming Star Wars films
  • Star Wars Timeline
    Star Wars Timeline

    Thorough, helpful repository of upcoming release dates and covers for official Star Wars literature
  • starwars-universe.com

    French website with a great wealth of original information, data, and media
  • TeeKay-421

    Belgian fan magazine with original cover art and well-known writers like Tim Veekhoven; almost as old as BFFC, TeeKay turned 20 in 2017
  • The Jodo Cast
    The Jodo Cast

    Thoughtful, timely commentary with some occasional Mandalorian themes
  • The Star Wars Collectors Archive
    The Star Wars Collectors Archive

    Highly respected collectibles site focusing on rare, vintage collectibles.
  • TheStarWarsTrilogy.com

    Thorough archives of vintage Star Wars magazines and videos with transcriptions and citations
  • YodasNews.com


Boba Fett sites that have come and gone.

  • Mandalorian Brotherhood Editor's Pick
  • Baby Fett
    Baby Fett
  • Boba Fett Fan Site
    Boba Fett Fan Site
    RIP 2006?
  • Boba Fett Multimedia Page
    Boba Fett Multimedia Page
  • Boba Fettish
    German. RIP 2003?
  • Boba's Bounty
    Boba's Bounty
  • BobaFett.fr
  • BobaFett.Net
    Circa 1999.
  • British Bounty Hunter
    British Bounty Hunter
  • Build Your Own Boba Fett
    Build Your Own Boba Fett
  • Chris' Collection
    Chris' Collection
    L-slot Fett, ESB storyboard, Marvel Mandalorians, and other originals
  • Custom Mandalorian Army
  • Fett Fan
    Fett Fan
    Finnish. RIP 2006?
  • Jango-Fett.net
    RIP 2003?
  • Jedi Academy Costume Tips
    Jedi Academy Costume Tips
  • Mandalorian Mercenaries
    Polish. RIP 2007?
  • Mandalorian Super Commandos - Costume Fan Club
    Mandalorian Super Commandos - Costume Fan Club
  • Rocket Boba
    German. RIP 2004?
  • Slave 1