Star Wars Day 2024: Guide for Boba Fett Fans

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The 4th of May is considered “Star Wars Day,” like “May The Fourth Be With You,” and it often involves product reveals and sales from official licenses. BFFC has the lowdown on all of the ones that are just right for Boba Fett fans. Enjoy!

Updates: Fall Guys, Hasbro, Fifth Sun, Disney Store



The online retailer has a special May the 4th Be With You landing page with deals, including the new Loungefly bag with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand on the side. They also have a shop by Boba Fett landing page with select details, including the new Funko Pop Comic Cover #4 Boba Fett.


The book publisher will have 40% off select Star Wars titles between April 23 and May 4 with code FORCE40 on their website.

Boba Fett appears in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: The Original Topps Trading Card Series (2016), The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season Two) (2022), Star Wars Storyboards (2014), and more. Slave I appears in The Moviemaking Magic of Star Wars: Ships & Battles (2019). Jango Fett appears in Star Wars Block: Over 100 Words Every Fan Should Know (2018).


On May 4 through 5, they have 25% off all Star Wars products on their website and in store. Since they list 26,000+ Star Wars matches, you can also narrow that to just over 1,000 matches with Boba Fett.

Chronicle Books

On May 4 through 20 (at 11:50pm Eastern), the publisher is doing 20% off all Star Wars books and novelty products on their website with code FORCE20.

Boba Fett appears in Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy (2014) and the Bounty Hunter Code (2014 reprint), as well as the Wookiee Cookies cookbook from 1998. He’s also in several of the Jeffrey Brown books, including The Mandalorian and Child (2023), Darth Vader and Friends (2015), Goodnight Darth Vader (2014), Vader’s Little Princess (2013), and Darth Vader and Son (2012).

Dark Horse

The publisher which fairly recently got a Star Wars license again has a deal from April 30 to May 13 for 50% off digital Star Wars comics and art books on their site.

Boba Fett appeared in just one comic during this newer era, Hyperspace Stories #7. It’s also sold in a trade paperback form.

Denuo Novo

The wearable costume company is doing 10% off all Star Wars items between April 27 and May 4.

They have a Mandalorian jetpack kit still in stock, which makes either an unpainted Boba Fett or Jango Fett pack. We unboxed and reviewed it in depth in 2023. Their Jango Fett helmet might get re-stocked one day.

Disney Store

For some reason not included on the Star Wars Day 2024 list, but we’ve got you covered. There are 2 to 3 items, depending on what they finally go with. There’s a “May The 4th Be With You” MagicBand+ and a “May The 4th Be With You” Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw. No sale, but they’re for sale and specific to this year’s Star Wars Day.

The third was initially a mystery. It’s a Boba Fett pin for Star Wars Day 2024 that was shown at an official Disney event in the U.K. back in March. But, on May 4, it appeared just on the Disney Store U.K. site and Disney Store Germany, but not the U.S. Disney Store site. Plus no way for U.S. residents to order it. Bummer!

Enso Rings

Their Book of Boba Fett Collection and other Star Wars accessories on their site are 25% off on May 4. We reviewed them in 2023.

Fall Guys

On May 4, Fall Guys by Epic Games released a Star Wars trailer featuring Boba Fett and others coming to the game. The campaign runs May 7 to May 20.

Fifth Sun

From May 4 to 6, Fifth Sun is doing 20% off on their site with code EWOK. They have many Boba Fett shirts, many of which we list here on our site like these:


From May 1 to 5, Funko is doing a buy 3 get 1 free deal on their website, which includes several Boba Fett items.

Gentle Giant

Between May 4 and 8, Gentle Giant has 15% off all in-stock Star Wars collectibles with code FORCE15 on their website, which include several Boba Fett and Jango Fett items.


On May 4, Hallmark is taking 20% off select items on their site. Their newer set of 4 drinking glasses is included.

Hanna Andersson

On May 4, they’re doing 20% off Star Wars apparel on their site. The apparel company has Boba Fett on some of their pajama designs and some similar items.


On May 3, they revealed a new “Retro Collection” multipack which includes Jango Fett. It’s a Hasbro Pulse exclusive for now, but will be available later in the year at and Disney Parks. It’s $59.99 and contains six figures. It’s up for pre-order on at 10am Pacific on May 4. Jango Fett not sold separately.

Insight Editions

Between May 3 and 6, the publisher is doing 40% off select Star Wars items on their website.

This should include their new Return of the Jedi: Visual Archive (2024), The Secrets of the Bounty Hunters (2022), Star Wars: Exploring Tatooine (2022), and Star Wars Flip Pop Boba Fett (2023).


Between May 1 and 5, they’re doing 25% off on their website.

Their Jango Fett Chain Strap Crossbody Bag (which we reviewed in 2023) appears to be included in the deal — for much more than 25% off.


On May 4, they have a buy 1 Star Wars toy get 1 for 40% off. But as of May 1, they also have a discount code — FRIEND — for 25-30% off select items, like their significant amount of Boba Fett items, which includes Jazwares, Fifth Sun, JoyJolt, and Metal Earth to name a few brands.

Regal Robot

Get 25% off select Star Wars items with code MT42024 on their website. Ends May 5 at 11:59 Pacific.

Boba Fett is included on their vintage-style “The Empire Strikes Back” wood art plaque, which is included in the sale.

Rocket Racing

Between May 3 and 20, the Fortnite spin-off game has a new Boba Fett car.

ZoomMore Info


Between May 3 and 6, get 20% off all Star Wars jewelry on their website, which has one Boba Fett helmet ring.

RoomMates Decor

Starting May 3 until 6, they’re doing 30% off on select items on their site. Boba Fett and also Slave I appear on some of their peel and stick wallpaper, which may or may not be included.


On May 4, they have 20% off select Star Wars items with code MAY24. They’re also doing a mix and match bundle special. Multiple Fett items from Hot Toys included.


Between April 28 and May 4, they have 20% off select Star Wars items on their website, which includes several LEGO items with Boba Fett.


Andy Mangels

In honor of Star Wars Day, the author of the fan-favorite “Twin Engines of Destruction” comic did a cover of “Bounty” by NerdOut:


That’s not all… The official Star Wars website has more, but we combed through it for Fett-related items. If you’re less disconcerting, check out their list too.

Did we miss anything else? Let us know in the comments!

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