Bantha Tracks #5

1979  |  Star Wars Fan Club

Bantha Tracks #5
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Bantha Track #5, "Introducing: Boba Fett,"...
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Bantha Tracks #5
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Star Wars Fan Club newsletter. First officially published description of Boba Fett:

Not much is known about Boba Fett. He wears part of the uniform of the Imperial Shocktroopers, warriors from the olden time. Shocktroopers came from the far side of the galaxy and there aren't many of them left. They were wiped out by the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars. Whether he was a shocktrooper or not is unknown. He is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, and cares little for whom he works — as long as they pay.

Part of what makes Boba Fett as good as he is are the special modifications he has made to his Shocktrooper's armor. Examine the equipment and you'll know what makes him the best.

1. Flame Thrower and Dart Gun
2. Rocket Pack Controls
3. Rocket Pack
4. Camel View and Finder
5. Grappling Hook
6. Digital Life Support System Readout
7. Wookiee Scalps
8. Utility Gun Belt
9. Storage Pack
10. Knee Darts
11. Tools
12. Climbing Spikes
13. Laser Rifle

Add years of practice and experience to this list of equipment and you have quite a formidable enemy.

Boba Fett first appeared on The Star Wars Holiday Special late last year, in the employ of Darth Vader. He will be returning in The Empire Strikes Back, still in Darth Vader's employ, and still after Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and the leaders of the Rebellion.

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