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Video game with Boba Fett making an appearance. He was also shown on the game cartridge and several related renderings to promote the game.

Released on Nintendo 64 in North America on December 3, 1996 according to GameSpot, Nintendo Wiki @ Fandom, and Wikipedia (whose citation isn't perfect). (Wookieepedia @ Fandom citing an old page thinks November 3.)

Walk-thru FAQ by Kevin Lambert:

Mission 5 : Gall Spaceport

Story: Find Boba Fett in the Zhar system. You suspect he is on the imperial moon base gall.

Overview/Objective: Run around on foot, shoot anything in your path, and use the jetpack to fly through the canyons.

Stage 1: Get to the observation tower to find out the exact location of Boba Fett's hangar. Then jetpack across the chasm.

Easiest View (in my opinion): First person.

Challenge Point 1: On top of the ship. Use the nearby rock to get on top of the ship.

Challenge Point 2: As you are going around the ledge of the cavern there will be a branch off to your right. The challenge point is on top of the rock structure that you will come to. You need to jump off the path onto some step-like rocks that will lead to the top where the challenge point is.

Challenge Point 3: After you activate the large door, you will be indoors. Keep moving and you will reach a section with bridges. You will see the challenge point floating in the air. You need to climb up to the highest bridge and jump off at the correct spot to get the challenge point and land on a lower bridge. (It will probably take you a few tries.)

Extra: There is an extra life icon way down below the bridges. You can't get it without dying unless you get the jetpac and come back. (The jetpack can also be used to get this challenge point very easily.)

Challenge Point 4: This challenge point is on the roof of the observation tower along with a 20 health pack and a pulse cannon ammo pack. (You need to use the jetpack to get to it.)

Challenge Point 5: After you jetpack to the first rock in the canyon, there will be another rock on your right hand side. Far above the rock is this challenge point. You have just enough jetpack fuel to get to it and land on the rock safely. (You may need to shut off your jetpack after you get it in order to fall quicker... but don't forget to turn it back on!)

Stage 2: Get to Boba Fett and fight him (and a ship afterwards)

Easiest View (in my opinion): Third person.

Challenge Point 6: When you come to the cave with the automatic transport ship, jetpack down into the chasm. There is a hidden room down there with this challenge point and a full health pack.

Challenge Point 7: Before you activate the automatic transport ship, go out to the mouth of the cave and jetpack out of the cave upwards and to the left. There is a ledge with this challenge point and 2 seeker ammo packs.

Challenge Point 8: After you use the automatic transport ship, before you enter the hangar, jetpack all the way across the canyon to a ledge that has this challenge point and a pulse cannon ammo pack. (You can just barely make it with enough jetpack fuel.)


Challenge Point 9: After you kill the AT-ST, a panel will open revealing this challenge point.

Challenge Point 10: Once you enter the shafts with the spinning blades, there is a drop where you must pass by three horizontal spinning fans. The challenge point is between the second and third fan on the way down. (If you miss it, you can jetpack back up to get it.)

Challenge Point 11: Just after you pass through the last of the spinning fans, you will go into an open cavern with a lot of 5 health packs. The challenge point is just above you to your left. (Use the jetpack.)

Challenge Point 12: When you take the second automatic transport ship across the canyon, this challenge point will be straight above you along the way. (Jump to get it.)

Challenge Point 13: When you enter the room with the imperial freighter ship, this challenge point is above it.

Challenge Point 14: When you go to fight Boba Fett, jetpack down out of the arena and land on the level of the arena just above the canyon floor. Run around it until you find this challenge point.

Challenge Point 15: Jetpack down from challenge point 14 to the canyon floor below. If you run around the arena you will eventually come to a point where you can drop down lower. Use the jetpack to fly down there to a closed hangar door. In front of the door will be this challenge point and an extra life icon.


When you hear him fire the seeker, just run or jump to avoid getting hit. What I found easiest was to stay on the ground, and shoot up at him with the normal blaster, (or pulse cannon) and when he comes down, try to get close to him so you can blast him a bit more at point-blank range, then jetpack around and pick up necessary health and ammo. Then get back on the ground and repeat the process. You can take a break from fighting him, go pick up the challenge points and extra items that are outside the arena, then come back to finish the fight. Boba's pretty patient. :-)


It's nice to have alot of seekers or pulse cannon ammo stored up for this. There are two easy ways to defeat this. From the ground or at the top. If you stay on the ground, make sure you stay in the lower square section in the center of the arena, get behind Slave 1, and fire upwards at it. Blast it with seekers and pulse cannon shots and it will go down pretty fast. (Flamethrower will work nice also, but you need to be close) Alternately, if you fly up to the top quickly, you can aim down at it as it comes up to you and blast it the entire time. (When it gets to the top, jetpack all the way down and repeat the process) If you are out of special weapons, your shots need to be more precise in order to do damage. In this case, I would recommend that you fly up to the top, shoot at it until it comes level with you, then take a few last shots before you fly down to repeat the process.

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December 3, 1996


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