SDCC 2014: Guide for Boba Fett Fans

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We live-blogged SDCC 2014 in real-time throughout each day of the convention. Here is our log of all things for Boba Fett fans.

Day-By-Day Announcements

Wednesday, 7/23

  • Photos of the new Walgreens exclusive (and apparently online only, with pre-sale sold out already) Black Series Boba Fett action figure were posted online
  • At booth #1929, Sideshow Collectibles has their new Premium Format 1/4 Scale Boba Fett, which had previously only been seen as an artist illustration (source)

Thursday, 7/24

  • At booth #3513, Gentle Giant has a life-size replica of the vintage “rocket firing” Boba Fett action figure from 1979 (source); and it has a removable rocket on its back; they also have another big statue, their usual giant Boba Fett bust above their booth
  • We’ve seen fans creatively dressed up as Evel Fett (source), Dr. Fett (source), and a superb regular Boba Fett (source)
  • LeeAnna Vamp dressed up as Boba Fett (source)
  • Daniel Logan showed up and got his picture taken wearing the new UD Replicas motorcycle Boba Fett jacket (source)

Friday, 7/25

  • At 11am in Room 7AB, Joe Johnston is scheduled to speak; at 12:30pm at Abrams Booth 1216, he is scheduled to sign copies (only) of his new book, “Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy” (source)
  • One group panel taught everyone how to fold Boba Fett origami (source)
  • Snoba Fett (Snow White meets Boba Fett) attended, as well as “Mini” Boba Fett in a special white prototype Boba Fett armor (source)
  • One panel apparently introduced McQuarrie concept Boba Fett figures coming to Sideshow Collectibles (source #1, source #2) — we’re looking more into this to elaborate
  • Cosplayer “Boba Phat” also made an appearance (source)

Saturday, 7/26

  • At the Marvel Comics panel, the question was raised, “will we see #BobaFett?” The answer was “you’ll be VERY happy.” (source)
  • More cosplayers, such as a Boba Fett with Slave Leia (source) and also a Rocketeer Boba Fett (source)
  • Homer Simpson appeared as a 3D hologram and mentioned Boba Fett aloud to the crowd in his “talk” (source)
  • Santa Cruz Skateboards featured their Boba Fett skateboard, which had one cosplayer stop by for a great photo op (source)

Sunday, 7/27

  • In Room 8 from 12:30 – 1:30pm, Disney Publishing has a sneak preview to showcase some new Star Wars books and apps (source)
  • At booth 5629 in Hall C from 2pm to 4pm, Acme Archives has Greg Lipton signing his Star Wars artwork, which includes a Boba Fett print (source #1, source #2)
  • In Hall H at 3pm, Ashley Eckstein (Her Universe, makers of several Boba Fett dresses) is a guest in the event, “End Bullying! Responding to Cruelty in Our Culture”
  • San Diego Pier Cafe featured a Boba Fett burrito for their lunch specials (source)
  • One Boba Fett cosplayer settled his beef with Han Solo (source)

Artists in Attendance

For the complete list, visit

Vendor Booths

  • Acme Archives is at booth #5629 (Hall C)
  • Anovos (Jango Fett replica costume) is at booth #4536
  • Del Rey Books is at booth #2913-D
  • Gentle Giant is at booth #3513
  • Hasbro is at booth #3213
  • Lucasfilm is at booth #2913N
  • Sideshow Collectibles is at booth #1929
  • Titan (Star Wars Insider) is at booth #5537

After SDCC

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