Little Legacies

One year after the war with Jacen Solo and the Galactic Alliance, Boba Fett's family begins to expand...

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It had been one year, since Boba Fett had brought his father home from Geonosis. A lot had come with that: his estranged daughter murdered, the discovery of his granddaughter, the survival of his ex-wife and the last stand of a legend; not to mention his own survival against disease.

And after all that, there was more to come: Mirta Gev, his granddaughter was pregnant, with twins.

Boba had no idea what to make of becoming a great-grandfather; he was still coming to terms with being a grandfather.


For the first time since the birth of Ailyn, Boba held an infant- two infants-in his arms. Although he couldn't properly remember what that was like, the feeling of precious responsibility was still able to have a profound effect on him.

Mirta had chosen the names for both of them- her husband Ghes Orade had seemed alright with the idea: the boy, Jango, after Boba's father; and the girl, Tem, after one of Mandalore's most loyal verde.

The irony was not lost on Boba. Those were some mighty big legacies thrust upon new little lives; but for now, they were just ad'ike.

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