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Boba Fett Fan Fiction

Part 1 - The Escape

Inspired by "The Book of Boba Fett."

Written by Avatar KotaFett • Published Updated • Estimated reading time: 4 minutes (942 words) • Resize Font

I’m not a writer but BOBF inspired me to write my own story for Boba. I took some ideas from the show and have much more written which I’ll upload later if people like this story. Thanks for reading!

Darks sands whirl about the Dune Sea Jabba's sail barge remains are scattered and scalding in the night heat. Inside the Sarlacc Boba Fett awakens he can hear the Screams and cries of victims the Sarlacc is digesting both new and old.

Where his body is not covered in beskar armor he feels the burning acid eroding his body away.

With his jet pack damaged by Han Solo it’s not as simple as just flying out so, Boba engages his wrist blades and begins digging his fore arms into the walls of the Sarlacc.

Boba starts to feel a wooziness fall over his body as the Sarlacc releases a poison gas to lull its victims unconscious. The Sarlacc will sedate victims that become too violent inside one of its many chambers.

Boba unconscious mind goes to flashbacks of his time spent on Kamino with his father and Taun We.

Things were so much simpler back then.

He would miss his father when he left for long jobs that were too dangerous for him but his father still made sure of his training even in his absence.

Boba spent most of his time with the ARC troopers that his father had personally trained. It was an odd feeling for Boba missing his father but being surrounded by his very same face and voice.

No matter where he looked he saw his Father but there was one ARC trooper he was very fond of ARC- 77 also known as Fordo.

He was the top of his class and one of Jango's favorite students, due to him being one of the first clones to have more of a diverse personality which greatly enhanced his battlefield capabilities.

He took a particular liking to Boba seeing him as a little brother since he was there for many of the training sessions ARCs went through.

Boba snaps awake from his poison induced dreams and can feel he has descended deeper into the Sarlacc. The walls being full of tiny tendrils excreting acid that break down cell membranes to interweave with the walls and the victims stuck to them.

Bobas armor allowed him enough area not connected he could use all his strength and break loose.

The smell of chemicals devouring flesh along with screams and cries of agony intensify by the second as if they are all connected.

Boba reaches into one of his pouches after managing to get his arm free and slips an air purifier into his mouth to ward off the Sarlacc’s poison gas.

Now that he is not in and out of consciousness he engages every blade his armor holds. Digging into the stomach walls with his forearms and spikes equipped in his boots. The helmet light showed that he has made it out of the lower stomach, it also showed him what he had been experiencing. Jabba's men stretched on the walls writhing in pain and pleading for Boba to save them from the abyss of torture. The Sarlacc does not just digest your body over a long period of time, it will enter your mind and make your consciousness one and the same with it. Essentially everything alive in the Sarlacc is connected through needle like neurons that cause all to feel each other’s pain till death.

Boba found a some what level plane and gazed at the victims some more bones than person, some he knew some he didn’t but he was sure this is a thing of nightmares.

No thanks to Han Solo and his friends most of Bobas arsenal was lost and needing to see what he could salvage he dug through the half dead bodies now intertwined in the innards of the Sarlacc.

Most moaned weakly and begged for death as he searched to find anything to help him escape this hell.

Boba is a survivor he told himself, trained in the ways of Mandalore and the whole galaxy knows the toughness and grit of Mandalorians.

Everyone also knows anything and everything can be a weapon for a mandalorian if the situation calls for it.

Boba finds a cluster of smoke grenades along with pure Kessel spice, which he carefully maneuvered inside the smoke grenade.

Being at Jabba's palace you’ll see your share of patrons on their spice journey and bobas hoping to send the Sarlacc on one. 

Climbing to the highest point possible he tossed the grenades into the lower stomach and thanked mandalore he still had his respirator.

He could feel the creature go limp after a while, meaning its defenses were down, now is his chance.

Ascending out of the lower stomach meant there was one more to go but would be much too difficult to climb out the way he did the lower level. Using his grappling hook Boba grappled onto the bodies intertwined on the walls till he felt near the opining.

The Sarlacc's beak was sealed shut like the InterGalactic Banking Clans vaults just another obstacle to blow through.
Boba removed his jet pack with 1 fuel cell still being intact as solo only punctured the right side, he emptied the extra fuel cells he had for his flamethrower into the hole and tossed the jet pack into the seemingly bottomless abyss.
Even with his helmets multiple displays the air in the stomachs makes it hard to see much at all but he finally spots the jet pack and shoots it.

The blast in combination with the stomach gasses form a huge combustion and violently shoots Boba out onto the Dune Sea marking the first person to ever escape the Sarlacc.

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