Mouth of Darkness

The bounty hunter sat behind a ledge peering onto the streets...

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The bounty hunter sat behind a ledge peering onto the streets. The street had very little traffic, but was covered by ill-disguised bodyguards. The bodyguards were watching the few droids and people on the street. His target walked out into the bright light of the binary suns. A squat man, with graying hair he walked with a quiet determination. The hunter heard a small sound behind him. If he had been a normal hunter, he would have been disregarded it, but a man like himself did not. He swiveled on his feet, but lowered the blaster as he saw who stood behind him.

"Hello, Dengar."

"Hello, Fett. See your tracking the engineer."

Dengar squatted down beside Fett, and his gaze wandered onto the street.

"He's mine, Dengar. By the way, next time hide your bombs more carefully."

Dengar chuckled softly, and commented, "That's the most I've ever heard you say, Fett. At one time, anyway."

Fett only nodded, and concentrated on the engineer. He raised his sniper rifle, and targeted the man. The crosshairs reached his chest, when Dengar said, "He has a blast vest on, Fett. Aim for the head."

Fett re-adjusted his aim, and turned off the safety switch. He was about to fire, when Dengar rose from his position, and pulled out a thermal grenade. Fett fired as Dengar threw the grenade to the street below. Dengar hit Fett in the chest, and Fett fell backward from the unexpected blow. Blaster fire from two snipers across the street scorched the wall behind the two. Dengar drew his blaster, and returned fire. Fett armed his rockets, and targeted the nest. The missile streaked out, as Dengar yelled, "C'mon, they got a hoversled!"

Fett cooly replied, "No need."

Dengar stared increduosly at Fett. The sled exploded at the same time, Dengar noticed Slave III coming out of the clouds.

"I should have known."

The ship flew out of the clouds, and hovered over the roof. Fett climbed onboard, and motioned for Dengar to join him. The two bounty hunters entered the cockpit of Slave III, and set down in the pilot's and copilot's seat. The ship lifted off, and entered the atmosphere. Fett set the ship on auto, programming it for stationary flight. The two men sat back in their seats, and Dengar looked around the cockpit.

"Why did you knock me down?"

"I'm not sure. I guess it's just I don't see you gunned down by two snipers."

Fett nodded. "Why didn't you take the engineer for yourself?'

"I'm not sure of that either."

"Why did you come talk to me?"

"That I am sure of. You probably don't know it, but the Mandolorians have a pre-arranged bounty set for you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I tapped into the network of bounties, and I found some pre-arranged. Your name and mine was on the top of the list. Remember Jodo Kast?"

"Yes, you called him my twin."

"Well, I got his helmet in the mail."

"That's impossible, he was disintegrated."

"Not really, they disintegrated his body, but not his armor. Puggles Trodd, IG-88, 4-Lom, and Zuckuss all got parts of the armor. They're now dead because the Mandolorians didn't want any bounty hunters in their way. I think the Emperor is using them to make sure we can't take any bounties on his men. Bossk, you, and I are the only top bounty hunters left. Bossk and I are on the run. When we're taken care of, you'll be the next target."

"Okay, but why are you telling me?"

"All I'm saying is that make sure your last bounty comes after you've set up an escape plan. I have to go. Can't stay in one place too long, otherwise the Mandalorians might catch me."

"Good luck, Dengar."

"Thanks, Fett. I didn't know you cared."

"I don't really, but its more fun if I beat you to the bounty."

Dengar chuckled as Fett set Slave III down on the rooftop, and then he walked off the ramp headed for his ship below. Fett watched him go down the ladder on the building, and lifted Slave III off. He turned into the atmosphere when his sensors picked up a life-form in the shadows of the building.

Dengar walked toward his ship and activated the shield door using the remote in his pocket. Dengar had calibrated his shields, so they would open a small walkway into the ship while keeping the rest of the shields and cloaking device up. The "door" opened, and Dengar walked in. As he entered the hold of his ship, a blast shook the ship. He looked outside one of the ports and saw the smoldering remains of a man laying in the alley. He drew his rifle, and stepped outside. At the top of the wall, Boba Fett stood on the ledge, and threw Dengar a small salute. He called down from his perch, "Watch your back next time, Dengar. I don't want see you gunned down in an alley from behind."

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  • Avatar seannkoury rated this story and wrote this review on January 26, 2019:

    "Mouth of Darkness: Hunter in the Shadows" begins on a dark ledge, overlooking a city street. Boba Fett is on the ledge, preparing to assassinate an engineer. Dengar joins him, and reveals some startling news: The Mandalorians are killing all the bounty hunters, and Fett may be next on the list.

    What an exciting set-up, but therein lies the story's major flaw! That's all it is, a set-up. When I finished reading "Mouth", I was confused. "How am I supposed to review this?" I asked myself. Was it intended to be the full story, or was it a prologue to a much bigger tale? I decided that it was indeed the full story (based on the fact that the Vault hasn't received any more of it from Brent), and judged it on those merits.

    Brent has spun an interesting little character piece. The interaction between Fett and Dengar is dead-on, and the action is well written. The references to the Mandalorians, on the other hand, are slightly confusing. Brent never really explains properly WHY they are killing all the bounty hunters. Or for that matter, WHO is doing the killing.

    Brent seems to know his stuff. I especially enjoyed the reference to Puggles Trodd, an obscure bounty-hunter from TATOOINE MANHUNT.

    Check this story out! If enough people read "Mouth", and e-mail Brent, maybe he'll add a few more chapters. Because, in the end, that's what this story really needs.

    To be followed up on!


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