Boba Fett Fan Fiction

The Mereel Ignominy: Part 1

It was a dark night on the streets of Corellia.

Written by Aaron Daniel

Published a while back (before we were tracking it) • Updated • Approximate reading time: 9 minutes (1,962 words)
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A story from the Star Wars Universe

It was a dark night on the streets of Corellia. Not a sound was to be heard except the howling of the wind. All but one dark figure was at home or gambling or worse. Boba Fett was hiding behind a load of cargo crates a short distance from a landing platform. He was waiting.

Fett had a hard life compared to most, that didn't bother him. He was a bounty hunter, he didn't care about the money, maybe a little, but that wasn't the reason he was a bounty hunter. He lived for the chase, the thrill of the catch, of bringing swift justice to the unjust. But right now he was on a personal mission.

He was waiting for the Indignation, a shuttle that belonged to the Corellian corvett, Star of Corellia. His target was on that ship.

A bright light flashed near the ship, the flash of engines. A small shuttle flew down to the landing platform. Perfect! He thought. The ship landed, and a group of young people stepped out, among them a teenager about the age of fifteen. "That's him." He said to himself.

Fett drew his blaster rifle. "Easier than I thought." He whispered aloud. He targeted with the scope and fired. Just then his target ducked to pick something up from the ground. The blast struck a crate behind the teen, blowing it to pieces. The teenager was flung forward by the shock wave.

NO! Thought Fett. He sprang up and sprayed the area where the teen was with laser fire. The teen lay sprawled on the ground. Suddenly Fett's target stirred and rolled under the shuttle. Fett ran towards the ship with incredible speed. He dashed behind a fueling speeder and ducked - his blaster rifle at the ready. The teen slid halfway out from under the shuttle and lobbed a detonator in the bounty hunter's direction. Fett ignited his rocket pack and flew up into the air just before the detonator bounced off the speeder. Fett was only about seven meters into the air when the detonator blew, sending the speeder into flames. Burning debris flew everywhere, incinerating three mechanics and creating wide spread damage. Two other speeders next to the explosion were thrown spiraling up into the air. The speeders hit the ground, both exploding on impact.

Fett avoided the blast, landing in a dark ally about two hundred meters away from the landing platform. He unknowingly had caused just the diversion that the teenager had wanted. The frantic teen bolted, running full speed away from the platform, and right down the ally where Boba Fett was waiting.

A dart sped at the teen from a launcher on one of the devious hunter's kneepads. The teen was caught unawares as the dart hit him in his thigh. The teen gradually slowed then slumped to the ground. The teenager was still conscious but he did not move, he was temporarily paralyzed.

Fett began to pick up the teen when he heard blaster shots. A group of four Corellian police officers ran down the ally. "Drop the boy!" one of the officers shouted. Fett gripped the motionless teen by the collar and held his blaster rifle in the other. He shot twice; his gun recoiling from the powerful shots. The lead officer was hit in the gut by the first shot then fell to the ground, the other blast caught the second officer in the shoulder and he flew back against a garbage container.

Fett signaled his ship the Slave I with his wrist console. Suddenly, in a bright flash of green lasers the ally was reduced to rubble, killing the remaining two officers. More officers stormed passed the wreckage of the ally and began to fire upon Fett, a few stray shots rebounding of the ship's shields.

"Watch your back, Solo." He hissed at the lifeless form in his clutches. Fett dropped the boy and ran up the loading ramp of the Slave I.

The law enforcement officers fired at the ship with no result. With a thundering roar the bounty hunter's ship, Slave I, shot into the night sky and into the atmosphere.

Seven years later in a broken down bar on Jubilar, Boba Fett sat alone in the darkness of a corner. Fett was sitting at a booth, waiting.

The bar was not much to see. The walls were stained and tarnished by alcohol and what looked to be blood. The lighting was terrible. The lights were extremely dim, and there was only a little light radiating through the doorway.

There were a few humanoid aliens in the bar and a couple of groggy looking humans. No one was sober enough to recognize Fett, or even his Mandalorian armor for that much. If they did, they would have run for their pitiful little lives. Fett knew that none of them were law abiding, but he could have cared less at the moment.

After a minute or two, a scraggily looking, middle aged man stepped through the door and into the bar. The man looked around the bar with frightened eyes; he was obviously looking for somebody. The man walked carefully towards Fett, making no sudden movements as not to startle the deadly figure.

"Well?" Asked Fett in a harsh tone.

"Boba Fett, so nice to see you again." Said the man, who was clearly frightened to even be on the same planet as Fett.

"Wish I could say the same. Guldain, get on with it." Replied Fett in an inpatient voice.

"Y-yes, yes, the information," stuttered Guldain ", your target will be delivering a shipment to the West landing platform at 0100 hours tonight."

"What is he shipping?" Inquired the bounty hunter.

Guldain looked puzzled, " Shi-shipping?"

"Yes, shipping, you incompetent fool!" Barked Fett.

"Uh...Glitterstim, I think..."

Fett stood up, obviously annoyed with Guldain's sketchy and inadequate information. Fett faced Guldain. Guldain had a puzzled look on his face.

"Where's my reward?" he yelled.

" The only reward you will receive is death." Fett whipped out his blaster rifle and leveled it at the all-to-confident Guldain's chest. " Guldain, you disappoint me, prepare to meet your maker." Guldain's face fell, his eyes widened.

Fett pulled the trigger, releasing a streak of red laser. At point blank range, the blast tore through the unfortunate fool. The force of the shot flung Guldain back against the table, knocking it over. Guldain was dead before he hit the ground. The lifeless form that was Guldain lay among the debris of the shattered table, a smoking hole in its chest.

One drunk that was sober enough to move looked back at Fett startled. Fett looked straight at the dirty bum. The visor of his helmet glinting in the faint light that was illuminating from the lamps.

"Oi didin' see noottin'!" the drunk slurred in a strange accent as he quickly turned away.

"Hey! You better pay for this mess!" cried the bartender.

Fett walked up to the bar, then just glared at the man, his blaster rifle hanging loosely at his side. The bartender looked into the menacing visor of Fett's dark, featureless helmet and shrunk back.

"I'll take care of it." He squeaked.

The young smuggler Han Solo checked the lightspeed coordinates.

"Everything checks out fine Chewie." He said to Chewbacca, his Wookie co-pilot. " We'll be jumping out of lightspeed in ten seconds. Han flipped a few navigational switches. Han leaned back in the Millennium Falcon's pilot seat, keeping one hand on the controls.

"Five, four, three, two, one." On one, Han pushed a small lever, disengaging the hyperdrive.

Suddenly the blue, hyperspace-tunnel disappeared, revealing a spiraling tunnel of white streaks. The streaks then slowed and stabilized, becoming stars. Before the Falcon lay the backwater planet of Jubilar.

Jubilar was a smuggler's haven. Sure the Empire had control of it, but no one cared much about a dilapidated planet on the other side of the Galaxy. Smugglers made drop-offs and picked up other shipments. It was a transition point on most smugglers' routes.

"This is ground control, identify yourselves." Crackled the com.

"This is the Millennium Falcon, requesting permission to land." Replied Han. After this there was a crackle of static, and a rather loud bang.

"Must be some trouble with the com." Said Han. Chewie replied with a low moan. The com went silent. Then came the reply.

"Permission granted to land on pad 79, prepare to be inspected upon landing."

"Thanks" Answered Han.

Boba Fett put down the com. in the ground control room. Fett glanced at the real ground controllers, who were unconscious. They were both bound and gagged.

Fett left the room closing the door behind him. Fett took out his code-slicing tool. Fett swiped the slicing tool through the scanner on the lock. Punching in a few random numbers, Fett changed the code and locked the controllers in.

Fett slipped the tool back into one of the pockets on his sleeve, then stealthily made his way to landing pad 79.

Han and Chewbacca walked down the Falcon's boarding ramp. A Customs officer with a datapad and a comlink came walking up to Falcon. The officer was young, blonde and wore a black jumpsuit.

"Do you have anything to declare, sir?" the officer asked

"No, we don't." replied Han

"Alright, we will inspect your ship now." At that the officer spoke something muffled into the comlink. Two other men came out of a small building on the other side of the landing pad. The other two men had green officer uniforms on, brown boots, and a single blaster holstered by their side. They walked towards the ship, and then, lead by the Customs officer, walked up the ramp and boarded the ship.

"Well," said Han, "I guess we'd better find our contact."

"Rahhhghh." Chewie grunted in agreement. The two companions walked off the landing pad and towards the city.

Fett was ready when Han and Wookie came around the corner of the Customs building. Fett sprang upon the two like a feline; he cuffed the smuggler hard with the back of his right wrist-gauntlet, then, with his left wrist-gauntlet he shot a stun pellet straight at Chewbacca.

Han hit the ground hard, blood flying out of his mouth. Chewbacca was hit in the leg by the pellet, and his leg went numb. Chewie regained his senses and galvanized by rage, came charging at Fett. Chewie stumbled over his lifeless leg, and went flying towards Fett. Fett was ready and sidestepped, hitting Chewie hard on the ear as he did so.

Han began to stand, but Fett grabbed him. Fett pulled Han up onto his feet, holding him close, and shoved his blaster rifle into the back of Han's head.

Chewie began to advance on Fett, but decided better. The three stood motionless and tensed for combat.

Chewie's ear throbbed madly. Blood and sweat was mingled with his fur where Fett had struck him. Chewie could not feel anything from his hip down to his right leg. But adrenaline and the primal instinct to kill drove him on.

Just then a dart shot out of Fett's left kneepad, catching the Wookie in the shin. Chewie gave out a howl of pain and groped at his leg, trying to pull out the dart. Chewie staggered backward moaning as he went. He hit the wall of the building and slumped to the ground, his eyes rolling up into the back of his head.

" Chewie!" Han cried out in a hoarse voice.

"Don't worry about the Wookie, the dart was only tipped with a strong anesthetic." Reassured Fett impassively. " I would worry about what is about to happen to me, if I were you."

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