Boba Fett Fan Fiction

The Azanti

Another of Boba Fett's hunts.

Written by Mike Hoffman

Published a while back (before we were tracking it) • Updated • Approximate reading time: 2 minutes (507 words)
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His name was Jaster Mareel. Was. After the exile from his home planet, Mareel enlisted as a stromtrooper. After 5 years of hardcore training, he quit, abruptly and quickly. He had to, the Empire has a horrid sense of irony, and this proved only too true.

Time Passed.

It was his second job for Vader, he found it funny, sadistic, but funny. The Empire had a line of assasinations done by a certain human, Mandar Kanare. Kanare had a grudge against the Empire, Fett did enough of his homework to know why. Mandar's family was slaughtered by a scout troop on the planet of Alparium 9. He had reason to be upset. It was said Fett was Vader's favorite Bounty Hunter. Reputation was necessarry because he needed anticipation for his prey, and anticipation is pain, the more they hurt, the easier it is to catch them. Fett was on the deck of the Executor when Vader strode up. He said very promptly and precise in the raspy assisted voice of his, "I want him dead, but I need proof." I expected that, "As you wish" was my only reply.

I found myself on Tatooine, a scumhole on the outer rim of the galaxy, a very poor example of a planet. Fett had spotted him. Fett knew what he was, and it wasn't human. He was an Azanti. He was an Azanti! He was faster than a human, stronger than a human, and generally smarter than a human. Lucky for Fett, he wasn't JUST a human. He was the best human there ever was.

I am a hunter, he is a hunter, but who is the prey?
His soup. I can sense it. It is pure. It is good. It is powerful. It is what I need. It is not blood. It is Luck. It is Chance. It is fresh.
-A little more, if you wish-
The hunter's blood is the best of all. It must be pure. It rots outside of the body. As the saying goes, "The best soup is the one longest on the shelf."
-1 more step-

Mandar was good at what he did, but not good enough. Without a thought Fett accessed his visual recorders. With one motion he pulled his blaster from it's holster, at least one of them....

Probiscci quiver.
He's right where I want him. Hidden flaps in my nostrils flare.
I'm ready, he nears. I want it. I need it. I need the soup.
He waits for me, but I am faster, I am stronger, and I am smarter.

With one shot Boba Fett hit and killed it. He caught it all on tape, in slow motion. The Azanti was dead. It was the hunt. He was paid for it.

He was back on the Executor. Vader watched the film, Kanare die, and Fett work. Fett actually saw Vader have an emotion. He promptly said, "What angle did you kill him from?" I answered him like I do all my clients, truthfully, "Behind me."

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