The Tale of Boba Fett

"Put down you blaster Fett and I'll put down mine," Solo said.

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After Boba Fett had blasted his way out of Sarlac. And was rescued by Dengar, no one could believe that he was alive. He only said, "Every one tried to go for the entrance, I made an exit." Later after killing another Bounty Hunter that wore Mandalore Armor he hunted the Butcher of Montellian Serat. For who he got a 5 million credit bounty and could finally afford a new leg, because the old one was eaten by cancer. But before he could do that he received a message, that arrived at the Guild HQ. It said that Han Solo is on Jubilar. When Fett finally caught up with Solo on Jubilar they stood blaster to rib and blaster to Mandalore armor.

The Assignment

-"Put down you blaster Fett and I'll put down mine," Solo said.

-"How do I know you aren't going to shoot me after I put down my blaster Solo," Fett said in his mechanical voice.

-"Well you will have to trust me on that."

Han thought he heard Fett laugh in his helmet. Then a blaster blot sprang through the air and hit the store house wall. As Han spun to counter the threat. Boba Fett started to run the opposite way. "No, I can't shoot him in the back, that would me to easy," Fett thought. When Han returned to the Falcon there was a message waiting on the com: WE WILL MEET AGAIN SOLO. As Slave IV lifted of Pad 34 of Jubilar's spaceport, the Millenium Falcon was about to punch into hyperspace. Before Boba Fett could get into hyperspace he got a message on the Imperial HoloNet(only Imperial ships are supposed to have it) and an image of one of the few Imperial Warlords sprang onto the screen it was Supreme Grand Warlord Omellei. He started speaking.

-"Boba Fett please rondevo with an Imperial ship at Anoat," Fett hated the man but wanted to know what the man wanted from him.

As Slave IV changed course and jumped to hyperspace a new ship arrived at Jubilar it was Jerfol Nizc, he had a grudge to settle with Fett. As the sleek lines around Slave IV changed back to stars memories folded into Boba Fett's mind. He remembered as he stood with IG-88, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk, and Dengar aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

-"Identify your self incoming ship," said the voice of an Imperial Commander.

-"This is Boba Fett," said Fett. "I have received a message from Supreme Grand Warlord Omellei to meet you here."

-"Very well rondevo at these coordinates."

Numbers started to appear on the screen.

-"Imperial Ship out."

-"Fett out."

Soon an Imperial Skipray Blast Boat Appeared infront of Slave IV.

Old Acuntince

As the docking procedure began Fett wanted to know what these Imperials wanted from him, but the best attribute of a Hunter is patience, and Boba Fett had plenty of it.

-"Welcome, we have an assignment for you, you must hunt down Zuckuss and his partner 4-LOM and bring evidence of their death to us. We will pay you 200,000 credits."

-"Very well then."

As Slave IV exited hyperspace world of Fhyrd filled the view ports, Boba Fett had an old information dealer to see. As Dfksal was working in his little shop he saw a figure he dreaded all his life, a man wearing Mandalore armor. Sure enough it was Boba Fett.

-"Welcome Dfksal I think you can do me a little favor."

-"What might it be Fett."

-"I need information on the whereabouts of Zuckuss and 4-LOM."

-"Come back in two hours."

-"Very well then, but if you are not here then, you know what is going to happen to you when I find you again.

Dfksal did. When Boba Fett returned 2 standard hours later there was Dfksal holding a data pad in his hand.

-"This is all the info you will need."

-"We might meet again Dfksal."

The Hunt

Ha thought Dfksal but you will have to find me first. As Slave IV blasted of Pad 2, there were only 3 pads at the spaceport of Fhyrd's largest city. There was a hooded figure getting on one of Core transports.

Boba Fett sat in his ship soon he will be arriving at Yavin 3. The Rebels had set up their first bounty hunting Guild there. And he knew that where he would find Zuckuss and 4-LOM or else Dfksal would pay. Fett activated his ships anti-detectiong scanners so that he could slip through Yavin 3's sensor net undetected. As he neared the planet he saw a matching the description of the Mist Hunter. Ha this is going to be easier then he expected.

A faint blimp appeared on the Mist Hunter's scanners. 4-LOM turned to his partner.

-"What do you think that might be Zuckuss."

-"Zuckuss does not know. We must check it, it might be Imperial Spy ship."

-"Very well."

As the Mist Hunter came closer to the blimp one concussion-missle shot past the Mist Hunter, and the other one hit right on target, Boba Fett did not miss twice. 4-LOM reacted with the speed only a droid could throwing the ship into a roll. Then the computer identified the ship as Slave IV.

-"Zuckuss I think you should come up here, now."

-"Zuckuss told you he doesn't want to be disturbed while meditating."

-"I think that blimp is Boba Fett."

-"Zuckuss will be right up."

I must be getting to old for this kind of work, thought Fett. As he rolled the ship to get another missile lock and finish it of. 4-LOM even being a droid couldn't shake the pilot behind him. As another missile shot straight into the weakening shields of the Mist Hunter, 4-LOM thought they were as good as dead.

-"Zuckuss, we must land," said 4-LOM. "Only that can save us."

As the Mist Hunter sped toward a near by moon of Yavin, Boba Fett thought "This hunt would have to last longer and it wouldn't be as easy as he thought." The Mist Hunter badly damaged but still in operable condition landed on the second moon of Yavin. Some distance sat down Slave IV. As Zuckuss and 4-LOM disembarked the badly damaged Mist Hunter Boba Fett was arming himself with poison darts and concussion grenades, that would even destroy 4-LOM. Zuckuss followed 4-LOM through the jungle because he had sensors that could detect Fett infront of the. Soon they came to a clearing.

-"Zuckuss think this is a perfect place to trap Boba Fett."

4-LOM calculated that they had a 95.765 chance to capture Fett here. As Boba Fett followed the clear trail left by Zuckuss and 4-LOM he armed a concussion grenade and checked his poison darts. 4-LOM saw Fett enter the clearing and jumped out.

-"I will kill you Boba Fett, you will never get the two of us."

As 4-LOM said that his partner was sneaking up behind Boba Fett. "Good," thought Fett he does not know my helmet has a 360 degree field of view. As Zuckuss preparded to fire, Boba Fett tossed a concussion grandee at 4-LOM and a split second later turned and fired the poison dart at Zuckuss, the Gand was dead before he hit the ground. 4-LOM's left sensor or as a human called it, the left eye still functioned, but just marginally. He saw Fett walk over to his Gand partner and rip of his ammonia containing helmet. Then he turned to 4-LOM's way, came closer, bent over and then it was over.

-"But that is where you are wrong."

Just as Slave IV took of the second moon of Yavin. The same ship that followed him to Jubilar appeared. It was Jerfol Nizc. As Slave IV identified the ship to Fett. Fool does he think he can kill Boba Fett the most ifomus Bounty Hunter in the GALAXY.

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