Boba Fett Fan Fiction

The Great Battle: Part 2

As the battle for the force continues, Boba Fett and Mara Jade come near to the last stages of the battle that has been long awaited.

Written by Sir Pumpkin Longshanks

Published a while back (before we were tracking it) • Updated • Approximate reading time: 15 minutes (3,186 words)
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As Boba Fett lifted his blaster rifle high in the air, millions of thoughts raced mercilessly through his mind. This extra training... he was almost humiliated. He had failed to destroy Mara Jade Skywalker at first. He couldn't feel humiliated though, that was one of the things that he had wiped from himself. He had stripped himself of all emotions, good or bad; he had turned himself into a true bounty hunter, ready for anything. Even the bloodiest battles. The driest well. The bottomless pit. Death.

There was a quick scream as Boba Fett pulled the trigger of his blaster, aimed perfectly at its target. A Terrelian woman, transmitting secret Rebellion messages through space. It didn't really matter which side she was on though. If she was a Imperial Trooper or Darth Vader, Fett would've done the same. Anything to get the job done. Anything. Even the worst of fates.

That was a trait that most others admired in Boba Fett, but he had no time to admire it. That was the reason why most people hired scum like Fett to do their jobs. No matter what it took, no matter what the risk, he would always get the job done. That was supposed to be something that any bounty hunter would do, but apparently in this time, bounty hunters stuck together and divided their money like the cowards they were.

Boba Fett pulled his lightsaber ( read "Great Battle, Part I" to find out how he got it ) out from beneath the stained and torn cloth over his right leg. Time to finish the job. He ignited the lightsaber in his right hand and slowly creeped to the door of a small hut, covered in ash. He stood in the shadows, or whatever was left of the shadows during the evening on Tatooine, and flattened out against the side of the hut, so as to avoid being seen. He held his lightsaber near his chest. If anyone noticed the lightsaber, they could quickly be disposed of by the blaster slung at Fett's left hand.

Someone walked out of the hut secretly, obviously trying to not be seen. Stealthily, Fett walked past the hut, avoiding all detection. He followed the man to the door of the cantina. The man was sweating constantly, and looking around him, as if he thought that he would be caught at any minute. The man reached for the handle of the door, but Fett jumped down and grabbed his hand. The man grasped his blaster tightly in his hand, but Boba Fett took notice of that quickly and knocked the J-2 rifle to the ground. Kicking the man in the thigh, Fett brought his lightsaber up into the air and sent it soaring through the man's chest. A painful scream filled the air and the man fell to the ground, eyes wide open. The man lay there in a bloody corpse, his dead gaze lying on Boba Fett.

As he retracted his lightsaber, and the light disappeared, Fett heard a shrill outbreak of evil laughter. Of course, he should of known it would come sooner or later when the job was finished. The sandy hills and desert appearance faded, and were replaced by the look of a cave. A deep, dark cave with blood-stained walls. In the center of the cave was a shining light. Brilliant but deadly, the light of the dark force broke into Boba Fett's gaze. The representation of the dark force was there, with no real embodiment. It was a scraped up, dirty, bloody skull surrounded by a beam of blood-red light.

"Good, good. You have passed the first test. But you are still not yet ready for the battle. At this very moment, young Mara Skywalker is training also. She possesses a great power, one that cannot be overlooked. But you can possess better skills. Not that you already don't, but I can improve them. So, are you ready for the next test?"

Mara Jade Skywalker stood in the bright light being shone upon her from in front of her. The true form of beauty stood before Mara. The woman that represented the light side of the force was shockingly pretty. More than pretty.. more than beautiful .... more than any words could describe. She was beyond all comprehension. But when Mara was finished with fixing up her style, she herself looked equally if not even more stunning than the woman before her.

Mara had let her orange hair fall loosely down, and had uncurled it, leaving it natural. It flowed freely through the air as the wind blew by. She had also been working on her body by the exercise she had been doing. Her hips were small, and her stomach muscles were strained, making her appear slender and slim. She was wearing jeans that went down slightly in a V-shape in the front, exposing the rest of her slim stomach. For a top, she wore a green, tight tanktop, showing even more of how slender and smooth she was by fitting tightly to her small, but strong, chest. Her arms were long and sleek like her face, and were also built up in just enough muscle to impress someone, but not enough to make them only look at your arms. Her face was beautiful. More than that, it was rich in the luxurious features that would make anyone go wild. Her eyes flashed a brilliant green, while her smile was somehow faint but extraordinarily vast. She was, no doubt, even more of an image of true beauty than any other woman.

Training was tough on Mara, but she didn't let that disturb her. A proper meal with the correct human nutrient needs was all that she needed before beginning her practise. But now her sessions were almost at an end. She had gone through a practise simulation of Boba Fett, and once or twice she had practised her moves on the woman of the light force. She was almost complete her second training. Although she had defeated Boba Fett in the first round, there was still another to go. And all that it took was a little bit of courage and strength to summit up to the peak of her mind, and she would be ready. Ready for anything.

Ever since she had heard her husband die because of Boba Fett's tactics, she had always held a strong field of hatred and revenge against Fett. That was why the woman of the light force wouldn't let Mara concentrate on Boba Fett. Hatred, oppression, fear.... all things that would lead to the dark side of the force. She knew.

Once, Mara Jade had been known as " The Emperor's Hand ". She used to be with the Empire and the dark force. She did anything that Emperor Palpatine bid her to do. Kill, save, torture. That was how she got her title: The Emperor's Hand.

"Mara Jade! You have been indulging yourself too greatly in your thoughts. Come now, your training must be completed."

Mara found herself in a simulation of a battle with a fully armed and ready Dark Trooper.

Dark Troopers were known well to Mara. They trained in the arts of the dark force, but were also taught natural gun-fire strategies and techniques. They worked under the power of the Empire, going against all the rebellion and all of the Jedi left after the dark invasion.

Mara waited for the trooper to make the first move. It pulled out its blaster from the holster slung at it's left leg, and aimed at Mara. She quickly pulled out and ignited her lightsaber, and, using a technique that Luke had taught her, she slashed off the end of the opponent's weapon before he could fire. The trooper quickly pulled out a lightsaber and slashed wildly at Mara. Skillfully deflecting every hit, Mara eventually found a pattern in the attacks. The trooper always slashed, defended, and attacked wildly, then started again. Then Mara came up with a plan. When the Dark Trooper started wildly slashing at her, she would put her plan to use. It made a quick thrust at Mara's stomach with its lightsaber. She jumped and slashed down just before it could defend itself. The trooper's body fell to the ground and disappeared. Immediately, the rest of the simulation died away with the trooper.

" Very good, Mara." the woman of the light force said " You have now only one training sequence left before you are ready again. But now you must eat. Come with me.

Boba Fett stood, feet planted to the ground. He couldn't move. If he did, he would undoubtedly be seen. Surrounding him was a simulation of another training mission, this time on Mos Eisley. He stayed in the shadows, blaster ready at his side. His lightsaber was ready in his hand, but he had not yet ignited it. This was a good precaution to keep from being seen. He had only just barely gotten away with it in his last training session.

A man walked by the tower, just missing the sight of Fett. He was a Trandoshan, like Cradossk and Bossk. Those two bounty hunters were related. Cradossk was Bossk's father. Fett knew Trandoshans well enough to say that they were never not angry. They always had some hidden rage deep inside of them. Like his last mission, and the mission before, the objective was still the same: seek and kill.

Boba Fett strolled silently behind the Trandoshan throughout the night, until they came to a certain place that was nothing but dirt and ashes. The Trandoshan kneeled down and started shuffling through the wreckage, obviously looking for something. Then it picked up Boba Fett's scent. Angry with itself for being discovered, the Trandoshan flipped backward and took a slash at Fett. Now it was no use hiding. With brilliant tactic, Boba Fett jumped backward and flipped to the side, triple diving through the air. His enemy was quick behind him, pulling out its P2 ion blaster.

Very advanced equipment Fett thought for such a foolish barve. Fett ignited his lightsaber and deflected the ion shots back, sending them hurling through the air at the Trandoshan. It moved out of the way just in time to send out another wave of ion pulses. Fett just barely dodged the pulse shots, and slashed down a pillar with his lightsaber. The pillar toppled and created a dust cloud, just large enough for Boba Fett to sneak behind the boulder where the Trandoshan was. Or should've been. Apparently, this Trandoshan was a smart enough opponent to know some of Fett's tactics. It had moved somewhere else while the dust cloud arose, too.

From behind Boba Fett, the Trandoshan screamed in rage and started firing rapidly. If the Trandoshan hadn't of screamed, he almost would've been dead meat. But lucky for Fett, Trandoshans always had trouble aiming anyways. He did a quadruple back flip through the air and landed behind his enemy. Then, with all his might, he jabbed the lightsaber through the stomach of his opponent. It's eyes widened with extreme rage, and it somehow tore free. Stomach bleeding madly, the Trandoshan screamed and took fifteen last blaster shots at Fett, then finally, slowly, it dropped to its knees, then flopped on its side into the dirt. It must've been really strong to repel the power of a lightsaber.

The whole scene faded away, and Fett found himself once more inside the cave.

" Good," the skull laughed " Very good indeed. You know now all that you need for the tactics of battle. All that matters in this battle is the death of Mara Jade. So go forth, and strike her down." In front of Boba Fett, a portal appeared. He recognised it as the one that had brought him into this cave after failing to kill Mara in his first attempt. He looked at the portal for no more than a moment, glanced back, then walked through.

A blinding light flashed into Boba Fett's eyes as he fell a fair way downwards out of the portal. The brilliance of the place around him was beyond comprehension. The peaks of the far off mountains and the light creating the ground... it was almost as though you were standing on a ball of light, except for the additional terrain of mountains and rocks. Well, this is it Fett thought Now I just have to wait for Mara.

Mara Jade had just completed her last mission. She was extremely energetic and ready for the battle. Her muscles tensed with every thought of what was coming up. Now she was finally ready. Ready for the battle. For the truth. The outcome of the force.

In front of Mara there stood the woman of the force, with her hands outstretched in a welcoming pose. " Mara, you have done well. Although I already had knowledge of how well trained you were in the arts of the force, you still exceeded my expectations. You have gone well beyond how well I thought you would do. I know that you are ready and I am confident that you will win this battle for us. Go forth, and shatter the armor of the dark lord. Strike him down and bring peace to our time. Bring balance to the force."

Immediately in front of Mara, a portal appeared. It was much more elaborate and beautiful than the one that Boba Fett had gone through. From the center of the portal shone a brilliant light, showing where she was going. Colorful swirls of water-like ripples emanated from the center of it, causing the light to triple its beauty and magnificence. Mara stepped into the portal without looking back, and the ripples in the portal drew outward, creating a show of sparkling light across the already lit room.

Mara stepped out of her portal with ease, and looked up. She saw Boba Fett, looking down at her from a peak of light. He jumped down smoothly, and looked Mara straight in the eyes. She turned away. That gaze she thought his cold gaze.

Everyone in the galaxy knew about Boba Fett's cold stare, emotionless and careless. He always knew something would happen his way. If anyone were to look beyond his helmet, through the eyes of that T-shaped visor, the gaze would doubtlessly be no different. Just a cold, emotionless, and still as ever. That was the reputation that Fett had made for himself. A man of no fears. No worries. No emotion.

Mara broke her eyes away from Boba Fett's gaze. It was too much. Too evil.

" I see," Fett said coldly " that you are not quite as powerful as may seem at first sight to some. You are a weakling. As weak as anyone else. Nothing but another coward come to face me in a hopeless game of death for you." He slowly nodded his head in a knowing sort of way. " Make it so."

Mara reached for her lightsaber at her side. Her hands closed around it tightly, grasping it and concentrating on it so that she would not resort to the hatred for Boba Fett. She couldn't concentrate on her hatred for him. She must stay come. Try. She looked back up into Boba Fett's eyes and did something that came as a surprise to Fett. She smiled. Pulling her lightsaber slowly from her leg, she smiled even wider. This was her chance.

Boba Fett was quick on the message. No more chit-chat. Time to get down to business. He grabbed his lightsaber and drew it out. The red beam shot out like a laser from a P2 cannon blaster.

Mara was no slower, she too pulled out her lightsaber from her lower pocket, and pressed down on the control. The blade of light flowed out from her lightsaber, and the brilliant green of it shone in Fett's eyes.

Boba Fett made the first move this time. He leaped forward and made a hard come-down on Mara's skull. She turned her lightsaber vertically and blocked it. When Fett dropped to the ground after completing his jump, Mara attempted to kick him down. He was too quick. Jumping upward, he sprang through the air in a triple-flip mode. Mara was confused on how to keep track of where Boba Fett was. Then he took out his blaster in his empty hand and charged it for a pulse blast of ion particles. Mara got into a position to block the shots, but they never came.

Fett was taking the ion pulse charge from the blaster and inserting it into the lightsaber. Soon, Fett's lightsaber shone even brighter, and it started truning a dark purple. Then it turned into a deep green, and back to its original color, red. The energy from his lightsaber could be felt for meters. The ion charge made his lightsaber heavy, and he sunk under the weight. Extreme strength was pumped through the lightsaber into Fett's arms, and he once more became powerful and over-ruling. Mara dived toward Boba Fett and clashed her lightsaber with his. The repulsive charge from Fett's lightsaber flung Mara back as soon as the lightsabers had touched. She slammed her head against the side of a rock, but focusing on her target, Mara remained unhurt. She observed the situation. What could she do? How could she possibly fight against something so powerful?

She didn't get enough time to think as Boba Fett ran toward her at extremely high speeds and clashed his lightsaber down on hers. The force of it even repelled Boba Fett a little bit, but it mostly had an effect on Mara. Her backbone was forced into the stone behind her, but from current excercises she had strengthened that bone. She looked up at Fett. What could she possibly do?

Boba Fett tried to slash violently at Mara again, but she rolled out of the way. Fett tried to dive his lightsaber straight into her chest, but she but she did a flip backward. Mercilessly, Fett's lightsaber came down on Mara again and again, causing her to back up with every step she took. Then he finally stopped. Mara tried to retaliate, but it was all too easy for Fett. He just held up his lightsaber and hers clashed with his. Once more, Mara flew back from the massive power of Boba Fett's lightsaber. But this time she didn't land. Apparently they were on the edge of an extremely tall and deep cliff. Just avoiding the fall, Mara's hand shot out immediately and grabbed hold of the ledge, not daring to let go. Mara looked down. Nothing but a straight fall into rocks and dirt. Pain all the way down.

Fett walked up to the ledge and looked down at Mara. She was barely hanging on, constantly re-gripping stone because other stones were falling out. He brought up his lightsaber in a position to slice away the rock that Mara was hanging on to. This was it. The final move.

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