Boba Fett Fan Fiction

Boba Fett vs. General Grievous

Boba Fett, the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter, and General Grievous, former separatist supreme leader and Jedi hunter, meet in Boba Fett vs. General Grievous.

Written by Billy Jacobs aka Avatar BillyJacobzz

Published Updated • Approximate reading time: 35 minutes (7,194 words)
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Act 1

Grand Moff Tarkin enters an imperial workshop, in the center of the room on a work table lies a suit of armour. Pieces of this armour had been cut off and separated, but the main  endoskeleton remained. The outside shell had been burnt to a crisp, but the inside limbs and key joints had been saved. There was a collection of old Jedi lightsabers that lay in a case off to the side of the worktable. "Where is the rest of him?" Tarkin said to an operator droid, " he is on the way sir" spoke to the droid in return. Two stormtroopers entered the room, carrying on a med pod, multiple organs all connected to more metal parts. It was the chest piece of this humanoid droid that they were trying to rebuild but like the rest of the parts, they were burnt. " See if he can be revived,  try everything  and then alert me" said Tarkin. The droids hooked these organs up to a machine and they brought over this metal head. It was a mechanical long skull with brains behind the armoured mask burnt up, like the rest of the body. It had audio receptors, a voice box, and the metal shell resembled a Kaleesh warrior. The droids peeled the armour off and left only the remains of the humanoid creature. They hooked him up and began to try to revitalize him, they sprayed bacata over the burn wounds and cut off what was beyond salvageable. They reattached limbs and they capped the limb ends with metal caps, Then moved what was left of this person into a bacta tank. They began work on his new armour, it was identical to his former shell, but this one was plated with imperial beskar. Mistakenly they only plated the beskar and cheaply put it onto the mechanized body. They waited patiently for him to awake, when finally his two bright yellow eyes shot open. He was back. Removing him from the tank, the droids attached his new limbs, maintaining the same look, but he was now made of beskar and was colored shiny silver. He stood from the table, as he coughed, "You couldn't fix that '' he said to the droid workers in a raspy voice. Then he got up as they put a cape over his back, he picked up the lightsaber case, and armed himself with all of them. The droids informed Tarkin he was alive, and he entered the room, "good work,  the empire now has a valuable asset back, welcome back General" said Tarkin. "Who are you?" the general spoke back. Tarkin smirked at him and the two walked down to the bridge as Tarkin informed him what had happened to the clone wars. When they arrived, another black caped figure stood before them, he turned to face the two. "Tarkin, I knew you wouldn't fail me. And look at you, welcome back General Grievous" Said Darth Vader. " Lord Vader, or should I say Skywalker" Grievous said as he coughed. Then Vader started to crush the cyborg leader with the force. " Anakin Skywalker is dead, he died with the republic." Vader said to Grievous. Then Grievous grabbed two of these sabers, ignited them and held them at Vader's throat. "You wouldn't want to end up like Dooku, now would you?" Grievous said as laughed. "Both of you drop it! The general's armour has beskar now Vader, so your force magic is ineffective." Tarkin said. Vader looked Grievous in his yellow eyes, " Do not underestimate the power of the force Tarkin, it is more powerful than any form of metal ''. Then Vader barged through Grievous and walked down the bridge and into his meditation chamber. "General, your first mission is to eliminate a small ex-clone squad, they are held up on Seelos, seeming to have gone into hiding but an imperial sharp shooter found them, but they aren't eliminated." Tarkin said. " I'm on it".  Grievous said as he headed toward the hangar to take a shuttle down to the planet.

Act 2

Grievous arrived on Seelos with a squad of stormtroopers. They landed and as they exited Grievous told his troopers to stay by the ship, he wanted to kill the targets himself. His anger burned deep and his lust for power grew bigger at every moment. Grievous was able to track the clone's location; they were kept up in an old AT-TE. It had seen better days, it was missing parts and had makeshift repairs, truly a mess. But the clones made it work. Grievous peered at them over a sand bank, he waited until they passed him then  stepped out and approached the walker with speed. His cape flew behind him as he ran and clung onto one of the back legs. Grievous analysed his situation, he heard distanced chatter from above him. He made his plan, and attacked. He drew a saber and sliced the left side front leg off, causing the walker to crash forward. The clones all rushed out of the AT-TE, as a dust cloud had consumed it. They all stumped to their feet, drawing their weapons. Then they saw a cloaked figure standing beyond the rubble. They drew their blasters. "Fire!" Commanded the Captain. As they unloaded on it, two lightsabers ignited and deflected back at the clones causing them to dive and take cover.  "What was that?" one of the clones asked. "You don't remember me" the figure said back, in his raspy voice.  "Its General Grievous" Replied the Captain, "Fire!" he cried again. Grievous stood far blocking all their blaster shots, sending them flying right back at the clones. They then all threw bombs out from their blockades, they landed right at Grievous's feet. He acted quickly and jumped up and over the bombs and landed right at the blockade where the clones were. Then as the bombs went off Grievous ignited his sabers, sending them piercing through the chests of two of the clones, killing them. Now only one remained. He stood and faced Grievous, his helmet had painted blue accents. "Ah, Captain Rex, glad to see you survived, but now, you will meet your fate." Grievous said as he coughed. Rex without responding drew both of his pistols and shot at Grievous, Grievous deflected most but one made it past him and it bounced off his beskar armour. "You can not run Captain" Grievous said again as he made his way to where Rex had run. "Yea, but I can hide." Rex said back as he jumped up and swung from a rope hanging off the walker. Instantly he kicked Grievous in the face then planted a bomb on his back. Rex rolled back and looked up at the General. Grievous began to chase him but the bomb went off and Grievous fell coughing harsher now he regained his balance, the beskar stood firm but some screws holding it onto him loosen, and his cape went up in flames.  "Not so easy Captain" Grievous said as he entered a rage. Swiping and swinging in sabers at Rex, as he tried to dodge every attack he jumped and rolled back. Then he threw a piece of scrap metal in the air and Grievous chopped it up, giving Rex enough time to shoot the last remaining post that was holding up the AT TE, it snapped and fell. Grievous jumped out just in time before getting crushed. Tacking Rex, grabbing him by his neck, Grievous stood back up. He held Rex above the ground, Rex dropped his blasters and now struggled to get free. Grievous stared Rex cold in his eyes, "Where are the others?" He muttered, "You're not getting anything from me." Rex spoke back. "Then you will die." Grievous said. "For the republic." Rex whispered as he attempted to get another bomb on Grievous. But Grievous acted quickly and snapped Rex's neck.  He then put his foot over the bomb as it went off, causing no damage. " The republic is dead." Grievous called out as he dropped Rex and put all his sabers away. He made his way back to the ship as he received a transmission from Tarkin, "Did you find out where the Batch is?" Said Tarkin. "No, they wouldn't speak". Grievous said back. "You've failed me today, when I thought you would succeed, perhaps Vader would have gotten it done, we should've sent him." Tarkin spoke as he disconnected. Grievous freaked out in a rage, as his stormtrooper squad came out to see what was happening, "Everything alright sir?" Said the Sergeant.  Grievous looked over at them. Ignited all his sabers and sliced the entire squad down, killing every last one of his own men. When he was done he retracted his blades, went aboard the ship and retreated back to a Star Destroyer. Still furious over his failure.
Boba Fett                                                                                                                                                                                                                          General Grievous

Act 3

When Grievous returned to the ship, he was met by Tarkin. "You're failure was of most disappointment, you lost your entire squad, while gaining no information, although you did kill those clones, the mission is still deemed a failure. I am being moved to oversee the construction of the Death Star, it is ready for me to board it now, so I will be leaving, and you will now be working with Grand Admiral Thrawn, per his request". Tarkin spoke to Grievous. Then Tarkin headed on his way to Death Star, while Grievous headed to the repair shop. When Grievous was done getting repairs he met Thrawn on the bridge.  "Grand Admiral, what's my next mission?" Grievous said. "It's an honor to meet you General, you are a huge asset to our Empire. I heard of your mission failure, perhaps with this new mission you will be able to prove your allegiance, but first if you're going to be working with me, we must catch up." said Thrawn. "Enough small talk, give me the mission" Grievous said. Then Admiral Thrawn told Grievous his mission was to go to Tatooine, and kill Jabba the Hutt. The crime lord had double crossed and betrayed their treaty with the Empire, and they were not giving second chances. Grievous stormed off the bridge after hearing his assignment, coughing menacingly as he made his way to his ship. He was going alone, as he did not want to bear access weight, and he knew how useless stormtroopers were. When he landed on Tatooine he was in range of Jabba's palace. As he made his way to the palace he threw a cape over his mechanical body, covering himself up and hiding his appearance. He also noticed a ship entering the planet's atmosphere, it was a Firespray-31-class attack craft, but it had been painted green and red, and had heavy modifications. He knew a ship of that caliber shouldn't be out on Tatooine, and made sure to stay alert for it. As he had made it to the doorstep of Jabba's palace. Jabba's gatekeeper droid came out from the wall and analysed Grievous, Grievous without hesitation grabbed and ripped the droid out from the wall and he threw it to the ground. He then took out two sabers and quickly cut a hole through the giant metal door. Once he had finished cutting it he kicked the hole out. Grievous jumped inside the palace and he was greeted by a swarm of Gamorrean guards.  They all had the spears drawn and pointed at Grievous, but he was not phased, Grievous grabbed and ignited two of his lightsabers. He cut off the ends of the guards' spears then attacked them, slicing them down like they were nothing, the pig-like guards all were dropped within seconds. But that was only the beginning, next up came more guards, some Gamorean, some were Jabba's personal guards, and also coming up to face Grievous  were two of the galaxy's most famed bounty hunters, Dengar, and Bossk. Both had their guns raised, ready to attack. Grievous stared at the hunters as he flicked off his cape and broke his arms into four, igniting all four of his sabers. A battle brewed inside the palace, as outside the Firespray attack cruiser landed. The door to the cargo hold opened, and walking down the ramp and onto the sands walked a man dressed in mandalorian armour. The green paint on the chest and helmet were chipped away, his armour was battle worn. He carried a EE-3 blaster and stood menacingly at the bottom of his ship. It was Boba Fett.

Act 4

Boba was on his way back to the palace to collect payment for one of his past bounties. As he flew down onto the sands he noticed an outsider approaching the front gate. He looked down and had to take a double take as he thought he saw an old sepertist droid from back during the clone wars. He put it past him but deep down he had an unsettling feeling, like death was near.

Back in the palace General Grievous viciously sliced through Jabba's guards, as Bossk and Dengar, two of the hunters that were also trying to defend Jabba, dodged and rolled away from his sabers, using their smart instincts to evade Grievous's relentless attacks. Grievous drove his way past countless other guards and hunters, the only two able to escape were Bossk and Dengar. They stood at the steps leading down to Jabba's throne "Don't try it, or your skull will be my new prized possession" Bossk said in his thick lizard voice. Grievous laughed at the hunters as he twirled his sabers around and turned two of them into spinning rapidly, hitting the dirt and spitting sand up into the air. Whilst his two others arms deflected the bounty hunters' shots. " We can't fire any explosives in here or the whole palace will fall, but it might be the only way to defeat him," Bossk said to Dengar. "If I can stick a small detonator to him it'll be enough to kill him and it wont blow everything up.  Cover me, I'll kill this hunk of scrap metal" Dengar replied back.  As he darted towards Grievous. Bossk threw a dioxide grenade and maintained heavy fire to disorient the General, and it worked as Grievous lost his bearings. Dengar slid on the ground aiming to slide between Grievous's legs he activated the bomb, and as he reached his arm out to plant the explosive a green saber swung low, decapitating Dengar and sending his head rolling on past Grievous. His body slumped over falling flat on the sand.  "Sorry about your partner," Grievous said as he chuckled. "He wasn't my partner, nor my friend, and you just made bounty hunting a lot easier," Bossk replied. "Too bad you won't be able to partake in hunting anymore" Grievous said back as he made his way closer to Bossk. Grievous threw his saber at Bossk, but Bossk duct and the saber went over his head. Grievous ran at Bossk and used his mechanized foot to kick Bossk, causing him to fly back and slam against the back wall, knocking him down hard.  Almost dead, Bossk regained his footing. "You're a tough one," Grievous said to Trandoshan. As Bossk had no reply for Grievous as he now with little strength left raised his weapon, getting ready to shoot Grievous ignited two sabers and in an upward motion cut both of Bossk's arms off.  Sending his limbs and gun across the room. Bossk's body fell to the ground, limp.
Grievous picked up his saber and headed down the steps and into the throne room. Just as he headed down, coming through the hole that Grievous had made earlier, was Boba Fett. He saw the carnage that was left by Grievous, he wasn't fazed. He saw what had become of Dengar, and saw Bossk's severed limbs lying on the sand. He heard some commotion coming from the throne room and drew his weapon, and headed down face off against what had done this.

Act 5

Boba walked down the steps slowly, ready to be ambushed; he had his gun drawn. When he got into Jabba's palace, he found more slaughtered guards, and Jabba's throne empty, not a single soul in sight. Boba inspected the room, and was able to identify a large set of footprints, whatever made these isn't a humanoid. The tracks resembled a metallic look, like a droid. Boba followed them in hopes of finding whoever made this mess, and to find Jabba. For he needed his number one client to be alive. Boba got to the lower level of the palace, only to find more dead, as he found three mutilated guards and Bib Fortuna, barely clinging onto life. "Boba, he has come for Jabba, find him before it's too late", Bib said to the bounty hunter. " Who's after Jabba?" Boba replied, "Grievous, General Grievous, I-i thought he died in the Clone wars, b-but somehow he's back". Bib scarcely told Boba. Boba looked up and down a long corridor, he knew where to find Grievous, and he was going to kill him before he found Jabba. Boba looked back at Fortuna, "sorry, but you're not going to recover from this one". Boba said as he raised his blaster to Bib's head, and pulled the trigger, ending his life. "I never liked that twi'lek" Boba muttered as he headed down to find Grievous.
Jabba slugged forward as fast as he could through his palace, trying desperately to make it to his shuttle. He was out of guards, and he was as slow as a snail, but still he pulled forward and he was now in sight of his shuttle. He raced towards it and as he approached it he heard a metallic laugh followed by a raspy cough. "Hello there, Hutt, you have double crossed the Empire for the last time, now you will die!" Grievous said
from the shadows. "Ah, so it's the Empire who's after me". Said Jabba(translated from Huttese), Grievous then leaped out from the dark abyss and scaled the wall running in by Jabba, he jumped and planted in front of the crime lord, igniting two sabers. He spoke again "say goodbye to your insignificant life". As he went to stab Jabba a small concussion rocket flew right by Jabba's head, landing and exploding like a flash bang. Knocking Grievous back, stunning him and causing him to grab his chest in pain. Grievous stood back up, the beskar plating held on but yet again the screws loosen. "You fool, you are no match for me!" Grievous said as he twirled his sabers around preparing for a fight. Boba responded with silence as he charged forward with his jetpack. He used his flamethrower to disorient Grievous then kicking in the face and then back further down the hallway. Grievous stumbled back up as he looked at Fett, he saw him standing tall, as he aimed his blaster straight at him. The comotion gave Jabba enough time to make an exit, heading to another ship that is stored at the palace. As Grievous stood back up he split his arms into four, igniting all four sabers in unison. Boba gave a side nod to Grievous as he began firing at him. The general deflected every shot as he moved forward slowly getting closer to Boba. Boba, noticing this, fired a storm of rockets towards Grievous.  When they hit, Grievous called out in pain, as now his armour was burnt and one of his Beskar plates fell off, showing his durasteel armour underneath. "So it's just plating, good to know." Said Boba to himself. Grievous, now furious, jumped forward and swiped at Fett. Boba quickly threw up his arms in the air, blocking Grievous's attack with his full armoured beskar gauntlets. But Grievous's attack was too powerful and Grievous pushed his sabers closer to Boba's head. Then Boba brought his arm around and down then he went to flamethrower Grievous but before he could, Grievous kicked him and pinned him to the wall. Grievous dropped Boba and he got up as Grievous went to swing at his head. Boba ducked and rolled under Grievous's arm and he then jetted away down the hall to a safe distance. He then stopped and fired a cable at Grievous, it twirled around Grievous and wrapped around his chest. Boba jetted up and down the tunnels, pulling Grievous behind him. Grievous struggled to get untangled in the cable, as he fought to escape and banged against the walls he had found himself victim to Boba Fett. Boba brought Grievous into the throne room; he tossed Grievous over the Rancor pit, Grievous was tied up, the cable had twisted and tied Grievous up, his limbs were all over the place and he could barely move. Boba then tossed the cable around a hook and pulled Grievous above the ground. Grievous tried vigorously to grab one of his sabers still hanging on his belt. Boba stood back and quickly reset and reloaded both his gauntlets, loading them back up with missiles and cables. Grievous finally grabbed and ignited his saber, cutting through the cable, setting him free. Grievous charged at Boba and tossed him against the far wall, Boba dropped his blaster when he was caught off guard. Grievous ran after Boba and threw him again only this time towards Jabba's throne, Boba bounced off the Throne and toppled through the trap door, sending Boba down into the Rancor pit. Grievous stood over the pit as he stared at Boba, "have fun bounty hunter" Grievous said as he coughed. Boba lay flat on the ground badly shaken up, as the cage door opened, letting the Rancor out. Grievous then headed up the stairs and back out onto the sands of Tatooine grabbing his cape and his dropped sabers, he was now going to go hunt down Jabba the Hutt.

Act 6

Grievous headed down to Jabba's shuttle, only to find that the Hutt had already climbed in and was beginning to take off. Grievous ran and jumped just as the ship took off, he landed on the front windshield and stared down Jabba as he began to punch the glass shield in. But Jabba wasn't gonna let Grievous get in as he hit a lever and sent the ship into light speed, sending Grievous to fall back onto the sand. Grievous looked up, " I'll see you soon, Hutt". He said as he looked down at a tracking beacon. He headed back to his ship, to track down, and kill Jabba, once and for all, so he could finally prove himself to the Empire.

Boba laid in the bottom of the Rancor pit, as he looked over at the giant gate opening, he heard the Rancor's roars from the shadows. He jumped to his feet as the gate opened fully, sending the Rancor after him; he acted quickly and jetpacked up towards the metal cage at the top of the pit. He hung onto the grate as he looked for a way to get it off. He reached into one of his pockets and grabbed out small sticky bombs, he planted four on each corner, then dropped down and as he fell he detonated them. The cage blew off  creating a hole for him to escape out of. He went jet out as he was caught by the Rancor, he was pulled down and thrown onto the ground, the Rancor charged at him as Boba jetted forward and rolled under his legs, he then planted another bomb on its back and he hid behind a pile of rocks and then he detonated this bomb. The Rancor roared in pain, in his anger he brought both of his giant hands crashing down on the pile of rocks Boba hid by, Boba jumped out just in time to miss being crushed. The Rancor saw Boba and grabbed him and picked him up to eat him, Boba's arms were pinned to his sides, he fought to get them free, as he got closer and closer to the jaws of the beast. Boba finally wiggled and pulled his left arm out and aimed it right into the Rancors mouth, he fired his flamethrower straight down the monster's throat, burning his mouth. The Rancor dropped Boba and grabbed at his mouth in pain, he was disoriented and hurt. Boba took the opportunity to fly up and out of the pit. When he got out he looked down at the beast as he whimpered in pain, Boba turned away, he grabbed his blaster and headed out to go find Grievous.
Grievous returned to his ship to find a shadowed figure leaning up against it. "You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?" said the figure. "You should have ran away while you still could". Grievous spoke back. "I'm no runner, I'm not you". Said the figure as he stepped out, revealing his yellow spacesuit, and his greenish skin, Bossk stood before Grievous, with two fully regrown arms. Grievous once again drew his sabers, and prepared for a fight, he ignited two sabers. As he went to go forward he saw out of the corner of his eye, something flying overhead, it was a mandalorian, he landed beside Bossk. "Fett, this is my kill, I get his sabers," Bossk said. "I'm only in it to get my payment from Jabba." Boba replied as he reached behind him and planted a small tracker on Grievous's ship. Grievous stared down both hunters, Bossk's tongue wagged out of his mouth as he hissed and smiled, and Boba stood still, waiting for Grievous to make a move. Grievous leaped high and both hunters rolled away, Grievous landed in between them, Boba shot at Grievous, getting his attention Grievous made his way toward Boba. Bossk ran behind Grievous and jumped on his back, he started ripping away at the beskar plating, making room for a bomb, Grievous detached his right arm and his third arm went and grabbed Bossk, and threw him aside, before Bossk got tossed aside he stole a saber off grievous's belt. Grievous moved at Boba faster now, Boba took to the sky and jetted backwards as he remained fire on Grievous. Bossk looked up at Boba and tossed him the saber, Boba caught it, he ignited it and dropped down and swung hard at Grievous, cutting off one of his hands and engaging in a duel with Grievous. Bossk used a cable he had and tossed it around grievous feet, tying him up at the ankles. Grievous was losing and his end was near, he then entered a state of rage. He only saw red, he could feel the force flow within him, this feeling was new to Grievous. He had never felt such power before, he snapped. He tossed a saber flying at Bossk, then he snapped the cable with his legs and kicked Boba back, he turned to face Bossk who had already been stabbed through the chest with a saber. Grievous pulled it out with force, "regrow this, scum" He said to Bossk as he decapitated the bounty hunter, just like he did Dengar. Grievous leaped over to Boba, he was shaken up but he had got to his feet. Grievous kicked Boba against his ship causing him to fall again. Grievous ignited a blade, and as he went to swing at Boba, he ignited his jetpack and he evaded the attack. Grievous swung and sliced into his ship, luckily for Grievous it wasn't too deep a swing, so it did minimal damage. Then Boba got to his feet and realizing he was out of gadgets he burst into the sky, knowing he could follow the General. Grievous exited the rage state, and he climbed aboard his ship, he punched in the coordinates to track Jabba, and blasted off. When Boba flew back to the Slave One, he punched in his own coordinates, from the tracker he put onto Grievous's ship. Boba now shot off to space, leaving Tatooine behind.

Act 7

Boba blasted into hyperspace and when he exited the jump space he saw Grievous flying by the atmosphere of Nal Hutta, the homeworld of the Hutts and the headquarters of the Hutt council. Boba sped up behind Grievous and opened fire with his twin blaster cannons. Grievous took fire and immediately barrel rolled downward toward the planet, Boba followed closely behind as Grievous twisted and turned to try to shake Boba. But Boba was a much more experienced pilot and he began to fire again; they were now in the planet's atmosphere as Grievous made a swift turn in an attempt to shake Boba again. Although Boba still followed, Grievous had jammed his sensors, preventing Boba from locking onto him and shooting him down. On the Soulless One two turrets came out from the sides of the ship, they rotated backwards and rapidly fired at Boba. The Slave One barrel rolled then pulled up flying above Grievous's ship. Grievous then sent a barrage of tracking missiles at Boba, in an attempt to dodge them all Boba had to retreat up and into the upper atmosphere. Meanwhile Grievous landed in a hidden cave, and  walked through a tunnel before entering a small hanger bay, he saw Jabba's getaway ship, and a few other small ships. He walked past statues of the Hutts, as he made his way to what looked like an entrance. Two Gamorrean guards stood before Grievous, "Out of my way you fools" Grievous said as grabbed both of them by their necks and crushed their throats. He continued down deeper into the cave, coughing menacingly.

Boba flew just out of the planet's atmosphere when he dropped a seismic charge, it dropped and exploded in a blue circle, taking out all of Grievous's missiles. Boba then flew back down onto the planet, and landed right outside the cave that Grievous landed in. When Boba found Grievous's ship, he sabotaged his engine to explode when overheated, or put into hyperdrive. Boba then ran into the cave as he had to catch Grievous, he saw the dead guards and knew Grievous was close. So he jetpacked down the tunnel with his blaster ready.
Grievous entered the Hutt council room, it was dark and only a few rays of light shot down into the room, there were torches lit around the councils desk and there sat all the Hutt crime lords, they were all stunned at the sight of Grievous, many of them were only there via hologram, so as soon as Grievous showed up they all disconnected and left. The ones that were there stood in shock, they sent their guards to spare them time as they ran, or slugged away. Jabba was there too, and before he could leave Grievous tossed a shock piece at him, stuck onto his tail and stunned him, holding him in place. "Why didn't I think of that earlier" Grievous remarked. The other Hutts left Jabba to die, knowing he would not make it out. Grievous made quick work of the council guards as he ripped them all to shreds and gruesomely dismantled them, he was done messing around. "Hello again, Jabba" Grievous said as he got uncomfortably close to the Hutt, he also pulled the shock piece off of Jabba and put it back onto his belt. "The Empire and us had good relations! What happened to our deal?" Jabba said back (translated from Hutt). "You disobeyed our deal, and double crossed us for the last time" Grievous spoke back louder. "Come on, I'm just doing business" Jabba said again. "So selling our information to the Rebellion is just Business now? Even for you, I know you know that's wrong". Grievous said as he backed away from Jabba. "I have a lot of power, maybe even more than the Empire! You kill me now, the bounty on your head will be so high, you'll never be able to go to a civilised star system ever again!" Jabba stated back.
Grievous laughed at Jabba as he ignited a saber and he ran to  strike down Jabba he jumped in the air and as he went to bring his saber down a cable flew by and latched around his wrist, pulling Grievous down and slamming him down on the ground. Boba Fett stood at the entrance of the council. Grievous swung lightsaber down and sliced the cable off his wrist and slammed his fist against one of the thrones in anger, "You're a pest, you're nothing! And you will die at my hands". Grievous said to Boba. Boba jet packed up and forward. Grievous tossed the shock piece back on Jabba " Don't think you can escape like last time Hutt" he said as he armed himself with his sabers. Boba was high above the ground and he shot his flamethrower down at Grievous and it started to slowly burn and melt his armour. Grievous called out in pain as he jumped up and through the flames as he was at the same height as Boba, he brought a saber down hard onto Boba but he blocked it with his gauntlet. Grievous then Kicked Boba hard and Boba fell back and to the ground. Grievous also landed on the ground as the two stared each other down from opposite sides of the room. Both ready for a fight.

Act 8

Boba and Grievous both charged at each other, Grievous brought his sabers down hard onto Boba, who quickly threw up his gauntlets to block. Boba kicked Grievous back and fired off a rocket barrage, they all hit their target, Grievous. When the dust settled he stood among the crater in which the rockets made, his beskar plating had mostly held strong but the bolts holding it onto him loosened causing more of it to fall off him. "So cheap, The Empire should have melted the Beskar to me!" Grievous yelled out as his plating fell to the floor, revealing his tan colored durasteel armour. Boba charged forward again, this time taking flight and using his flamethrower to drive Grievous backwards, Grievous twirled his lightsabers like a windmill in an attempt to fend off the flames, but he still had to move backward. Boba stopped shooting fire and Grievous lined his sabers up for an attack but Boba sent a flying knee into Grievous's head. When Boba landed he used his knee darts. They fired but Grievous deflected two of them but the other two got through and hit him right in the chest, causing extreme pain as his chest was now almost completely exposed. Boba fired a concussion rocket at Grievous to disorient him and while Grievous was fazed he freed Jabba from his shock collar. "Go. I'll finish him, and I better be getting paid triple for this." Boba said to Jabba. Boba turned to face Grievous but he had already fled back down the main entrance, in an attempt to intercept Jabba before he left the planet. Boba chased close behind, he wasn't going to let the fight leave this planet. Grievous claw rushed down the corridor and out onto the hanger bay. "Fancy seeing you here again HUTT" Grievous said to Jabba. Grievous knew Boba would be close so he wasted no time and threw a lightsaber across the room at Jabba. As it flew a cable tied around it all it pulled in the opposite direction, the saber was caught by Boba Fett.

Grievous turned to Fett as he drew his blades, with no words spoken Grievous jumped at Boba and the two engaged in a duel. Boba knew he was far outmatched, but he used his Jetpack and his flamethrower to ward off Grievous. The duel raged on throughout the hangar, Grievous noticed that Boba was slowing down, and relying more on his Jetpack, Grievous had the upper hand as he dueled Boba into a corner. Boba noticed a second too late that he was cornered, he had no escape. He thought of the only thing he could do. He shot off his jetpack missile. The missile flew over Grievous's head and exploded on the roof of the cave, causing the roof to come crashing down. Grievous leaped and rolled out of the way of the giant rocks that would have crushed him. Him and Boba both stared at the caves roof, it was all shaking now, there were loud rumbling noises as all the sudden more pieces of the roof started to fall, crashing down onto the ships inside. Boba jetted forward and towards the exit but when he passed over Grievous he jumped up and grabbed onto his jetpack, taking them both down. Grievous rose back up first and he ripped at Boba's jetpack, tearing it off and he threw it back at the opposite end of the cave, falling debris crushed it, giving Boba no quick escape. Grievous looked up and saw he had to run to catch the fleeing Hutt.  so he turned from Boba and ran back through the tunnel, back to his ship. Boba chased him down, when Grievous arrived at the spot where he had parked, Jabba had already climbed aboard his ship and was taking off. Boba got there in time to see Jabba fly away and just as he went to put it into hyperdrive, The ship blew up, killing Jabba. Boba witnessed Jabba's death and turned to himself, he planted those bombs, but Grievous drove him to that point. Boba ignited his lightsaber he stole off Grievous. "When I kill you I'm gonna sell your spare parts back to the Empire, and make double." Boba said in anger. Grievous laughed back "the last person who said that to me didn't end up so well". The cave they were in was now also also collapsing, they engaged in a duel, Boba started striking hard at Grievous but quickly getting outmatched by the more superior duelist. Grievous used his three arms to his advantage but unlucky for him Boba had beskar armour and he used his flamethrower everytime he got too close. Still,  Grievous moved Boba back. Now Boba had to do something as he was going to die if he didn't, he tried to burn Grievous with his flamethrower but whenever he used it Grievous would back off and evade around it. But he had a plan, he went on the offensive and took a hard swing at Grievous, his attack missed and Grievous swung back and left an exposed chest area. Boba blocked the attack with his gauntlet and used his saber to chop off part of Grievous's arm. Boba then went to stab Grievous in his exposed chest. Grievous used his two remaining arms to block the attack and kick Boba back onto the ground. A giant boulder came falling aiming right for Boba, he rolled out of the way and stared back at Grievous as he ignited the green saber again. When Grievous saw Boba escape again, he snapped, he had had to kill Boba. He saw red again. He felt enraged that he couldn't kill some run of the mill bounty hunter, he ran forward and barraged Boba with attacks Boba was barely able to hold on. Grievous swung his sabers so fast all Boba could see was flashes of green and blue. Grievous knew exactly what he was doing and he was in power. He swung at Boba's arm causing him to block it with his gauntlet, Grievous then brought his other saber down and cut off Boba's left arm. He kicked Boba back and he slammed into the side of Slave One. Boba looked down at his arm, blood poured from his wound but he had bigger problems, like Grievous who was charging at him. Boba in a last ditch effort shot his last concussion rocket at Grievous, it zipped by his sabers and exploded right in his chest plate, stunning Grievous. And temporarily paralyzing him. A rock then fell and landed on Grievous, crushing half his body and leaving the right side of his mechanical body mangled. He still limped on to kill Boba,despite his injuries he did not give up, with his one arm and he swung at Boba with all his power but when he did Boba had gotten to his feet and he dodged the attack as Grievous sluggishly attacked him. Then Boba raised his fist and finished off Grievous by blowing flames into his chest and burning his body. Grievous fell back in pain grabbing at his chest,he called out in despair but Boba tuned it out as he climbed aboard his ship gripping his arm The Slave One jetted off into space leaving this planet behind. As Boba was in hyperdive he sprayed bacta over his wound and put on a robotic hand, after staring at his new hand he engraved one onto it, before covering it with a new glove and gauntlet. He then looked out onto space, wondering who, or what would assume Jabba's palace.


                                                                                        Boba Fett  VS  General Grievous

Tatooine: Jabba's Palace. A hooded figure walked down the steps, the Palace had been overrun by Jabba's followers that all killed each other for the Throne. The figure walked right to the throne, he force choked the scum that sat atop it. When he died the figure sat upon the throne. He called someone via hologram, "See Qi'Ra, sometimes things just work themselves out, and we get to reap the rewards. Bring in everyone, it's our time to step out of the shadows'' He said. He then pulled down his hood, revealing his horned head and his black and red tattooed face, it was Maul.

Back on Nal Hutta, Grievous crawled out the cave and into the sun. He used his last intact arm to spray bacta onto his burns, he then sent out a distress call to the Empire, as he collapsed and passed out, filled with hatred toward the bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Written and Edited By: Owen Desrosiers

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