Boba Fett Fan Fiction

Part 2 - Stripped

Part 2 follows up after Boba escapes the Sarlacc.

Written by Avatar KotaFett

Published Updated • Approximate reading time: 3 minutes (699 words)
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Boba lays unconscious on the Dune sea...

Coming out of the horizon is a stranger who is scavenging the scattered remains of Jabbas sail barge.

The bandaged man walks up to Boba and strips him of his armor, disappearing into the desert dunes with his new found treasure.

The twin suns rise as do the tusken raiders after all the commotion they want to see what value they can find in the scattered remains of the Khetanna. Instead they find an unconscious man barely holding on to life and smells worse than Hutt excrement. They load his body onto a bantha go about shifting though the remains before the Jawas strip it all.

Boba awakens and instantly goes into a full on rampage not having any of his bearings or even knowing where he is. The tuskens try to calm him but end up having to knock him unconscious and restrain him. Coming out of his Sarlacc induced madness, Boba saw a tusken offering a black melon type of fruit.

Boba has seen many things but this is new, the tusken shows him how to get to the bitter juice which is a luxury out in the scorching dune sea.

Boba drinks and try’s to collect his thoughts, he ask about his armor and is pissed off the last parts of his father had been stolen, not to mention this being after he had fought through hell and back to stay alive. Boba slowly learns to communicate with the members of the tribe and know nothing of mandalorian armor. Fire burns in his chest that had not burned this hot before. Boba Fett is not man you want to piss off and the thief will soon learn that.

The restraints are removed and immediately Boba try’s to set out on his journey but is instantly overwhelmed with sickness and passes out from the many poisons still in his body from the Sarlacc.

The tuskens place him back in bed careful with his body, which being careful is something many would not associate with tuskens. There people are split and divided much like that mandalorians but some tribes act with honor and respect lead by their Chief and Chieftainess. This clan just wanted to live and nurture the areas around them, train the young and would help those in need.

Red leach like creatures crawl and latch into Bobas body, they feed on blood but the particular poisons that the Sarlacc excretes are the beginning and end for the creatures. The poisons will fertilize the eggs within but will kill the host in the process breaking down the body for the young to feed on.

Boba wakes, fever and anger run rampant though his body and now nausea from dead worm like creatures all over his body. Weakness had never been an issue and if it was it was dealt with in a cold and calculated manner. He silently stares off into the sandy dunes, Boba has not felt this helpless since his father died.Would Jango be proud of the reputation and legacy he’s achieved, staying solo and not forming a relationship with the mandalorian people like Jango had.

Jango would always tell him that everything cumulates into Boba being the new Mand'alor.

Jango could lead the Mandalorian people from the grave but Boba never got the chance to be indoctrinated in the mandalorian ways other than what his father and Jasters holograms had taught him.

Many denounced him for wearing the armor but his reputation, demeanor and bloodline make him more mandalor than those who argue politics while their people divide, starve and slaughter one another like the empire wasn’t doing a good enough job of that.

As isolated as Boba kept himself he always had his armor, he rarely took it off and without it he feels like a pod racer with no pod.

This yields proof of the dependency he has placed on his armor, is Boba Fett just the armor and the tech, does the man inside count?

He escaped the Sarlacc, something never done before and denied the sandy sea of death to claim him there’s more to the man than the T shaped visor and soon the galaxy would know he is the best hunter with or without the armor...

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