Boba Fett Fan Fiction


The two greatest hunters in the universe....who will win?

Written by Dary D. Braithwaite

Published a while back (before we were tracking it) • Updated • Approximate reading time: 12 minutes (2,536 words)
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Slave 1 set down on Myrkr, former base of operations for the smuggler Talon Karrade, but Boba fett wasn't there to collect some ysalamiri, the rodent-like creatures that are known to block force user's powers, no, Fett could handle Jedi and others like them. Fett was after a group of pirates who had kidnaped the daughter of the small time criminal Lonay. The Twi'lek, who had been a member of Black Sun before Xizors demise but since has turned his had to more...down to earth crminal activities, Cioya his daughter was the only thing, apart from credits, he truely loved, the 50,000 credit reward was testement to that. The pirates hijacked her transport in the hope they could squeeze all his credits from him, they hadn't counted on the Twi'lek hiring Fett...this would be their downfall. these Pirates weren't stupid, there was a sensor blanket surrounding their camp and a large radius from it, which ment he had to land a distance away, that was a minor inconvienien! ce. Fett strode out of his ship..looked around him, seeing nothing but deep thick jungle, one sequence of code from his wrist gauintlet powered the ship down,. Boba Fett had landed.

Fett reached the base quicker than even he estimated, what he saw wasn't the what he had expected either, there was no-one in sight, he strode out into the clearing, that was when he noticed all the blood..puddles of blood everywere dotting the grass and mud with red(or whatever colour of the wounded or dead creature had) there were also weapons near the blood, but no bodies. Fett cautiously made his way to the main complex. More of the same....then when he entered the main seeping area, he found the bodies(at leasyt some of them) skinned and hung from the ceiling. there was shouting, almost crying coming from down the corridor. there he found Cioya, huddled in a corner of a rusted cell.

"did my father send you?" she asked tearfully, "yes Lonay set me here to retrieve you" he then fired at the lock with his blaster, then swung the cell door open, she gingerly steped out of the cell.

"what happened here?" he asked, "I do not know whatever attacked hem could not be seen, like a ghost", fett dismissed her last comment there had to be a reason for this, a logical one. They left the encampment, unaware they were being watched....

"Can't we stop for a rest" Cioya shouted to Fett, who was moving a pace too fast for her "If you must, but only for a short period", she gratefully sat on a fallen log, sweeping her lekku, or headtails, behind her shoulders.

"so youre the greatest bounty hunter there is huh, I've heard alot about you, to be honest, i expected you to be taller", "What makes you think..." fett stopped midsentence, he spotted what appeard to be three red dots on his chest, "get down!" he shouted , he then rolled to his side just before the energy bolt hit him.

The predator could not believe the reflexes of his prey, this would prove to be a challenge.

Fett tossed his blaster(which had been damaged in the blast) and gave Cioya a small device "this will help you locate my ship...go..go now, I'll divert attention from you, "but..." she stammered

"GO!!!!" Fett shouted as he fired his wrist mounted rocket in the general direction where the shot origionated from then ran into the undergrowth.

The rocket caught the Predator off guard. The rocket itself missed and impacted the neighbouring tree, the resulting explosion throwing the Predator to the floor below. The creature heaved itself up from the floor, energy lances running all over its body as the damaged cloaking device struggled for life. The figure stood becoming completely visible against the floral backdrop, showing biomechanical armour and two huge blades extending from its right hand. Letting out a primal roar, the Predator began its pursuit of the bounty hunter, of what was now its prey, completely disregarding the other life form which had retreated into the jungle.

Fett glanced back to see if he was being pursued, what he saw chasing him was unlike anything he had faced before. The creature was tall and muscular, armed to the teeth with powerful looking weapons. Fett new immediately, this was not going to be easy.

The Predator was almost within arms reach when Fett fired his rocket pack, sending all his momentum high into the air and back the way he came. Cutting the burst, Fett dropped himself down behind the Predator whilst unsheathing a viroblade from one of his utility pockets. Lunging forward with the viroblade extended out in front of his body, Fett attacked this mysterious creature. The blade scored a deep hole in the creatures mechanical armour piercing through to score a minor wound on the Predator. Letting out a deafening roar of pain, the Predator spun bringing his wrist blades in an upward arc, striking Fett across the chest and throwing him across the ground into the overgrowth that surrounded them. Fett sat up trying to shake the dazed feeling from his head, feeling the grooves of where the razor sharp pieces of metal had sliced his Mandalorian armour. Luckily the material was very strong, and prevented the blades from slicing Fett into two. Standing u! p, Fett began to move back towards the Predator, stepping slowly first of all before launching himself into an all out charge at the large creature. Fett launched fist after fist at the creatures abdomen, reducing his opponent to the same height before bringing his right fist up in a strong upper cut into the throat of the Predator, dropping it to the floor with a resounding thud.

The Predator lay motionless on the floor, so Fett cautiously walked over and dropped to one knee by its side. Looking down into the eyes of his foe, he whispered unemotionally, "What are you?"

Silence fell, only Fett's breath could be heard over the sound of distant wildlife. Fett picked his head up and looked around to see if there were any more immediate dangers in the vicinity. Until he heard a sound come from his attacker.

"What the hell are you?" came across slowly and mechanically followed by what sounded like a snarl from the Predator. The powerful arm of the alien struck up from the ground with lightning speed finding its hand resting on the throat of the bounty hunter before lifting him off the floor and tossing him over into a nearby tree.

Fett shook himself and stood up, once again to find himself in the vice like grip of the Predator. Fett struggled against the huge hands of the alien hunter but was once again thrown across the clearing into a thick tree trunk. Again pulling himself to his feet Fett staggered, trying to gain his balance long enough to take the fight back to the superior being. As Fett looked back towards the Predator, he saw the energy buildup within the shoulder mounted blaster, and immediately made a diving roll off to his left, just as the energy blast lanced through the space he was occupying, reducing the tree to charcoal.

Fett began a tactical retreat into the jungle overgrowth hoping that it would provide him with some cover. As he ran, he found himself at the edge of a canyon, with steep white walls and a small river meandering through the middle. He heard energy blasts coming closer and closer, so he knew his only option was to get to the other side. The only concern crossing the Bounty Hunters mind was whether the rocket pack had been damaged in the skirmish that had already taken place, but he had no choice but to put his faith in it. Taking a small run up to the edge, Fett launched himself up into the air, immediately lighting his rockets hurtling him into the air towards the relative safety of the opposite side. The rocket pack coughed as it carried Fett across the canyon, until his feet were safely back on the jungle floor the other side. Fett turned to see if the Predator was following but couldn't see anything, no movement from the jungle at all. Fett listened intently to see if the wind would carry any sound to give away the Predator's position, but all he heard was a whistling which was slightly getting louder. Fett spotted the source of the sound, a spear like projectile which was hurtling towards him at tremendous speed. The bounty hunter had little time to react, he turned his body away from the incoming spear, but still managed to take a slight hit, tearing through the armour and biting away at part of his arm. But he still had functionality, the injury would have to wait. Finally Fett saw the hunter as it launching itself into the air in an attempt to jump the canyon. Surely the mysterious warrior could not make such a jump, indeed it couldn't, as Fett watched the Predator begin to lose height and begin the plummet towards the ground below. The Mandalorian leaned over the cliff edge, not only to see the Predator still alive, but also scaling the rock face with the aid of a grappling hook which had sunk into the porous rock. Fett was playing a game of cat and mouse, as once again he launched himself towards the side of the canyon that he had started, hoping to put into action a plan that would help him prevail.

The Predator pulled itself onto the solid ground after its climb back up the rocks, but its prey was no where to be seen. It stood up straight and tall looking round, cycling through its modes of vision trying to track the smaller but nonetheless worthy adversary. It wasn't until he heard a shout from the direction he had come, that he managed to re establish visual contact with the hunted. He could see the Bounty Hunter waving him, challenging him from the other side, its sound wave sensors picking up a muffled message, which although difficult to decipher, was "Lets end this...NOW!" Crouching down into a hunters stance, the Predator once again activated its spear gun and stalked forward towards the canyon.

On the opposite side Fett stood in a martial fighting stance, presenting a small target and keeping himself as agile as possible. He watched as the Predator walked to the edge of the cliff, and crouch down scanning the area Fett was standing in.

"Come on!" Fett shouted taunting the hunter to commit himself to an attack that Fett planned to use against him. He saw the Predator once again taking aim with the spear gun, and immediately dived out of the way as another metre long projectile came screaming passed. But as Fett looked back towards where the monstrous creature was standing, all he saw was emptiness, except for a flock of birds that came racing out of the trees. Fett glanced to his side, checking that the explosive charge was still attached to the large tree, hoping that he could use his intuition to outfight the immense hunter that was stalking him. A snarl came from the overgrowth, alerting Fett to the presence of this unknown warrior. The Mandalorian warrior dropped to one knee, visually scanning the area to find out exactly where the hunter was, which direction he would strike from.

A loud rustle alerted Fett to a presence in the overgrowth behind him. But as he raised his blaster towards the oncoming noise, but let it drop again after a small animal sprinted out the flora and past Fett. The bounty hunter again turned back towards the canyon, but this time heard something flying through the air towards him. As he rotated his upper body towards it, the Predator tackled him sending Fett sprawling across the floor back towards the edge of the precipice that was the canyon. The Predator sprinted after the smaller being, getting ready to make the killing blow and collect the well-deserved trophy. As the huge alien lurched forward an explosion rocked the ground tumbling the giant to the floor, followed by the huge tree the explosive charge had been attached to. Fett slowly limped his way over, his fingers still lying on the control panel on his gauntlet, watching as the tree trunk moved very slightly as the powerful hunter attempted to free itself. The tree began to roll, but dropped again across the lower half of the Predators body, releasing yet another scream of anguish into the jungle. Fett stood over his fallen opponent, gazing down into the helmets visor, but this time watching for a surprise attack from a bloodied arm.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Fett reached down behind the helmet of this warrior and released the locking mechanisms, releasing a vapour or what could only be the natural atmosphere for this creature. As the helmet came away, Fett gazed upon the true form of his opponent, a battle hardened face with 4 overlapping bicuspids protecting a further layer of sharp fang like teeth. There was still life in the eyes, but it was fading due to the damage caused by the tree and the fight with Boba Fett. The mouth of the alien parted and let out sounds of its own language before turning to its slightly damaged wrist computer and punching in a code. Four sets of lights appeared on the console, diminishing with each second that past, followed by a barely audible beep. It took the Mandalorian a few seconds to comprehend what was going on, but he soon realised that he was still in a lot of danger. The Predator's spear had embedded itself in the ground nearby and was the only weapon that was guaranteed to disable the destruct mechanism that had been activated. Fett heaved the heavy spear out of its resting place, and raised it above his head ready for the strike down to finish this confrontation. The Predator stared hard into Fett as he once again stood next to his fallen adversary "youre good, but..." Fett said, the spear came down with thunderous power, cutting straight through the armour and shoulder of the biomechanical combatant, shorting out the wrist computer and putting an end to the self-destruct count down he put a small beacon next to its head and walked away, just as he was about to step into the thick jungle again, he turned round and said "...I'm the BEST". Fett then pressed a button on his right gauntlet, his rear mounted missile flew from its housing straight in the air..then dipped..and headed straight for the beacon..straight for the predator. The last thing Fett heard before the explosion was a loud, earshattering scream that caused flocks of birds and animals to run from their hiding places.

Cioya was waiting outside Slave 1 when Fett staggered toward the ship, she ran towards him and offered to support him "I'll be fine..but theres one thing for certian".

"whats that" she said.

"it's going to cost your father extra" he said.

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