"I answer to a higher law." — Boba Fett, Mandalorian Armor

Man Behind the Mask

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     It was a bright day on Concord Down and the council members were at a standstill. It was an even tie between the six members and High Council Leader Gard was called to break it. The case before him was one he would not take lightly. Murders happened on Concord Down everyday, but never was there one like this. A prospering Journeyman Protector by the name of Jaster Mereel thought it best to dispose of a corrupt Procter instead of turning him in. Gard very much wanted to keep Mereel, but if he let him go then others would expect the same. He had reached his decision.

     Journeyman Protector Jaster Mereel sat in his cell awaiting the council's decision. Why the council decided to try him he didn't know. Mereel figured he had gotten rid of one less corrupt Protector and did the council a favor.

     "He had it coming," thought Mereel. As he walked up to the council Mereel thought about what he had said to the Protector who visited him. "They might have your life for this you know."

     "We all die." replied Mereel. True we do and if this was his day Mereel was going to go out with a bang. Then the council assembled and Mereel awaited his sentence.

     "Journeyman Protector Jaster Mereel, you have been found guilty of murder against another Protector. As punishment for your crime you are hereby-banished form Concord Down. All lands will be stripped as well as your title. You have until sundown to leave."

     "As you wish." replied Mereel.


     Jaster Mereel barely made the deadline, but in an old bulk cargo ship he fled Concord Down. "What will I do now?" thought Mereel. Maybe he would join up with some smugglers. No he was the law and he knew just how to enforce it. Mereel had heard about the Mandalore Warriors while he was on Concord Dawn. The men in the gray battle armor were recruiting new members on an asteroid in the Hoth
system. Or maybe he would become a Stormtrooper in the Empire? "What to choose." Thought Mereel.

     Mereel knew he should have went to the Hoth system instead of the Imperial Center. After months of training and pain Mereel became a Stormtrooper in the Empire's ranks. But after only a week of being one he chooses to leave. This was no easy task though, but Mereel pulled it off. Using stuffed Stormtrooper armor Mereel faked his death by having a supply container fall on the dummy. With that he was off to Hoth.

     Form the moment he landed Mereel knew this was where he belonged. All around were hopefuls who were out to win the respect of the Mandalorians. He was glad that they were still recruiting members. Mereel knew that only one of the two hundred recruits would be chosen and he would be one of them. After passing a test strength, skill, mind, and loyalty. Mereel was the only one left standing, next to him was the only other living but exhausted recruit. A young man by the name of Jodo Kast who almost made it, but didn't have what it took to be a Mandalorian. A mask figure walked up to him and delivered a blow aimed right at his head. Mereel easily dodged the punch and flipped over the warrior. "Good, very good." said one of the warriors. All Mereel could do was smile.

     Mereel soon became a secret soldier of the Mandalorians and then an assassin and finally the day came when he was given his own set of Mandalorian Combat Armor. The leader of the Mandalorians (who's name was unknown to Mereel) bestowed upon him a new name of honor. Jaster Mereel was renamed Warrior Boba Fett. Using new technology Fett added microbinoculars as well as other little toys to his impregnable helmet. Hidden in the armor was a blaster, small flamethrower, concussion grenades, concussion grenade launcher, a long flowing cape, and some braided wookie scalps he obtained on as earlier mission. Fett used the money he obtain from the Mandalorians (who were all but destroyed now due to the Clone Wars a year after he received his new name.) to buy a Kuyat Firespray ship he named Slave I. Now that the Mandalorians didn't need him Fett had to find a new career and he decided to become a bounty hunter in order to hunt down the scum of the galaxy.


     Fett's first job came from the leader of the Black Sun Prince Xizor. "Greetings Hunter Fett."

     "What is it you called me for." Fett replied.

     "Hmm," thought Xizor a man who is eager to serve. I shall have to pay him double. "I wish you to bring me Durga the Hutt, alive."

     "As you wish Prince Xizor."

     Alone in his ship Fett tried to think of a way to capture this bounty. He knew Hutts were very hard to kill and even harder to capture alive. But before he went after the Hutt he needed to stop to see an old friend. Boba Fett considered no one to be his friend except for a young scientist who always had new toys for him.

     "Greeting Fett."

     Boba Fett smiled to himself. "Greetings Logit."

     "I need something that will knock out a Hutt for a long time and a cage that cage that will hold one."

     "Well as long as you?re asking why don't I build you another ship." Logit said sarcastically.

     "Shut up and get to work." Fett said.

     "OK, OK I'm going but in the future try to have a sense of humor."

     Fett always did like Logit and under his helmet he smiled.

     While waiting for Logit to finish Boba Fett went to Nar Shaddaa to see where Durga was. As luck would have Durga was in his private townhouse visiting his son Jabba. Fett waited for Jabba's ship to leave because Fett knew that Jabba was not stupid and if he found out who captured his father; well Fett didn't want to think about it. He would worry about that later right now he had to talk to Durga the Hutt.

     "Greetings Durga."

     Greetings Boba Fett.

     "In basic if you don't mind."

     "All right." Durga said puzzled.

     "What brings you here Hunter Fett?"

     Boba Fett smiled. "I wanted to know if I can be of service to the Great Durga the Hutt."

     "I may have a job for you Fett." With this Durga smiled.

     Boba Fett knew that Durga suspected nothing and he in a way had sealed his own fate. Fett enjoyed the part he was playing very much and soon Durga would be in his grasp.

     "Don't you ever knock Fett?" Logit said.

     "No." Fett replied.

     "Is my gear ready yet?"

     "Yes, Yes it's ready now get out of before I blast you."

     "You wouldn't even reach your blaster and you'd be dead." Fett said

     "Hey, Hey old buddy, I'm just joking. I swear Boba Fett you have no sense of fun."

     "I don't need it."

     Boba Fett headed back to Durga's home. Logit had done very good this time. A shell no bigger then Fett's thumb had in it enough power to knock out a Hutt for two standard days. Even when the Hutt awoke they would be weak and helpless. The cage was made of the strongest durasteel and took up nearly all of Fett's cargo bay. Yes, this would be most fun indeed.

     "I have a job for you Fett." Durga said calmly.

     "Save it." Fett said

     And with that fired. The shell hit its mark and when the smoke cleared Durga lay on the floor alive, and out of it. Boba Fett used one of Durga's own droids to haul his body to Slave I and with that Boba Fett head for Coruscant.


     Durga laid before Xizor bound with Boba Fett's blaster right at his head. "I told you to stay away from Black Sun, but you didn't listen. So now you will pay the price for your stupidity." Durga tried to argue but to no avail. The last thing he heard before he felt a sharp blow to his head was Xizor cold voice.

     "To challenge Xizor is to lose."

     "Good work Boba Fett, I shall pay you double for your work." Xizor said with a smile.

     "I thank you Prince Xizor." And with that Fett headed for Lord Vader's castle. He had heard of a bounty for a rebel officer and it was quite high.


     Fett took the turbolift over to Darth Vader's castle. When he got there no castle was in sight. Boba Fett waited a few minutes and was about to leave when he heard footsteps behind him. In a reflex reaction he turned and fired. The blaster bolt headed strait for the man's heart, but was blocked with his hand. "Who are you?" Fett asked. The man stepped out of the light and the sight made Fett's skin crawl.

     "I am the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, and you my friend are lucky I am a forgiving man." He said coldly.

     "Damn, I had a feeling this would happen."

     With that Vader walked up to Fett.

     "I want you to find a rebel officer named Tal Compont." Vader said.

     "As you wish." Fett replied.


     Fett thought Vader would be happy he disintegrated the rebel scum, but he was wrong. It all happened so quickly. Fett had the man cornered and helpless when he drew a blaster. Fett was faster and the man was dead before he got one shot. Fett was lucky to still be alive and have money. Still he learned a lesson from working with Vader. Always capture your prey alive. Fett still was happy with the 500,000 credits Vader gave him and with that he was on his way to take a job with Jabba the Hutt. He found himself truly free and the galaxy has a big place with a lot of bounties. Boba Fett felt he was just the man to collect them to.

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  • Avatar timho rated this story and wrote this review on January 25, 2019:

    A long, time ago, on a planet called Concord Dawn, a Journeyman protector named Jaster Mereel was exiled for the murder of a corrupt fellow Journeyman. He sought out a new job, and trained hard to become a stormtrooper for the Empire – however, the Mandalorians are recruiting members – and a certain stormtrooper wants to try out. His skills bring him through the recruiting process…Jaster Mereel has died. Boba Fett has been born.

    In The Man Behind the Mask, Dively has found an excellent balance between action and detail. With incredible accuracy for most of Boba Fett’s past, we discover how Fett got his name and his armor. This novel provides an exciting yet interesting read that will make you want to read more of his writing.

    Even though it is fairly good, there are a few things that can use a bit of help: Dively should strive to stay in the same tense, and make new paragraphs when a new character is speaking. Also, he should try to use more variation in his verbs – he constantly uses the two words “thought” and “replied”. It gets boring after a while if you keep repeating the same words. Stretching out the plot a bit farther and not having everything happen too quickly would also improve the story. Last, but not least, when a character is speaking, he shouldn’t use quotations, but use italics, (not available on fan fiction).

    Otherwise, The Man Behind the Mask makes a light read for the afternoon. Dively should consider my points, and then he’ll be on his way to the Recommended Reading list in no time!


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