Memories of Kamino

An adult Boba Fett revisits Kamino.

Written by Melinda McMahonUpdated • Estimated reading time: 2 minutes (491 words) • Resize Font

Through the cold grey clouds of Kamino shone the lights of Slave I. It was a long time since the ship had visited the turbulent water world but Boba Fett had returned to the place of his origin. A faint sense of reminiscence touched Fett but no emotion touched his heart.

His father was long dead and a memory Boba Fett rarely thought about anymore. There was a time when vengeance had consumed his soul but Fett had overcome such useless emotions.

He had returned for one thing only. A special weapon his father had left behind on the planet over three decades ago.

Fett didn't bother signaling his arrival, the occupants of the planet would already know of his presence. They didn't worry too much about visitors. They had their own clone army to protect them.

As Slave I touched down the rain grew heavier. The hatch opened and Fett walked into the elements. Raindrops pinged off his armour as he walked towards the entrance doors. They opened, but no one came to greet Fett.

Boba Fett walked towards the quarters he had once shared with his father, Jango. It was as if no time had passed at all. Boba remembered every turn as if he had been there yesterday.

Reaching the doorway that led to his first home, Fett entered the unlock code and walked through the opening hatch. The room was exactly how Jango and he had left it. On the floor lay a small shirt that had once been Boba's. Fett bent down to pick it up. They had been in such a hurry to leave. A young Obi Wan Kenobi had been involved in that process.

Fett felt no contempt for Kenobi, he like the rest of the Jedi were long gone. Fett dropped the small shirt and went to the closet that Jango had stored his armour in, armour that had been very similar to Boba Fett's own. However Boba had modified his armour to suit him.

With his gloved hands Fett searched through the paperwork stashed on the shelves and found the plans for Jango's experimental detonator. In a small box Fett found the beginnings of the prototype Jango had been working on. It was far from finished but Boba had his own ideas on how to make it most effective.

As Boba turned to leave he noticed a 3D photograph of Jango and himself. Fett picked up the picture and brushed away the dust with his fingers. For a moment he studied the picture before sliding it into the pouch with the other treasures he'd collected.

Having got what he came for, Boba Fett paced back out to Slave I and took out the photo, placing it in a small console draw. As Fett ignited the engines, he realised that perhaps there was some small human element of him still alive. Fett brushed the thought aside and flew back into the vastness of space taking a small piece of his past with him.