Revenge of Boba Fett

The wind whipped across the desert of Tatooine, throwing large drifts of sand in every direction.

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The wind whipped across the desert of Tatooine, throwing large drifts of sand in every direction. Nearby was the gigantic Sarlacc Pit. There was a scraping noise coming from the gigantic pit. Also there was a voice from inside the pit. It sounded like somebody out of breath. The voice grew louder and louder. Soon a man was laying on the sand right near the Sarlacc Pit. The man stood up and was seriously injured. It was the bounty hunter known as Boba Fett.

The droid who had seen Boba Fett climb out of the gigantic pit was another bounty hunter called IG-88. The droid about six and a half feet tall called his boss at Mos Eisley. Soon Ket Maliss and his band of followers arrived where the injured Boba Fett laid. When Ket Maliss had taken boba Fett into what used to be Jaba the Hutt's palace they placed him in a metal cage with electrified bars.

Boba Fett was locked up for a month or two. One day while Han Solo was sneaking around he decided to have a look in the deserted palace. He saw a man in a large metal cage. He didn't know it was Boba Fett because Fett's armor was so badly damaged. Boba Fett called out "Please open this cage, I will join you in the battle against the Empire." Han was suprised that he knew that he was in the Rebel Alliance. Then Boba Fett said "I am Boba Fett the bounty hunter, but if you free me I swear I will join the Rebal Alliance, and hunt down all of the bounty hunters for the Empire, especially IG-88." Han thougth to himself if he should free Boba Fett from Ket Maliss. He finally came to a decision. He told Boba Fett "I am going to free you, but you can't be a bounty hunter anymore, you have to help the Rebel Alliance destroy the Empire, and if you betray us I will give you back to Ket Maliss, all right?" Boba Fett agreed to what Han had said and they headed to Mos Eisley to meet up with the others.

When Han Solo and Boba Fett walked into the large cantina. Chewbace spotted Boba Fett and started to yell at him. Han Said "Chewie, calm down he's with us now, he is a rebel like us." Chewbaca began to calm down. Han then walked over to Leia and told her that Boba Fett was on their side now. Soon Han told Lando the same thing. Han, Leia, Chewbaca, Lando, and Boba Fett were the only rebels on Tatooine at the time. All of the other rebels were on Yavin planning an attack mission against the Empire's new battle station the "Inferno." The remaining rebels on Tatooine would soon be heading to the Yavin System.

When they were all finished in the cantina they headed to the docking bay number sixteen. When they were aboard the Millenniun Falcon they blasted off in search of Boba Fett's ship the Slave 1.

When they found the Slave 1 they put a tracking device on it, just to make sure that Boba Fett wouldn't run away, and if he did they would be able to find him. When Boba Fett was in the Slave 1, and the others were in the Millennium Falcon they headed for the Yavin System home of the rebel base. Yavin wasn't very far from Tatooine so they didn't have to use the hyperdrive. Boba Fett keeping his promise to Solo and didn't run away, he stayed with them the whole trip to the Yavin System. When they all got to Yavin, Han Solo introduced Boba Fett to the rest of the Rebel Alliance. When all of the rebels were there they all walked into a mission room. Leia went to the front of the mission room and started to make a plan to destroy the Inferno.

The plan was that somebody would have to pose as an Imperial bounty hunter or as a Stormtrooper. When the spy was aboard they would shut down the deflector sheilds, after they the sheilds would be shut down the rebels would come and secretly pick up the spy. The rebels picked Boba Fett, because he was once a bounty hunter, and he would fit in with the other bounty hunters on the Inferno. Boba Fett said "I will do this if you all promise you won't destroy the Inferno while I am aboard." All the rebels aggred with Boba Fett. The rebels had plans of the Inferno so Boba Fett would know where the shield switches were. Soon Boba Fett got into the Slave 1, and headed out to where the Inferno was located. The Inferno wasen't a very powerful ship, but it had very tough armor, and sheilds.

Soon Boba Fett was aboard the Inferno. He posed as a normal bounty hunter for the Empire. None of the Stormtroopers could tell that he was a rebel. Soon Boba Fett was in the shield control room. He grabbed the levers that turned the shields off and pulled them toward himself. The sheilds were deactivated. While Boba Fett was walking back to the Slave 1 he spotted IG-88. He slowly followed IG-88 down the long halls of the Inferno. At the rigth moment Boba Fett tackled IG-88. Boba Fett threw IG- 88's blaster to the side. IG-88 threw Boba Fett off him and hit Boba Fett as hard as he could. IG-88 was pounding in Boba Fett. Then Boba Fett saw IG-88's blaster rigth next to him. Boba Fett picked up the blaster and shot IG-88.

Soon Boba Fett was back in the Slave 1. He flew back to Yavin to tell the rebels that he deactivated the sheilds. When the rebels got the news they set up an attack force. The attack force consisted of five X-Wings, four A-Wings, three Y-Wings and the Millennium Falcon. When the attack force was ready they headed for the gigantic Inferno. First the X-Wings attacked doing a good amount of damage to the Inferno. Soon the commander on the Inferno deployed a set of Tie Fighters. The A-Wings would have to fend off the Tie Fighters. While the A-Wings were fighting with the Tie Fighters the Y-Wings would have to attack. The three Y-Wings used proton torpedos on the Inferno. The torpedos did a lot of damage to the giant ship. The Inferno was almost finoshed off. Soon the Millennium Falcon flew over the Inferno destroying it with the final shot.

The rebels had done it again. All of the pilot's recieved medals for their efforts. Han Solo said "Even though I had the final shot, Boba Fett made it all possiable." All of the rebels cheered. Even Chewbaca became friends with Boba Fett. Boba Fett got what he wanted by killing IG-88. Now Boba Fett is a good friend of Han Solo, Leia, Chewbaca, Lando and all of the Rebel Alliance.


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