Boba Fett Fan Fiction

Lies and Betrayal: Part 3

Boba Fett mused a brief moment after narrating his Hunter's Journal.

Written by Jewel Atkins

Published a while back (before we were tracking it) • Updated • Approximate reading time: 20 minutes (4,042 words)
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Hunter's Log:

Getting the Talisman of Air is going to be an interesting challenge.

But I have to get it in order retrieve the Eye for Constantine.

It's in the New Bounty Hunter's Guild, unfortunately, the place is fully
active day and night, and not even I can stay undetected for very long.

Well, the best place to hide a letter is on the mantle.

And my contacts have provided me with a pass to get in via the main gate.

I'll stop by the New Bounty Hunter's Guild dressed as a Hunter Novice.
Which will be perfect; since Novices aren't allowed to speak on temple
grounds. After making my way in, I'll explore the place thoroughly.And
find the Talisman, although I don't want to be caught somewhere I
shouldn't be, or cause a scene, because as a new arrival I'll be the first
one they suspect if anything goes wrong.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett mused a brief moment after narrating his Hunter's Journal. That
was one of his most treasured items that nestled within his Mandalorian
helmet, sighed after thinking of what he's going up against. Infiltrating
the Guild? After I have already left them so long ago? I dread those days
still. But that was when I was a boy, after my father died in the Clone
Wars. Fett shook himself from his thoughts, and stuck to the most
important subject, getting the mission over and done with.

He was fatigued from traveling, working.Oh, just tired from everything,
and his neck was still aching from the scuffle with the zombie at the
Haunted Cathedral. Fett let his body relax and rest in his pilot's of
Slave 1. His thoughts and concerns melted away in minutes, his headache

A chill ran up his spine, sending the hairs on the back of his neck stand
straight. He gasped, suddenly finding himself truly alone from his
thoughts and reality. Where am I? Was the first question he asked himself;
it wasn't his thoughts or on his own will, his tongue simply found itself
pushing the words on his own.

The place was thick as porridge with trees and wilderness, he became tired
just trying to look among the forest to see his way through. A thick fog
floated just a foot tall above the ground: eerie luminous lights without a
source flowed through the dense, moist air as if they were ghosts. Fett
shivered, his heart pounded harder with every breath, he was cold as ice.
He began to walk, but could barely keep his balance; it was as if the
ground was like waves, unsteady and ever moving.

He wasn't in his armor, almost bare. What's happening to me? His arms
crossed one another, trying to stay warm from the harsh cold.

Then he saw a figure in hood and cloak dash quickly across the tress,
"Who's there?" Fett shakily said.But there was no answer; the figure just
stood, back facing him. He walked up to it, reaching his hand out to touch
it, but suddenly stopped, seeing that the figure turned to face him.

He was quickly pushed to the ground, gazing in to the face of death, but
also resembling a woman. Her claws dug in to his face and bare chest. Her
eyes hallow and black. Her face gray and dried, teeth sharp and gnashing
close enough to him, but not touching him. Fett rolled his eyes in vain,
trying to push the ancient woman off of him as she screamed in his face.
Her hair draped almost completely over her face, and tickling Fett's
chest. "You seek the All seeing one! Those who call themselves hunters
will raise their weapons against you. Make your way to the screaming
heads, and there you will find the elder and beholder of the magic, then
will you have the choice of power or destruction. Choose what is right,
deep within you, you will know! If the Dark Lord holds it, you will be
condemned in his hell; do not let that be true! You are the one to stop an
evil fate worse than death!" The demonic woman cried, and then collapsed
on him.

Boba Fett screamed aloud in the pilot's chair of Slave 1, unclipping the
straps of his seat belts, and ripping off his helmet to lie on the floor;
realizing he had woken from a horrible nightmare of curtains. He held his
sweat saturated head and sat there on the floor of his ship breathing
heavily. What happened to me? Fett thought, breathing in deeply, not able
to describe what had just happened to him.

He found a suitable uniform of a merciless bounty hunter that was an
unfortunate adversary in the past, and now found his clothing in to Fett's
wardrobe of his deceptions. It wasn't the most perfect thing, but it was
suitable. He put on the flight-suit, along with some bio-armor around his
chest, shoulders, and groin. There were numerous straps, pockets, and
belts, filled with concealed weapons of all kinds.

He walked to a nearby mirror, just down the hallway, where he decided to
make a perfect guise for his appearance. What to do.he thought examining
his own face to see what adjustments he had to do to make it a perfect

First, he started with a lightweight mask, to cover up his age, and to
make him look ten years younger, about twenty-two. The mask was so light,
that it was able to flow with his own feasibly, and breathable. Some
contacts were applied, and an eye-patch to give more of a scoundrel looks
to him. His hair was cut to a crop, but long enough to grease up and mat.
Lastly, he made a crooked grin, a thing he was not used to and had to do
it several times till he got the perfect touch. Then, did he return to his
pilots chair, and with a couple flips from a complicated panel, the ship
transformed in to it's own disguise; hiding its true identity.

Valinor. The remote planet hiding the New Bounty Hunter's Guild, and lead
by the one and only Cradossk, the last remaining after the debacle of the
Old Bounty Hunter's Guild. I guess they made some adjustments from last
time. Fett chuckled deeply to himself as the shadows of the hanging jungle
trees of the lush planet. He had never been here before, so his ship was
covered with roots, vines and tree branches of the wastelands.

Fett stepped outside, just a few kilometers of the grand temple of the
Guild. He double-checked his pouches, credentials, and made sure the
weaponry was working properly. Through the dense forest he trudged,
knocking down thick branches and vines along the way. What seemed hours of
repetitious work, he finally found his way to the sanctuary of the
inferior bounty hunters compared to his caliber.

Only one guard.that's visible anyway, I'm sure there's all kinds of armory
and protection just concealed in the jungle. Fett thought, examining the
surroundings of the main entrance. Fett walked cautiously, trying to get
at perfect act to match his annoying novice behavior. The guard got
some-what annoyed at even the meager sight of the novice, "Show your
credentials.Novice!" The guard ordered. The young man quickly snapped to
attention, "Oh, here!" The boy said, shuffling his way though his pockets
annoyingly and presenting his vouchers to the intimidating guard, wearily.
The guard snatched the papers from the boy, sending him recoiling slightly
as if the guard was going to hit him. The guard glanced up and down from
paper to novice shortly, then paused, examining the hunter that made him
uncomfortable. "Open the gates!" The guard hollered aloud. Immediately,
the gates unlocked and exposed the interior of the enormous cathedral-like
creation. The guard went back to his usual mannerism as though the
beginner never really appeared, humming a tune that the boy could not

He walked his way in to the building to gaze upon the gothic architecture
and symbolic styles of the New Bounty Hunter's Guild. The statuary was
magnificent and appalling; depicting historical events of past wars, or
busts of the founders of maybe the Old Guild. The towering buttresses
arched its way up like giant arms. Elegant dining halls, meeting rooms,
quarters, and especially barracks, decorated the corridors took the young
man's breath away.

The sound of noisy young bounty hunters and fellow novices drew the man
back to reality. "Hey!" A Gand named Zuckuss said, waving his hand in
front of the man's face annoyingly. The man winced back, trying to get the
bothersome insectoid away from his face. "Whoa?" He said, "Hey! The names
Zuckuss!" The Gand greeted excitedly, "you must be new, I never saw one
such as you here before."

"Name's Felix.Nice place you got here,"

"Isn't it? Hey, there's going to be a large banquet tonight in Lord
Cradossk's honor. I think all is to attend, and I'm sure he would love to
recognize you in to our fold."

Felix nodded his head. Then he noticed the shorter one looked up at his
patched eye. "How'd you hurt your eye?" Zuckuss asked, his fingers nearly
at the other's brow.

"A run in with some pirates."


All of the hunters assembled together in the large majestic-dining hall of
the New Bounty Hunter's Guild. There, Felix sat next to the throne like
space of Cradossk. All eyes gazed upon the new bounty hunter and the
"Lord" of the Guild as he honored Felix with anticipation. "All who come
and feast with us, I would like to recognize our newest Acolyte to this
powerful Guild." Cradossk boomed, although Felix paid no attention at all
to the on going over-flattering words of the "Lord." But had his attention
to the bounty hunter lurched over on the opposite side of the thick
polished wooden table. Bossk. The young Trandoshan that had a eternal
hatred against his father Cradossk for as long as anyone remembered; sat
snarling over at the new arrival with envious eyes, studying him like a
breeder would a dog. Felix felt troubling as he saw the quick movement of
the Trandoshan's nostrils flaring, and the fire-like gleam in his eyes,
his thick scales rising just barely, but more noticeable each second.

Finally, Felix's attention went back to the elder as he finished his
superfluous speech. ".Let us drink to his health!" The old Trandoshan
said. Everyone raised their cups like some sort of ritual and drank all in
unison.Except for Bossk, who simply kept staring at the novice, his
colossal talons wrapping around the goblet of his wine. Felix stared right
back, but every thing around them seemed to become distant and tinny, and
their eyes simply were locked on each other, locked like a hypnotize from

Later that evening, Felix sat in the dark corners of his quarters, the
Guild had offered one of their more exuberant chambers, but he knew that
one would be watched constantly under the vigilant eyes of security in
those rooms. There was a small desk, mirror, closet, and a large enough
bed to fit a tall man. The only light source was his lantern, which filled
the room up enough, except for the shoddy wooden door; hidden in the
darkness. Felix was a silhouette against the lantern's glow. He sat
writing a paper in the tongue of the Mandalorians. He was so wrapped in to
writing he had no idea of the figure in the room. Felix looked back in to
the mirror, but there was another standing next to him grinning crookedly
in the reflection. Felix gasped, but before anything else could squeeze
from his throat, the Trandoshan grabbed him by the neck and hit him
against the wall, tightening his grip on the other's maw. "Who do you
think I am?" The Trandoshan said his smile broadening uglier. ".Wha.What
do you.Want?" Felix squeezed, his eyes staring in to the blood red hatred
of the young Trandoshan. "Don't act stupid you fool!" Bossk said, lifting
the hunter off the ground and pressing him firmly against the wall. He
didn't wince or struggle, that would show a weakness, and result in his
death. Bossk snarled, then threw his head back in a loud, crackling laugh,
then gnashed his fangs in his face, making saliva spew all over Felix's

"Bossk!" A voice shouted. Bossk turned his head, his small ears falling
back in annoyance, and growled deeply seeing the one who entered the
doorway. "Cradossk!" Bossk hissed. Felix turned his head painfully to see
the old, yet strong Trandoshan growing red from his son Bossk.

"You stay out of this old man!"

"Shut it! I should have known my boy is misbehaving and needs a sitter!"

"I'm not your son!"

"Oh stop it!"

Felix's head became light, as Bossk squeezed his grip on him, and began
seeing black spots dancing around his view.

"Let him go Bossk!"

Bossk glanced back at Felix then dropped him. Felix hit the ground hard,
clutching his chest, swallowing air to fill his airsick lungs and crying
brain to get more.

"You had no-" Bossk was cut short.

"I had plenty of business, especially if my boys are in jeopardy."

"You!" Bossk clenched his hands in rage.

"Leave us!" Cradossk shouted at his son as if he was a dog. Bossk growled
deeper and left, stomping each step. But before he left he turned to look
at the coughing novice, and signified his business with him wasn't through
by pointing at him, then at his own eyes, then back at him. But before
Felix could get any more, the door closed and only Cradossk and he were
left. "Please don't mind Bossk." Cradossk said calmly.

"What? He nearly killed me if you had not showed up!" Felix said

"Exactly, just stay out of his way, and you'll live. His younger brothers
and sisters weren't so lucky."

Felix shook his head in disbelief, and with that, Cradossk left; his robes
trailing behind. Felix coughed lightly then got up, standing in silence.
He changed in to his bedclothes and went to bed but did not sleep right
away, for he still looked at the wooden door, the wooden door that anyone
could enter.

Early the next morning, the sunrays shone brightly through the tall
windows of the New Bounty Hunter's Guild. Felix had redressed and walked
his way through the hallways and large corridors of the Guild. He stopped
in front of a bust of a hunter they considered a hero. His hand went up
and touched the cold stone face of the statue. The expressionless eyes
looked through the boy's like a ghost. A moment of silence spread through
the room, which he stood. A chill ran through the man's body, and he
jerked his hand away. There was a voice that echoed in his mind of a young
boy.A Gand's.

"Felix?" It said. Felix shook his head and turned to look at Zuckuss
traversing in to the room. "Yes?" Felix sighed. "Are-are you alright?"
Zuckuss asked. But Felix did not answer. He walked over to an open window,
trying to forget Zuckuss had ever entered the room, and deeply inhaled the
hot jungle air of the planet Valinor. "Hey!" Zuckuss shouted, snapping
Felix back in to attention. "Yes." Felix sighed deeply again. Zuckuss
cocked his bulbous head to one side, "Have you seen Bossk this morning?"

"No I haven't, and I don't intend to either."

"I understand."

"Leave me kid, I want to be left alone to myself."


Felix went to what seemed daydreaming to Zuckuss but was actually plotting
his way into the holding place of the Talisman of Air. The perfect time
was at night, while everyone was asleep. But making sure Bossk wasn't
watching him, because right now Bossk wasn't seen at all by anyone, which
is unusual. And Cradossk had a strong reputation for conspiring behind
one's back, so Felix was on high alert to keep too much talk away from
Cradossk and his loathsome son as much as possible.

In the middle of the night, while the hunters were asleep and far from
killing each other, a shadow dashed across the darkened hallways of the
Guild's temple. It was as quick as lightening as it went across the
ceiling, then the floor, then back up again, moving in and out of the
waning of the moonlight, that peered through the dark clouds and curtains
of the fortress. Then there was the library, holding the old texts and
scriptures of the Guild's philosophies. The wooden door creaked open as a
dark figure dressed in back entered the room. A small light came from
within the figure and flashed on nearby tables and shelves. But there was
one that interested the shadow; a roll of papyrus sat on a table far in
the corner. The light brought it in to plain sight for the figure's eyes.
Then it vanished when he turned and left the room, the beam of light
shutting off with a simple click.

There was a switch that had to be pulled in order to gain access to the
shadow's destination. In the room of Cradossk; Lord and leader of the
hunter's organization held the figure's switch. Down the hallways again, a
shadow pranced across the rooms, avoiding any light or anyone searching
for the leader's room, but found no luck and barracks. But there was a
door, that towered above all others, alone in the darkness of the night.
The black form lurked his way to the door; a small shaft of light was
visible under the space of the door and the floor. The figure's eye looked
in to the keyhole and saw the shape of the leader, drinking himself
stupid. This won't be too hard. He thought, then began to open the door
delicately. It made a creak, and the shadow held his breath, but the
leader did not answer to it. He leaned forward, protruding a long arrow,
aiming it, then fired. It sprang out whizzing a loud cry of distraction
all the way to the other room, where it bounced, then rested, still
screaming loudly. Cradossk jumped up, spilling his liquor all over
himself. His fangs were saturated with the alcohol. "What the hell?"
shouted Cradossk, lumbering his drunken body over to the source. He picked
it up and snarled loudly, its weak wood snapping in his large hands. He
foamed at the mouth, but with the wine he intoxicated himself with
bubbled. He stumbled his way back in to his bedroom. The door stood open,
but no sign left of who ever disturbed him. Cradossk yelled, but fell back
down in to his puddle of wine that soaked in to the carpet.

The shadow dashed back across the hallways in confidence. Finally, he
entered a large shrine room, far off from any other that was in the whole
temple. It showed brightly, and luminous. The black cloaked man strode in
quietly, pulling off the hood from his face. It revealed Felix, smiling
broadly and assuredly. He walked over to the edge of the platform he stood
and gazed across to the other, where the Talisman of Air nestled. Oh
great, how am I supposed to get across now? Suddenly, a bridge opened out,
gaining access to the other side. He stepped on, but almost fell, but
quickly regained his balance. The bridge seemed to float and move like a
floating island. Interesting. He thought, looking at the ground below with
a grin. He jumped on to the other ledge, then walked his way to the
gateway of the Talisman of Air. But there was a force surrounding it like
a blanket. And if he were to touch it stupidly, he would be burned. But
there was that piece of paper still under his cloak. He pulled it out, and
read it aloud in the hieroglyphs of the Guild. And then did the field melt
away showing the Talisman in the open, beckoning him to take it. He swiped
the Talisman of its pedestal. But to his surprise, the alarms blared and
screamed aloud, turning on all lights, laminating the once dark corridors
to lightened hallways, and no protection. Felix jumped back on to the
hovering bridge and back in to the bright hallways. But instead of going
back through the suspected hallways he ventured in to the basement and

"Someone's stolen the sacred Talisman!" Cradossk screamed, still heavily
drunk but his yelling was too late, the others had already jumped out of
bed and were scurrying up and down the hallways, in and of doors looking
for the thief that had stolen the Talisman.

"You old idiot! The Council of Elders put you in charge, and look what
happens! The Bo'omarr cults are going to lynch you for this!" Bossk
growled fiercely, smacking his father across the face with tremendous
strength that sent him to the floor nursing his face to try fruitlessly to
stop the flow of blood. Bossk grabbed his father by the collar of his
robes. Cradossk gazed in horror as he saw the look of death and hatred in
his son's blood red eyes, scales furled in anger. "Th- they'll hang you
to!" Cradossk squeezed out. Bossk brought his talons up ferociously
powering his strength to kill his father. It cut deeply, and Cradossk
yelped in pain, then fell to the floor. When Bossk was convinced that his
father may have been dead, he turned to help the rest find the thief.
Bossk thought that the best place to start looking was Felix's chambers.
But when he got there, the room as empty, the lantern burning brightly,
and a note stuck just above the mirror. Bossk grabbed the flimsy note and

I knew you would find this out Bossk.You're smart, but not smart enough,
what a pity. Thanks for the Talisman; I'll be enjoying it.

Boba Fett.

Bossk sat there staring at the letter in disbelief, letting the blaring
sounds of the alarms ringing through his ears. Then he began to build
himself up for a temper tantrum, ripping the letter in to tiny pieces,
"FETT!" Bossk bellowed falling to his knees and banging the dirt floor
like a child. Then he stopped, breathing heavily, filled of blood and
phlegm. He knew the danger that was about to follow.

Fett was running fast, he was already out of the Guild, but still in
danger of being caught. He ran up a tall hill, naked from any trees or
covering in which to hide. The cold late autumn air of the night showed
its evidence of Fett's breathes being exposed, like steam from a boiling
pot. Far off in the distance he could see the dark silhouette of the
Bounty Hunter's Guild against the purple gray sky. His ears could still
faintly hear the alarms. Fett shivered and brought the hood back over his
face to offer protection from the bitter wind. Suddenly he felt different;
he looked at the frosted ground below him, and saw a small stream of light
flow through the grass, as if it were visible air. He looked back up at
the temple. Darkness in the shape of a large bird, perhaps a crow or raven
began to laminate the sky, growing bigger and wider. Darker, and more
ominous. The ground around him began to shake wildly, and Fett was thrown
off of his feet and slammed on to the ground hard. But he didn't have time
to recognize the pain; he kept on watching what was happening. And by this
time, the whole of Valinor seemed to be covered in the thick blackness of
death. He found himself looking up at the sky after the rumbling in the
ground had ceased to see solid snowflakes coming to the ground. He
returned his gaze back to the Guild, but could not see anything of it,
except a few lit windows of the building.

Fett panted, confused of what had happened, then ripped the light facial
mask, and eye-patch off in disgust. The lights from the building
vanished.What have I done? He thought, and then his consciousness was

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