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Bounty on the Jedi

It has been seven years since the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star.

Written by Luke Nye

Published a while back (before we were tracking it) • Updated • Approximate reading time: 8 minutes (1,621 words)
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It has been seven years since the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star. In the Imperial palace on Courscant in Luke Skywalker's quarters Luke and Mara Jade were planning an expedition to the planet of Nitha.

"Mara, we will be leaving in 2 hours, and don't forget your lightsaber and don't be late" Luke said

"Okay I will be ready, see you when we leave" Mara answered back to Luke.

"I will go and start to load the ship see you later"

"Hey, Luke sorry I am late" Mara yelled

"That's Okay, oh finally here come the droids"

"Why are you bringing them? Remember Myrkr and Jomark they slowed us down and kept complaining the whole way"

"Don't worry I bringing some repulsor lift trailers to hook onto the speeder bikes"

"Okay, well were is Han, Leia, and Cewbacca?"

"They are already in the ship"

"Okay then let's go"

As they strapped in the Millennium Falcon fired up the repulor lifts as they got into the atmosphere the falcon went into hyperspace and the stars turned into star lines.

It had been 6 days since they had left Courscant. They settled down slowly on the planet of Nithia.

"Not much clearing is there around here?" Mara commented.

"No, there is not. but we need to find a good spot for a Republic base"

As the ramp settled into the soft ground underneath the dark crimson grass of the alien world and all of the strange and interesting animals scattered as if someone had fired a gun or they heard the sound of a predidor.

"I don't think we will be able to drive the speeder bikes the trees are too close together," Mara pointed out.

"How are we going to get the droids and supplies around." Leia asked.

"I had already thought of that. I hooked an engine to the trailer an Artoo can control it." Luke said.

"Okay take out the trailer and lets get going," Han put in.

As they started off R2-D2 beeped a question.

"Sir, R2 asked if he will be to heavy for the trailer?" C-3PO added in quickly.

"No, Artoo I don't think you are too heavy," Luke laughed.

Off in the distance a ship left the atmosphere and went into hyperspace.

"I thought it was just natives here and they did not fly anywhere," Luke said .

Artoo whistled an ergent cry.

"Artoo says there is a large life form approaching off in the distance," C-3PO repeated after Artoo.

"Oh that is just great, Luke can you sense anything through the force?" Mara questioned.

"I think so Mara, It feels like it is a human. and he is heading this way."

Around the corner a shadowy hooded figure appeared around the corner.

"Who are you," Leia yelled.

"Wow, stop don't shoot I am unarmed," the stranger said as he jumped back.

"Who are you."

The stranger removed his hood and said "I am Jedi Onet Erlies of the Ardb species," Onet said.

"I thought Darth Vader killed most of the Jedi except Yoda, and the Emperor," Han said.

"He did not kill Obi-wan did he?"

"You knew Ben he was my teacher for a short time until Darth Vader killed him in a lightsaber battle," Luke said.

"Are you a Jedi Knight?"

"Yes, and so is Mara and my sister Leia," Luke said as he gestured toward them.

"If you will follow me I will lead you to my city."

"Are you sure about this kid? The last Jedi you followed about killed all of us," Han said.

"Yes I am sure. But with C'aboth I had a bad feeling about him," Luke said as he ran to catch up to the others before they had gotten to far away.

When they arrived at the arch to the city of Natio Luke noticed that the city was carved from beautiful marble that must have been at least three thousand years old and it was smooth with only a very few nicks in it and Luke had to turn because the glare off of the polished stone almost blinded him.

"Beautiful city," Luke commented as Onet had lead them into one of the tallest buildings in the city.

"You can stay in this lodge while you stay here," Onet said as he lead them to the counter to check in.

"We all thank you kindly sir," Threepio said.

When they arrived at the rooms Luke and Onet went into Luke's room Chewbacca led Han and Leia to their room and led Mara to her room.

"Did you have any Jedi Masters besides Ben?" Onet asked Luke.

"Yes, there was Yoda and an evil Jedi master that tried to turn me to the dark side Jorrus C'aboth," Luke replied.

In the morning Luke had Onet take him down to the data center. When they arrived the librarian droid approached them "How may I help you?"

"Will you get me information about this planet and this city please," Luke asked the droid.

"Yes sir. I will return shortly if you will have a seat."

"What do you want that information for," Onet said in disgust.

"I am supposed to collect information for the New Republic's data banks."

A few minutes later the droid reappeared through the small door it had left through with about 25 data pads. "Here you go sir the information you requested," the droid said as he set it on the table in front of Luke and Onet.

"Artoo come here and quit flirting with that other librarian droid and come over here and help me record these in to your data banks."

As Artoo came over he beeped a sad good-bye to the other droid.

"Luke come with me we will go on top of the tallest building in town and I will show you it is a great view" Onet told Luke

Later atop the building Luke looked out in awe with his microbinoculars.

"What the...That is Boba Fett's Slave I! How did he know we were here?" Luke yelled.

"Wow, calm down. Now who is this Boba Fett character," Onet said.

"He is only the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy, and you don't know who he is." Luke ran from the roof and yelled "I have to warn the others.

As Luke burst into Han and Leia's room he yelled "Get your self armed I just spotted BOBA FETT'S Slave I landing at the site about a mile away."

"Are you sure it was him," Leia said in astonishment.

That night Luke was talking to Mara in her room "Mara we better get to sleep if we have to running all day so see you later," Luke said.

"Luke, do you believe that Boba Fett followed us and is hunting us?" Mara asked.

"Why else would he be here? This planet was virtually unknown until one of the Republic's missions had to land here."

"That is all the more reason I think that maybe his base is on this planet."

"I did not think about that. Well good night see you in the morning."

Luke awoke when Mara shook him,"Luke, Luke wake up we've got to get out of here their are some stormtroopers asking about us around town."

Luke jumped up as he got dressed in a hurry Leia, Chewie, and Han ran into the room. "Okay every one lets go. Artoo you and Threepio stay here we will come pick you up when we get ready to leave," Han said.

They ran out of the lodge and behind a corner, "Do you know where he is Mara?" Leia asked.

"There he is," Luke said as he pointed down the street.

All of the sudden a blaster bolt flew across the street and hit a stormtrooper in the head and Boba Fett and the stormtroopers turned and started running towards them. "Han why did you shot if you didn't he might not of seen us?" Luke yelled.

"Sorry it was just an instinct," Han said as they stared to run down the street. As they ran closer to the canyon that was hidden behind buildings the street narrowed and the alleyways disappeared.

"Where are we supposed to go?" Mara yelled.

"Just keep going forward."

As they reached the end of the street they noticed the enormous canyon that stretched out in the distance. "I didn't know there was a canyon here."

"Okay every one you go off to the side and try to get them I will go out on that bridge and distract them."

Luke ran out on the bridge and pulled out his blaster and got it ready just as Boba Fett ran on the bridge and kicked the blaster out of Luke's hand and and it hit the bottom of the canyon with a thud. Boba Fett pulled his blaster out and Luke noticed a support beam under the bridge then just as Fett pulled the trigger Luke swung down and around the support beam and kicked Boba Fett off the bridge. When he fell he knocked his jet pack off and Boba Fett fell but before Luke could see what happened he ran to meet the others.

They loaded the droids into the small ship and flew to the Slave I and put explosive charges to the ship and as they flew out of sight to the Millennium Falcon they saw a enormous explosion.

The repuler lifts of the Falcon fired up and the ship flew out of the atmosphere into space,

"That is not the last of Boba Fett." Leia said with a slight laugh.

"You got that right." Luke said and the ship disappeared into hyperspace.

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  • Avatar timho rated this and wrote this review on January 25, 2019:

    Luke and his friends have gone to the planet of Nithia to find a good location for the construction of a New Republic base. However, on this seemingly simple journey, they meet a mysterious hooded Jedi that leads them to a lost Jedi city. This leads to an encounter with Boba Fett…are Fett’s skills enough to match a Jedi’s?

    An action-filled story with incredible description, Nye has composed an exciting addition to the Fan Club’s Fan Fiction section. Nye paints a crisp picture in the reader’s mind, and leads them off on a satisfying adventure through many locations. With a fast-paced plot, and very well described atmosphere, you must consider reading “Bounty on the Jedi”. Nye has certainy earned it…

    However, there are some things that could use some brushing up. Some of your sentences are excruciatingly long. To fix this, avoid using conjunctions such as “and” more than once in a sentence. Also, the plot was fast-paced too fast paced. After you read this story, you will know what I mean… build up your plot slowly, equalizing the amount of action with other content. What do I mean by building up a plot? Like building a series of houses, every “house” (action) must have a base.

    Also avoid referring to characters suddenly at first, the author gives the impression that only Luke and Mara Jade are onboard a ship, then when it lands, Han, Leia, C3PO, R2 are there. Like I said with the plot, build a base before going to anything else.

    Regardless of these minor errors, “Bounty on the Jedi” was a fairly good read.


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