Shadows of Yesterday

The woman's voice was muffled.

Written by K. R. KrishnaUpdated • Estimated reading time: 43 minutes (8,629 words) • Resize Font

The woman's voice was muffled. A brown flannel draped over
her shoulder, she held the little boy tightly as she whispered
soft words to him. Tears streamed down her flushed cheeks.
Pressing his cheek to hers, she again whispered and then turned
to face the boy, ruffling his tousled hair.

He reached out, and his tiny hands encircled her neck. A cloak
hung loosely at the boy's legs. It's owner knelt, taking the boy
in his arms. Then, enclosing the boy in his large cloak, the man
draped the hood over his own head. He moved closer to the woman,
whispering and patting her shoulder. Glancing back, he raised
himself and turned to leave.

The boy clung half heartedly to him, and then looked at the
woman, a forlorn expression on his little face. There were boots
beside her. The feet shuffled slightly. Those unmistakable
boots. The lad standing beside the woman placed his hand on her
shoulder. An incessant drone. . .confusion. . .voices. . .

Han winced. His forehead dotted with beads of sweat, he tossed
to one side and then the other. All of a sudden, with a short gasp,
Han awoke. The sounds had already disturbed Leia for a while.
Besides, Leia was a light sleeper. Han involuntarily reached for
the lights. The room lighting gently faded in. Stretching herself,
Leia yawned and rubbed her eyes. Han was sitting up in
bed, staring at the wall beside him.

"Han, what is it?" she asked, softly.

Han almost jumped, snapping out of his deliberations. He turned
to look at her, but was silent for a moment.

"Ah! huh. . .don't worry it's. . .it's just a nightmare," Han
said hurriedly, forcing a smile. Leia still had a quizzical
expression on her face.

"Come on Han," she persisted. "It's been the third time this week."

Han shook his head thoughtfully and buried his face in his hands.
At last, he sighed and turned off the lights. Leia was unmoved.
She could clearly see Han's silhouette against the window,
occasionally illuminated by the passing lights of an airspeeder.
In Coruscant, the night was always young.
As she moved to place a hand on his shoulder, he abruptly stood up.
Without a word, he turned and left the room in a hurry. Leia
continued staring in the direction he left.

Gazing at the floor as he walked slowly, Han ran his his hands
through his hair lightly. Turning at the east corridor, he
walked on, until he bumped into a figure.

"I do beg your pardon Sir," said 3PO "I didn't hear you coming."

Han opened his mouth as if to say something, but stopped
himself. "It's all right," he said wearily. He smiled slightly.

3PO took a step back.

"All right Sir?" 3PO asked, slightly surprised.

Han slowly walked past him. 3PO turned around slowly.

"Might there be something you need Sir?" asked 3PO "It is after
two you know. . ."

"No. . .thanks," Han said pleasently, turning round.

"Er. . .not at all," said 3PO looking at Han disappear down the

Han turned to stop at one of the upper balconies. Placing his
hands on his hips, he sighed as he looked around him. The view
was magnificent, as always. He breathed deeply and gazed into
the distance.

". . .must never. . ." the woman's muffled voice sounded.

"I give you my solemn promise" said the man. His deep voice was so
distinct. Pulling the hood over his head, he smiled and patted
her shoulder. She closed her eyes and cried. The little boy
stretched out his arms to her. The man was now glancing uneasily
over his back. Something came into view. A picture? No, a symbol
of some kind. Those curved lines. . .

"Quick it's getting late," the man said.

The woman continued sobbing and the lad beside her, comforted her.
The lad's boots. . .so unmistakable, soon faded from view. An
incessant drone. Confined, cramped spaces. Strange people. Voices.
Confusion. The shuffling of feet. . .the running through streets.

"go--in. . ." Han yelled unintelligibly, as he woke up with a
short gasp. Wiping the sweat off his brow, he blew softly in the
air. Involuntarily he slowly turned to his right. Leia's
silhouette was clearly visible, beside him. She was already up, in
the dark, silently gazing at him.

"What's the matter?" asked Han defensively.

"I think that's what you had better tell me," Leia's voice was
stern. She reached for the lights. She wasn't going to have any
more of this, especially after the previous night. Her Jedi
instincts told her that Han was deeply disturbed, and she could
almost feel his distress herself. She moved closer to him.

"Did you hear what I said?" she snapped.

"It's this dream. . .this nightmare," Han yelled. "I just can't
explain it."

"I can feel your agony Han," she said. "Tell me more."

"This woman in the dream. . ." Han said hesitantly.

Leia's eyes shifted. He had mentioned a woman in his life before.

"Bria?. . ." she began uncertainly.

"No, no" Han, shaking his head with a deep sigh. "There's this
woman. . . she's crying. This man who says something and the kid-"

Leia's face fell serious. "And?"

"I can't explain it," said Han throwing his hands up in the air.
"That's just it, I can't understand it."

"You cried out a name Han. It sort of sounded familiar to me."

Han shook his head.

"Perhaps it means something to you. . .It could be a message of
some kind - a vision from the future or perhaps the past. . ."
she wondered.

"Why don't you try Luke?" she suggested, a concerned look on her
face. "This has to be settled Han, it's driving you crazy."

"Now look. . ." Han started and then strangley, stopped.

As he stood outside Luke's suite, Han banged his head lightly on
the wall beside him. Why did he let Leia talk him into this? Did
he subconciously want to get at the truth? Han reflected for a

He found himself in the most peculiar position of his life.
Just yesterday it seemed, he had met this farm kid with a big
mouth, so raw, so immature and here he was a full fledged Jedi
master! The really incredible part was that Han found himself
seeking his help for a matter, no sillier than a dream! This was
just too wierd for him.

Han coughed silently, and slowly entered Luke's suite. Luke's
back was turned to him.

"Come in Han," said Luke and then slowly stood up to face Han,
smiling slightly.

Han smiled back peevishly. "Look," he began sounding serious.

"You don't have to tell me Han", said Luke "There's something
worrying you." Luke studied Han closely. "I feel it," said Luke
"not just by the expression on your face" he added jokingly. Luke
moved up to Han. "The tremors inside you. . .very deep inside,"
Luke observed.

He placed a hand on Han's chest as if to probe beneath the
surface. Han instinctively tried to move.

"Let go Han" Luke said in an urgent tone. "It's yourself you're
fighting. The sooner you stop that, the sooner I'll be able to
help you."

Han fell silent. They both stared at each other.

Han was the first to break the silence. "It's this dream," he
said with a deep sigh. "I keep seeing it over and over again." Han
sat down, and buried his face in his hands. Luke moved closer.

"I want you to relax and tell me all that you saw," Luke said

Han eased back, closing his eyes, and felt the light pressure of
Luke's hand on his forehead.

"Good," said Luke. "Now try and concentrate on-"

All of a sudden, Han abruptly stood up.

"No!" he gasped.

"What is it Han?"

"I've. . .gotta go now. I just have to. . ." Han stuttered. "Trust
me Luke," he said and walked out slowly.

"Wait" Luke said with authority, approaching Han from behind.
"This dream" Luke began "you've had this for. . .longer than
you admit"

Han looked back at Luke. "Yes" he said wryly and after a long
silence "I've had them all my life."

Han looked into the distance from his vantage point, on one of the
upper balconies on Imperial Palace. Luke silently approached Han
from behind.

"Its not my intention to force you," said Luke slowly. "Only you
can help yourself realise the truth."

Han shook his head. "I don't know why this is such a big deal
Luke," Han said with a slight smirk. "I've no reason to believe
this is of any importance."

"Sometimes you have to look inwards Han. The answers are right
there," said Luke as he turned to leave. Han sighed and swallowed
slightly. He hadn't been levelling with Luke and he had avoided
Leia's question. She was right. That name. The name he cried out.
It must have something to do with all this. Where had he heard

"Qui Gon Jinn" Han muttered to himself over and over again. He
continued to gaze into the distance, reaching deeper within
himself. Then abruptly, he turned to walk away hurriedly.

The click clack of his boots on the polished Ezberanian marble
slowed and then stopped as Han turned at the west passage in the
Galactic Museum. Han stood silently for a few seconds, and then
slowly moved up to the display stand in front of him.

"Quadruk Lightstaff - master Sero-Wan Suka," he read carefully,
then he moved a finger to the next placard.

"Lightsabre - master Ki-Adi Mundi," he read aloud.

"Lightsabre - Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn," he read. Han froze.

Han moved closer, peering at the object. The sabre was longer than
Luke's or the kids'. It was carved exquisitely with an orb at one
end. He gazed uncertainly at the sabre. Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn?
What did all this mean? Where had he heard that name? He had
never met any Jedi master by that name. He continued staring at
the sabre. He didn't hear Luke silently enter the hall.

Han touched the exterior of the transparisteel enclosure and found
the knob at the bottom, releasing it. The glass moved back,
revealing the sabre in all its glory. It was polished, but was
definitely battered. Han couldn't explain himself as his hand
trembled and involuntarily reached for the sabre. At the base was
a finely carved insignia. Two curved lines with a large dot at
one end. He felt the carving. The symbol! It was so familiar. . .
As he felt for the activation lever, he heard a voice.

"Stop!" said the deep voice and Han glanced to the right.

Luke looked up from his position. A glowing apparition, stood a
few feet away from Han. The apparition motioned to Han.

"Please put it down," said the glowing figure, in an unmistakable
deep voice. Han put the lightsabre down on its pedestal.

"Ben?" Luke said softly to himself.

Han turned to face the apparition. He had a strange expression
on his face. He was looking at the apparition, but was searching
deep within himself. For a moment, the whole episode flashed
past his eyes again, with a clarity it never had before:

"The son of Qui-Gon Jinn must never. . .never become a jedi," the
woman pleaded. The man knelt forward.

"I give you my solemn promise," he said. The little boy clung to
his mother reluctant to leave. "Quick its getting late," the man

The man's face turned slightly, to glance behind him, and then
he took the boy in his arms. Long hours in cramped interiors
A strange land. Sounds. . .confusion. . . voices. . .They were
running through the streets. There were loud voices. They turned
at a junction and reached a dingy bylane. The man whispered
something as he let go of the boy. The little boy, ran quickly,
and hid behind an enclosure. The man was soon surrounded by armed
men and taken away, as the little boy watched from behind a crack
in the wall. . .

"Oh no. . ." Han said slowly to himself, as he gazed at the
apparition. Here was the man, he thought to himself. The man in
the dream, who had saved the little kid's life. His life. Years
ago. This man had almost sacrificed his own life for Han, and all
he had ever done was insult him. Here was the "fool", the
"old fossil" he had met on Tatooine.

"I'm sorry Han," said Obi-Wan, to a shocked Han. "but I gave my
solemn promise."

"It was my mother wasn't it?"

"Yes Han," said Obi-Wan. "I gave her my solemn oath that you would
never be trained in the ways of the force. Never, ever, be raised
by Jedi." "And," he added "I'm glad the promise was kept".

"Ways of the force?" Han asked, puzzled. "But what-"

"It's a long story," said Obi-Wan with a deep sigh. "It was at
the height of the Clone Wars. As the son of Jedi master
Qui-Gon Jinn, the great Jedi warrior, you could not be lost to
the dark forces that threatened the galaxy. Later, when the
Emperor assumed control, the situation was even worse. Had he
known of your existence, he would have wanted you even more than
Luke or Leia."

Han was silent.

"However. . ." Obi-Wan mused "as you can see, you are still
surrounded by Jedi." Obi-Wan glanced towards Luke and smiled.

"Qui-Gon Jinn?? Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn was my father???" Han
cried out in shock and disbelief. "But I've never believed in the
force," Han began, an uncertain tone in his voice. "I'm not a
force sens-"

"Believed?" Obi-wan said with a smile. "The force exists
independant of our thoughts and actions. Yet, it guides us without
our knowledge. The force was always with you, whether you believed
in it or not. I can understand that this must come as a shock to
you. The power to be a Jedi as powerful as your father was always
latent in you. It had not been awakened. When I first met you on
Tatooine, I sensed something, but wasn't sure. There was a lot on
my mind at that time, if you remember. However, now you can
yourself see the strange ways in which the force has shaped your
life - protecting you from danger, uniting you with good friends.
The force is what has controlled your ultimate destiny."

Han stood speechlesss, confused.

"You have fared very well, beginning as a street urchin," Obi Wan
mused, then sighed deeply, looking at the floor. "You see, I left
with you destined to reach the Presban system. Unfortunately, when
we halted on Corellia, to change ships, there was that skirmish
where we were seperated."

Obi Wan looked at Han. "I did my best Han. I had no choice. I knew
you would be safer fending for yourself on the streets than in the
hands of the dark forces that threatened the Republic. In a way,
it was all for the best. I would have been recognised eventually,
and you were safer away from me. The force was with you and you
have done very well for yourself. But of course, you are the son
of Qui-Gon Jinn," said Obi-Wan with a slight smile.

"But my mother," began Han "what happened. . ."

Obi-Wan's face fell serious. "They. . .however. . ." he started.

"They?" asked a puzzled Han.

"Your elder brother and your mother, stayed behind to leave for

"Brother???" Han cried out. Han began searching his feelings.
Those boots. The lad in the dream. The lad standing beside the
woman. His brother??? Han's forehead wrinkled furiously.

"What happened to them?" Han cried desperately.

Obi wan fell silent. "Unfortunately, their fate was different."

"How?" asked Han moving closer.

"They were sold. . .to slavery. . .to the Mandalorians."

"What??" Han cried out in disgust.

"They escaped Han," said Obi Wan cutting in. "But they were not
traced later."

"But my mother. . .where. . ."

"I'm afraid the only person who can help you find her is your
elder brother."

There was a long silence. Luke moved closer to Han, who gazed at
the floor, very confused.

"You have helped me keep my promise to your mother, and you must
never be trained in the ways of the force. The force will be with
you always," said Obi-Wan, as he vanished slowly.

Han continued gazing at the floor. Slowly, he turned and walked up
to the adjacent window panel. He closed his eyes, lost deep in
thought, reaching within himself. A very long silence ensued,
broken only by Chewie's slight growl to indicate his prescence
as he moved up beside Han.

Chewie had seen Han like this very, very few times in his life.
He knew this wasn't good at all. Not at all good for Han.

Han turned to look at Chewie. "Mandalorians," he muttered.

Luke looked grimly at Han.

Han shook his head. His brother?? Had he always known?
he wondered in pain. Han breathed in deeply.

"I have to find him," Han said softly. Chewie growled slightly.
"Only my brother can tell me where my mother is, if she's still
alive. . .and I know she is." Han's voice was weary.
"For the first time, I'll be looking for him instead of him
looking for me."

Han turned to face both Luke and Chewie, and said decisively
"I must find Boba Fett."

Han's eyes shifted cautiously as he moved towards the ridge
ahead him. Three months it had been, he thought to himself.
Could this be a lucky break? Someone had tipped him off about
Fett's location here on Kastrel. Though it was a long shot, he
had decided to follow it up, and now Han hoped the Sullustan in
the bar wasn't lying when he swore he saw the Slave IV parked

Han crouched behind the ridge and looked up slowly. Sure enough,
there she was. The Slave IV. Han's pulse quickened. He glanced
around quickly, and bit his lower lip, puttting all his senses
on alert. Blaster in his hand, he crouched behind the ridge once

The feverish urge to face Fett and get the truth out of him had
begun months back. But ever since his instincts told him Fett was
the lad in the dream, Han believed it more and more as time passed.
Luke was right. There was something beyond a mere "gut" feeling.
Han had been practicing reaching inwards, as Luke had suggested.
Now was the time to confront Fett and get at the truth.

What if he is? Han wondered. I hate the man. The very sight of
him. The very mention of his name. Han had tried, over the
months to block out this flood of emotions and concentrate on
his agenda. If Fett was his brother, he was the only one who
could tell him where his mother was. Han sighed and looked up from
the ridge again.

He moved towards the western side of the ridge and crouched.
Waiting for a few seconds, he abruptly stood up and tip toed
very carefully towards the parked ship.

"All right, stop right there," that familiar despicable voice
sounded from behind him. Han stopped in his tracks.

"Drop the blaster Solo."

Han obeyed.

"Turn around slowly." Fett held his weapon pointed at Han as he
slowly approached him. Han didn't look back. Fett quickly ran his
hands over Han's body.

"Hey, no weapons pal honest," said Han. "You don't think I would
resort to being sneaky would you?" Han said turning to stare at
the Mandalorian mask.

"Oh I know you too well," said Fett. "You would resort to anything."

"Too well? I bet," said Han staring at Fett. Who was this person
anyway? Han wondered.

Fett caught Han's stare and froze for a moment.

"There's something different," said Fett taking a small step
backwards. "You're unusually. . .why're you staring at me like
that? Fett snapped. He sensed something was up. "Why're you
here Solo? C'mon what do you want?"

"Oh, like you said, you know me too well. What could I possibly
want of you?" asked Han slowly moving forward.

Fett steadied his weapon, listening to each word of Han's,
gauging its purport and meaning very carefully.
Han could almost see a change in Fett's expression, though

"I have a bad feeling about this," Fett muttered.

"It's time to level with me Fett," said Han "this time all I want
is the truth."

"The truth about what? Fett snapped.

"Who you really are," said Han trying to move closer.

"You'll never know that," Fett said wryly.

"We've been enemies for very long, but I never understood why you
hate me so much" Han began.

"Oh nobody can feel the hatred I feel for you Solo!" said Fett
"Nobody can know how it feels"

"How it feels to hate your own brother?" Han asked cutting in.

"What do you mean?"

"You have to tell me" said Han "I never knew much about my past
and it turns out that whatever I thought I knew was nowhere near
the truth. . .but I've learned a lot" said Han sighing. His eyes
were still fixed on the Mandalorian mask of the figure in front
of him. "I need to hear it from you now."

Fett paused and took a step back.

"How could you possibly know?" Fett yelled angrily, "It's just not
poss-" Fett stopped abruptly.

"Go on," said Han "It's true isn't it?" Han felt a creepy feeling
come over him. His gut feeling, intuition, call it what you will,
had told him Fett was the lad in the dream. His elder brother.
Yet, he had never imagined what it would be like to have it
confirmed first hand. Han swallowed hard.

Fett appeared to be struck by a lightning bolt. He paced backwards
and his voice quivered. "How the hell could you know?" he cried,
trying to collect himself.

They both stared at each other. Minutes passed. Han looked at Fett
and Fett knew it was time.

"Brother?" Fett finally said with a sneer. "In what way are you
my brother?" Fett paused. "Just the fact that we were born of the
same mother?? Fett yelled. "Does that make you my brother???"

"We're the same flesh and blo-" Han began

"No!" screamed Fett "No!". . .never. . ." Fett held the blaster
forward. "You. . .you're the son of a jedi."

Silence ensued. Han looked confused.

"I hate them all. Your father should never have come into our
lives. My mother and I had enough. You and your father are the
worst things that ever happened to my mother," Fett said almost

Han fell silent. "So, you're my. . .half brother?" asked Han

"I'm nobody to you. . .nothing but your worst enemy," Fett snapped
"And so it will always be."

"But you owe me something still," said Han "My mother. . .you have
to tell me what happened to her."

"Never!" Fett screamed and prepared to fire and suddenly there
was a loud explosion. Fett fell over, firing in the air.

"What the-" Han muttered, ducking.

Fett held his shoulder in pain. As he got back on his feet, a
figure leaped on Fett from behind. Fett struggled as a furry arm
ripped the blaster rifle from his hand and held his torso in a
mammoth grip.

"Chewie!" yelled Han. "You big idiot," said Han running up to the
pair. "Chewie listen to me," he yelled.

Fett swore loudly.

Han pulled Chewie back. "You'll ruin everything.
Chewie let go!" Han ordered. "I said let him go now!"

Chewie pushed Fett's body forward and Fett hit the ground, but
rolled over, activating his wrist darts. Chewie growled in pain.
Han pulled Chewie back, yelling. "Stop it Fett. . .I have him now,
hold it!"

Fett got back on his feet, retrieved his blaster rifle and
kept it pointed at the pair. Han struggled to remove the dart.
Chewie continued growling as he lay on the ground. Gritting his
teeth, Han pulled out the dart slowly. Chewie gave a loud roar
and then fell silent.

"Is it poisoned?" Han asked, yelling at Fett. Chewie struggled to
get up.

"It was a tranquilizer," said Fett grimly. "And it didn't hit the
animal well enough."

Chewie was now struggling to move forward towards Fett. Han
desperately held him back. He moved over in front of Chewie,
blocking his path.

"Listen to me big fella," said Han panting. "He's my brother damn
it. He's the only one who can take me to my mother."

Chewie growled and looked at Han desperately.

"I know you don't trust him and neither do I, but you have to let
me give it a shot."

Chewie stopped struggling.

"Look Fett," said Han turning around, "You can kill me right now if
you want, but you owe me something first. You have to tell me what
happened to my mother. Our mother."

Fett cautiously paced to his left, steadying his weapon.

"No weapons no more fighting," said Han holding out Chewie's
bowcaster. "Your terms pal," Han said solemnly.

Fett moved forward and grabbed the bowcaster, keeping the blaster
steadily pointed at them.

"We'll have to lock that ape up first," said Fett

"Fine," said Han. Chewie growled loudly. Han hugged Chewie, and
patted his shoulder "It's okay Chewie. . .trust me. . .I'll be

Fett removed a pair of Mandalorian manacles from his armor.

"I'll put them on him" said Han, stepping forward. Fett threw the
manacles over.

Fett kept his blaster pointed at the pair holding Chewie's
bowcaster in one hand, as the they slowly marched towards the
looming silhouette of the Slave IV.

Fett locked the hatch of the anterior prisoner chamber, and
turned to face Han. They were in a cramped, narrow passageway
inside the the Slave IV. Han stood with his hands up, looking at
Fett. Han's face was serious. There was a strange emotion written
all over him, and a look in his eyes. Fett remembered the last
time he saw that look on Han's face. . .

The little boy reached out to his mother. She cried, holding him
tightly. "Quick it's getting late," the Jedi said and took the boy
in his arms.

The woman took out a little chain she was holding in her hand,
and gently put it around the little boy's neck. The pendant at
the end of it had a shining insignia. Two curved lines with
a large dot at one end. The insignia Fett hated so much. The
insignia of Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn. The boy looked at his
mother with a forlorn expression.

Fett remembered himself, a young lad of thirteen, standing beside
his mother, comforting her as she continued to cry. He wished
that Aganon, his half brother was never born. He wished his mother
had never met Qui-Gon Jinn. But now, he had to face the present.
He watched his half brother being safely entrusted to this Jedi.
He watched as his mother shed tears for someone, who was nothing
more than a big mistake. He placed his hands on her shoulder,
patting it gently.

"I understand now," said Han, "why you hate me so much."

"Oh you can never understand," said Fett bitterness oozing in his
voice. "You had it all easy Solo. Do you really understand what
it means to be enslaved?" Fett yelled. "Have you ever heard of
the Mandalorian torture chambers???" Fett thought his days in
those chambers were perhaps the closest he had come to
experiencing hell. That and the time he was in the Sarlaac's

Han was silent. "I'm sorry about what happened to you, but it's
not my fault."

"Oh it is your fault believe me" said Fett. "Yours and your
father's. You two should never have come into our lives"

"Hey, life wasn't exactly a party for me either pal" said Han.
"Obi-Wan Kenobi, who I was entrusted to, happened to lose me on
Corellia during a skirmish. I grew up as an urchin, and was forced
to beg and steal."

Kenobi? Obi-Wan Kenobi? Fett was at once transported to a time
just after he and his mother had their lucky escape from four
years of slavery and torture...

It had been a whirlwind of change for him. He was now a young man.
Older, wiser, stronger. The were in an underground cavern in the
Revell hills on Concord Dawn. They would be safe there. His mother
told him it was now safe for him to leave her and go to Obi-Wan
Kenobi. She wanted him to bring Aganon back home. Obi-Wan would
have kept him safe, she said. He had agreed reluctantly.

He remembered the long journey as a stowaway in the cargo hold of
an Alderaan bound freighter. His feelings were so confusing, full
of conflict and indecision. He hated the day that kid was born and
here he was travelling to bring him back into their lives.

On Alderaan, Obi-Wan as visibly surprised to see him. He had
apparently learnt about their enslavement by the Mandalorians...

"Where is Aganon?". Fett asked coming straight to the point.

The Jedi fell silent. "I'm afraid I have some bad news for you,"
said the Jedi. "We had to change ships on Corellia and I lost
him during a skirmish. I had no choice. If I had surrendered him,
his fate would have been sealed for ever."

Fett had never expected this. He stared in confusion at the Jedi.

"I tried to find him without any success," the Jedi continued
solemnly. "He could have gotten into any of the ships leaving
Corellia. However, I can sense that he is all right and safe

The Jedi then eagerly enquired about his mother's safety. Fett had
to keep this Jedi away. He had to tell him she was dead. Not that
he thought he could get away by lying to a Jedi. These Jedi are so
cunning, he thought to himself. Always probing your mind. Reading
your thoughts. He could see that Obi-Wan's expression reflected
his disbelief. Fett couldn't care less. He then hurriedly turned
to leave.

"I have to find Aganon," he said hastily.

"Wait. . .let me come with you," Obi-Wan's voice sounded in the
distance as Fett turned and ran. He had to find the boy himself.

Corellia was a large world. Besides, thought Fett, as the Jedi
himself said, he could be anywhere in the galaxy. He decided that
he would do his best and locate Aganon if he was still on Corellia.
Perhaps he was adopted. Or perhaps he was eeking out an existence
on the streets. Fett knew it was no mean task. Eliciting the help
of his fellow prisoner/Mandalorian slave the Bothan Drruk Pre'dey,
he decided to leave for the Corelleian system. Through the spy
network Drruk was associated with, they would try to find the boy
if he was still on Corellia.

A couple of months of searching had yielded no results. He had
contacted smugglers, slave labor traffickers, people of every
description. Anyone who could remember the charming little boy
who was lost here, four years ago. Finding Aganon had become more
than a mission to him. It was a feverish obsession.

It was then that he was informed of this Corellian top secret
spy ring operating from Coronet. They would know every living
person on Corellia. It was run by a certain Jonash Solo.
Solo wasn't well known to the outside world and his dealings were
shrouded in secrecy. It turned out that his activities included
supplying critical information to an organisation calling itself
the "Rising Force". A very early embryonic form of the rebellion
against Emperor Palpatine. Solo's contacts would be of immense
help, if Solo agreed to help him, that is.

Fett had to give it a shot. It was the only logical choice. It was
the only way he could ever hope to locate the boy if he was still
on Corellia.

Jonash Solo lived with his wife and family in a rather shady part
of the town. Fett remembered the day he knocked Jonash's front
door. He had brought a set of pictures in a holocube. Pictures he
had made out, based on his best recollections of Aganon. He was
desperately hoping that Solo had the right contacts who could help
him. Jonash was a tall, well built middle aged man with a thick
moustache. He greeted Fett with a smile and told him he was
expected. Fett made himself comfortable and was about to show
Solo the holocube, when Solo's young son came running in. He ran
to his father and hugged his legs.

"Not now, Han" said Jonash tousling the boy's hair. "Where's
your mother?" "Amaruth? where the hell are you?" yelled Jonash.

A female voice sounded from within. Jonash excused himself for a
moment and went into the adjacent room. But Fett had been too
busy to notice. Too busy studying the young boy. His face. . .
Could it be??? It was! It was Aganon! albeit older. He moved up
to the boy and there it was. . .the pendant proudly dangling from
his little neck. It bore the twin curved lines symbol. The
insignia of Qui-Gon Jinn. The symbol he had come to hate so much.
His pulse quickened. He remembered staring at the boy for what
seemed like eternity.

Then suddenly on an impulse, he grabbed the chain. He wrenched it
from the boy's neck in one awkward feverish motion. The pendant
nicked the boy's chin. The little boy wailed. Fett remembered
almost tripping as he ran like a madman into the streets. He could
still hear the boy's cries in the distance. There was no time to
stop and think. He kept running through the maze of lanes and

In a quiet alley he stopped briefly and caught his breath, resting
against a wall. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead and streamed
down the side of his face. He wondered if he had done the right
thing. As he stood panting, he continued to think. Aganon had been
lost by that jedi. There had been next to no hope of finding him.
Yet he had persisted in his search. He had to know if Aganon was
still alive and something had told him he was. Now he had actually
located Aganon. It would make no sense to turn back now. He should
have told Jonash the truth. His mother would be overjoyed to be
reunited with her son. He soon decided it was a mistake. He
decided to return to Jonash and take Aganon home.

Later that night, Fett hesitated as he waited in the darkness
outside Jonash's home. He could hear voices from within.

"But Amaruth, the pendant was on him when we found him. I have
never seen that strange symbol before. You know how much I
enquired around. I always hoped it would help us to return Han
to his real family."

"But why would anyone steal it Jonash?"

"I don't know, but whoever he was, he must have known something
about the symbol. . .that's for sure."

"Well we don't need it. Han is happy here and that's what

Fett remembered raising himself on his feet and cautiously peeping
in through the slightly open window. "Han" was sitting on his
father's lap as his mother attended to his injury. She then
cuddled him lovingly and little Han smiled, as his father tickled
his little feet, to make him giggle.

Fett winced. The boy had a family here. He was cared for, loved.
He didn't need his real mother anymore. He hesitated for a moment
and then turned back and ran. Later in his quarters in another
part of the town, he found himself ruminating over his actions.
He tossed and turned as he tried his best to sleep. The next day,
he was to leave on a vessel bound for Tralus. Once there, where
Drruk and a few other "friends" of his were stationed, he could
make up his mind one way or the other.

It was on board the "Morning star", the next day that he decided
he had had enough. He would tell his mother that Aganon was dead.
But wouldn't that devastate her? He decided it was a risk worth
taking. It would put Aganon and all memories of his father out of
their lives for good. They could start over and everything would
be the way it was before that Jedi came into their lives.

It was only then that a wicked thought entered his mind. Was it
enough to just lie about it?. What if Aganon was really dead? That
would be perfect. He should have finished the boy off, he thought
to himself, when he had the chance. . . but he hadn't been
prepared. He decided to return to Corellia at once. He would have
to be careful. He would take his time, but see that the boy was
eliminated. That was necessary, he told himself. It had to be done.

He vivdly remembered the scene a week later on Corellia. A crude
blaster in his hand and a few odd weapons mostly of Mandalorian
origin that he managed to collect, he made his way to that shady
part of the town where Jonash lived. As he approached the turning,
he sensed something was wrong. There was a huge crowd gathered
outside. He made his way through the crowd. The building had been
burned down! The entire place was reduced to cinders. He
questioned an elderly Drall standing beside him.

"Yes, yes, but who-. . . what?. . .Imperial stormtroopers?" There
were no survivors. Aganon was dead, along with his parents. In a
way, he was glad to have the boy eliminated this way. He wondered
if he would have been able to do the deed when he came to it. He
quickly dismissed these thoughts.

Fett left Corellia the same day, to make his way back to Concord
Dawn. He eased himself back comfortably on his seat aboard the
"Hekatha" bound for Concord Dawn. It was all perfect now. He would
tell his mother that Aganon was dead. The evidence was in his
hands, he thought to himself, holding the gleaming pendant.

"If you hated your days with the Mandalorians, why do you wear
their armor? asked Han.

"I had to endure the torture, the travails of slavery, and yet
I feel they were more family to me. I have learnt a lot from that.
Virtually all I'm proud of. I learnt discipline, a moral code.
Above all, I learnt to disregard emotions and think with my head
than my heart. I learnt how to lose your dependance on love and

"Isn't it injustice to hide the truth about my mother from her
own son?" asked Han irritably.

"Don't you talk about justice to me" snapped Fett. "What happened
to me was unfair. My mother sacrificed the life we had before your
father came along. We sacrificed everything for your father. Yet,
it was me and my mother who suffered the most, Solo"

" 'Solo' it turns out is not even my real name," said Han shaking
his head slowly, a little sadness in his voice. "But you knew
that didn't you?. . ."

Fett remained silent.

"You knew my adopted parents on Corellia?" Han asked eagerly
"What happened to them? Why was I orph-"

"They're dead now. They were not your real parents." said Fett in
an absolutely expressionless voice.

"But. . .I wonder. . .how did you ever know I was your brother?"

"It's a long story," said Fett. "But I always hated you even before
I knew who you were."

Fett remembered the first time he set eyes on Han Solo, after
he'd given him up for dead. It was on Jubilar, at the All-human
free for all. Something had struck him about this young man's
uncanny resemblance to a certain Jedi he once knew. . .and hated.
Fett saw him badly outmatched, yet win. Fett was impressed at
his victory. Something made him enquire deeper. Who the hell
was this youth? It turned out that he was a Han Solo, once in the
service of a certain Garris Shrike, a Corellian smuggler and
trader who among other "schemes" employed street urchins for
begging and stealing.

Of course! It all tied in. It was Shrike who must have tipped off
the imperials about Jonash and then taken Han for himself, to use
him in his "schemes". So. . . Aganon was still alive!

"What happened to my mother Fett? Our mother?" Han asked
moving forward a little.

Fett had no answer.

"Okay Fett, you can at least tell me if she's alive," Han said

"I don't have to tell you anything," Fett snapped.

Han shook his head. "Look, this is not about-"

Han's voice was cut short by an ear piercing shrill alarm
emanating from the cockpit of the Slave IV. Fett muttered to
himself, and then glanced up the corrider. Fett alnost froze for
an instant. "Wait a minute" he said to himself "It can't be. . ."

"What?" asked Han.

"Okay Solo, you better not try anything funny. Now march forward
and be quick" Fett ordered.

Han nodded without a word and began slowly walking down the
passageway. Han looked behind him slightly and deliberately
slowed down.

"I said fast!" Fett yelled. "Move it Solo"

"All right, all right,. . .what's so important?" Han retorted.

"Keep moving Solo," said Fett, pushing the nozzle of his blaster
rifle against Han's back.

"What's the matter?. . .an important bounty again?" asked Han
sarcastically. "Time to leave?"

"You idiot," Fett muttered pushing Solo back, scrambling hurriedly
into the cockpit.

"Okay-" Han began. Suddenly, from behind him, an object whizzed
past his head. Han ducked. A broken KX-12 spacecfrat linkage arm
came crashing down on Fett. Fett fell to the floor instantly.

"Chewie!" Han yelled. "Not again?"

Chewie growled, and moved into the cramped cockpit. He bent down
and turned Fett's limp body over.

"You idiot," said Han "You've killed him." Han rushed forward, to
the limp body of Fett.

Chewie threw the other piece of hardware he had in his other hand,
behind him, and it crashed on one of the istrument panels.
Han pulled Fett's body towards the rear end of the cramped cockpit

"Now look what you've done," Han yelled.

Chewie growled regretfully.

"Do you realise you have just destroyed my last hope of ever
finding my mother?" Han yelled looking at Chewie "My real

Chewie looked desperately at Fett's body. There was no sign of
movement. Fett was out cold.

"How did you get out of that chamber anyway? asked Han. Chewie
growled a response.

"Shorted it? But how-..." Chewie growled again with a smirk.

"But I didn't see you do that before you went in. . ." said Han
smiled slightly. "Hey you're hands are bleeding a bit. . .those
Mandalorian manacles. . .how did you get them off?? "

Chewie growled and crossed his hands back and forth.

"You used a variation of what? The Nisaak method? You still
remember that trick we picked up from Xaverri? After all these

They both looked down at Fett.

"Well, I guess he didn't credit Wookies with that much
intelligence." Han sighed deeply. "I could have got it out of
him . . . I just could have," he muttered to himself.

The shrill alarm was still on, and a couple of lights blinked in
synch with it, on one of the instrument panels on the left wall.

"If it hadn't been for that alarm," said Han irritably.

Han moved over to the instrument panel and looked at the myriad
lights on it. He pressed one at random. The alarm still continued.
He kept pressing them one after the other. "Damn" he muttered to

Chewie growled loudly.

"What?" said Han looking back. Chewie kneeled down to examine Fett

"Wait!" said Han "You say he moved?"

Han pulled Fett's body towards the center of the floor. "Chewie
pin him down," said Han, grabbing Fett's blaster rifle. "Careful
Chewie," he said as Chewie moved closer. "he's a walking arsenal
of weapons."

Han was breathing harder. "C'mon," he muttered looking at Fett.
"You've got to make it."

Fett uttered a slight grunt and his legs shifted slightly. He
groaned again and said something unitelligible.

Han pointed the rifle at Fett. "Okay Fett, don't think I'll
hesitate to use this. It's time to level with me" said Han.
"Just what did happen to my mother?"

"Let me go Solo. . .it's important," Fett said slowly, with

"You're not listening to me," Han snapped.

"You don't understand," Fett said feebly.

"No! you don't understand."

"That alarm. . ." Fett began.

"Forget that darned alarm" Han snapped. He pointed the rifle and
blasted the instrument panel. The alarm stopped, and the panel
burned and crackled slightly.

"No!" Fett cried. "Listen to me its your moth-"

Han suddenly froze. "What about my mother?" he asked slowly.

"I need to leave at once," Fett cried.

"So you can dissappear and forever hide the truth?" cried Han

"You have to let me go if you care about her."

"What has my mother got to do with your damn bounties?" Han yelled.

Fett was silent. Han kneeled down beside Fett. He glanced at the
smoking instrument panel. Han moved closer to the Fett's mask.

"Just what was that alarm for?" said Han suspiciously. "What does
it have to do with my mother?"

Fett was still silent.

"Is she still alive???" Han yelled at the top of his voice.

"She's alive," Fett yelled back.

"Then what does that alarm mean?"

"That I have to reach her at once."

"Why?" asked Han. "Where is she?. . .what-"

"She's not. . .well," said Fett slowly.

Han was taken aback. "What do you mean not well?" he said
"What have to you done to her? Is it her age?"

Fett was quiet for a moment.

"I haven't done anything," Fett snapped "and it's not her age.
"She'sbeen like that since-"

"Been like what?" Han asked slowly.

Fett fell silent. They both stared at each other for a while.

"She's not in her senses anymore," Fett finally said, very

Han was speechless for a moment. "You mean she's. . .lost her mind?"
cried Han "How???. . .why?"

Fett struggled to get up.

"Hey! you're going nowhere till I have the full story" Han shouted
pointing the rifle at Fett's face.

"It's a long story," said Fett slowly "but her life has been a tale
of misery and sorrow. At least after she met your father. The
events that followed, the turmoil, the strife. . .it was all too
much for her."

"But how long has-" Han began

"She was coping for a while, and then. . ."

"And then?" asked Han. Fett didn't reply. Han looked visibly
shaken. He was breathing very hard, and sweating. He looked
intensely at Fett, trying to make sense of the flood of
revelations being thrown at him.

"Wait a second. . ." said Han "You knew that I was adopted on
Corellia. Didn't she ever want me back? Didn't she ever-"

The Mandalorian mask grimly stared back at Han. Han's voice was
almost shaking

"You. . .you told her a lie didn't you? Han said "You told her I
was dead??"

Fett was silent.

"That's it. . .that's what sent her overboard!" said Han, his face
now red with anger. "You deserve only one fate" he said and aimed
that blaster rifle at Fett and prepared to fire.

Chewie growled loudly.

"Solo!" Fett yelled. "Listen to me. . .you need me to take you to

Han wasn't listening.

"We must leave at once" Fett yelled "The alarm-"

Chewie growled and tried to stop Han. Han struggled to shake him
off at first, and then barely stopped himself, gritting his teeth.
He stood panting, shaking slightly, still aiming the blaster
straight at Fett's head.

"What does that alarm mean?" Han asked finally,

"We have to rush," Fett said slowly "I am notified only if there
is some trouble there. . .it could be like last time-"

"What last time?" Han snapped

"The last time she attempted to escape"

"Just where is she?" asked Han moving his face closer to Fett.

Fett hesitated and then slowly said "Chebrazda"

Han fell silent. "Chebrazda. . .Chebrazda???" Han yelled. "You
sent her to Chebrazda??? it's one of the worst-"

"No!!" said Fett "she's safe there trust me"

"What have they been doing to her there??" Han screamed.

"Listen to me," Fett yelled. "I tried the best help available. I
had no other choice. She's safe on Chebrazda." Fett lowered his
voice. "I visit her regularly," Fett said. "She's safe. . .she's
my mother too remember?. . .Now listen to me. . .we have to reach
there at once."

Han's pulse was racing. He tried to calm himself and think.

Minutes passed.

"All right," said Han finally. "Let's go."

Han looked around him at the maze of instrument and control panels
in the cockpit of this heavily modified Mandalorian vessel. "You
set course for Chebrazda," he said wryly, looking at Fett. "Then
enjoy the comfort of one of your prisoner chambers."

Boba Fett sighed and tried to relax in the narrow confines of the
posterior prisoner chamber. He had never dreamt that he would be
transported in it, one day. His only concern now, was his mother.
What could the emergency be about? he wondered. He hoped it
wouldn't be like last time. Of course, he told himself, he would
track her down, and do whatever it took to do that. However, this
was not like one of his missions. She was no bounty. The emotional
involvement was too strong. Under the Mandalorian mask, Fett
closed his eyes and tried to realx.

His thoughts drifted to the past. The past he had wanted to forget.
The past that was over, now. He had dealt with it before. It was
best left alone. He had tried to carve out a decent life for
himself. He had adopted a name, and had a life on Concord dawn.
Then again, a whirlwind of change came along. Events that couldn't
have turned out any other way. His mother's condition worsened. He
even remembered the grotesque face of one Dr. Evazan. That was one
of the worst incidents, he thought to himself. But he had been so
desperate at that time. Anything or anyone who could promise help
to his mother would do. He had no choice. He had to keep her
safe . . .Chebrazda was not his first choice, but that was all
he could do.

It was not a bad decision. Things were soon stabilising. It was
then that he adopted a new name, and a new identity. One he was
truly proud of. A name that was now famous throughout the galaxy.
The name of one of the fiercest Mandalorian warriors in the
Clone wars. Right hand man to the terrible Azola Yedd himself.
The man who, unlike his fellow men, had his own distinct moral
code. One that included believing slavery was immoral. The man who
had freed his mother, himself and countless other slaves and. . .
was executed for it. The man named Boba Fett.

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