Boba Fett Top 10 Lists

Boba Fett Childhood Memories

by Readers of TheForce.Net

10. Being the only kid brave enough to go into Vaders yard after the baseball, and finding out he's actually a nice guy.
by Walter Danek

9. Going out with Dad to blow up deadbeats.
by Jediphile

8. "These Hunters today...when I was a boy, we didn't have these fancy Stolkhi spraynets and personal forcefields, why, in my day, we had to bring down Jedi Knights with only a toothpick and a Kleenex!"
by Ael [apologies to Carvey]

7. "And then he told me his secret. 'I am not the bounty hunter Boba Fett.' His name was Harney. The real Fett had been retired 15 years and living like a king on Corellia. You see, it was the armor and the name. No one would surrender to the bounty hunter Jaster Mereel. So he gave me the armor, told me the codes to the ship, and that was that."
by Ael [part 2]

6. When a bounty decided to try to get away, I killed him. Little did I know that it was my own mother..... the poster said, no disintigrations. I didn't get paid for that one.......
by Michael McKinley

5. The bully at school kept on picking on me, telling me that with a name like "Boba" I'd never get anywhere. Well, a name like "Greedo" didn't get him much, now, did it?
by Michael McKinley

4. Hunting down dad's lost keys... and demanding 10,000 credits for them
by Matt Hallaron

3. Playing kick the thermal detonator with all the other Journeyman Protector trainees
by Andrew Sparkmon

2.You may have forgotten his role as little Willie Johnson in the popular holodrama, "My favorite Moff."
by Darth Lekku

1. Digging a big hole in his sandbox and tossing his action figures into it.
by Ruddiger McGarnicle


10.The time he tried to jump off the roof wiht his "jetpack" and broke his leg.
by John Bambenek

9. Terrible nightmares about being in an animated sequence of a bizarre and poorly written "Christmas Special."
by Scott Woodard

8. An unusual fear of rockets, sail barges, and blind rogues with sticks.
by Shaun Clayton

7. Finding out that beating the stuffing out of bullies only got him in trouble, while turning them in brought many rewards.
by J. Orcadi

6. Watching important men cowering before Sith Lords, and vowing to never do it himself.
by J. Orcadi

5. His freezing his parents in Carbonite and selling them to large fat ugly dudes.
by Ryan Mitchell

4. Being the most popular kid in school without ever saying or doing anything.
by Starburn

3. Being made fun of when his jet pack misfired and he fell off the slide.
by Tyree

2. When I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds - pretty standard really.
by Timothy W. Smyth

1. Putting his han Solo action figure in the freezer, then asking his dad for money in exchange for it's safe return.
by Paladin


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