Boba Fett Song Parodies


by Craig Napoli

Based on "Unforgiven" by Metallica with lyrics like "Boba Fett, had I known..."

A farmboy and old man,
They come and meet with me,
To get to Alderaan.
I up the price quickly.
With a wookiee and two droids,
We go to hyperspace.
But unfortunately,
Alderaan's all over the place, yeah it was done
Ooooh, cause Tarkin shot the gun.
My money's gone away,
The Empire's gonna paaaaay...

What Ben felt, I don't know.
Stupid droids made Chewie moan.
Never get my money,
I just want fair payment.
Jabba put bounties on my head
If I don't pay then I'll be dead!
Gotta free, princess with money...
I'm a greedy Corellian.

Jedis dedicate their lives,
To truth and morality.
I just laugh at them all,
and exploit their money!
Of all the things I've seen,
Nothing makes me believe,
That one powerful force
Controls my destiny, no no it can't.
Oh, maybe on coruscant.
But it can't control me...
How powerful can it be?

Boba Fett, had I known...
I left Jabba's cash at home!
Let me free, I'll pay the fee.
Don't let me be frozen.
Anakin, you'll never win,
Cause your name ryhmes with Mannequin!
Leia'll be, saving me,
I'm a frozen Corellian.

You've frozen me, and I'll get back...
I'll throw you to the Sarlacc!
By accident, Fett'll be
Digested for 1,000 years!
Jabba, yell "bo shuda!" in vain,
As my girlfriend strangles you with a chain.
Hey Chewie, it's just me,
I'm a lucky Corelliaaan, wo-oh-oh.

And I still got money!
Damn I'm one smooth Corellian.

In these movies I never pee,
I'm a constipated Corellian.

Ewoks live in a tree(?)
They don't like that I'm Corellian.

I even hate snakes as Indy,
I'm an overworked Corellian.