Boba Fett Song Parodies

Bad, Bad Vader Man

Based on "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce with lyrics like "Boba Fett took Solo away, and Vader laughed and wheezed all day..."

Well, the South Side of the Empire is the baddest part of space, And if you fly in there you better just beware of the man with the plastic face.

Darth Vader's more than trouble, you see he's taller than six foot four; All the rebel folk call him "Big Black Ugly", all the Troopers just call him Lord.


And he's bad, bad, Vader man, Lord of the Sith, got it all in his hand
Yeah, when you hear him wheeze it can make your whole soul freeze!

Now Solo was a gambler who with the Empire came to blows, Cause he liked to shoot his blaster-beams in front of every Trooper's nose.

He got a custom-crafted starship, he got a furry Wookiee too, he got a black laser-gun at his hip for fun... but there was nothing he could do.


Cause that bad, bad Vader man Came to Bespin and he grabbed poor Han
Boba Fett took Solo away, and Vader laughed and wheezed all day.

And somewhere off on Dagobah, Luke, he had a dream
Heard about his friends and was off to Bespin, so mad that he could scream.

Well, he found him old Lord Vader, and the trouble soon began, Cause Skywalker, he learned a lesson 'bout messin with the sword of a Jedi man!


Oh that bad, bad Vader man Came walkin in all dark and grand
Said that he was Luke's dad... if it's true, that's oh so sad!

Well the two men took to fighting, and when Luke went sliding down, A part of him stayed behind with Vader way up in that cloudy town.


He met bad bad Vader man.. Oh he was Luke's Dad, but he took Luke's hand! You can watch him fly away, but you know he'll be back some day.. Yeah, you can watch Vader fly away, but you know he'll come back some day!