Boba Fett Song Parodies

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American Star Wars
by Jeremy Thorpe

Based on "American Pie" by Don McLean with lyrics like "It swallowed Boba Fett..."

Armor of Mine

Based on "Sweet Child o' Mine" by Guns N' Roses with lines like "From a store, down on Mandalore..."

Bad, Bad Vader Man

Based on "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce with lyrics like "Boba Fett took Solo away, and Vader laughed and wheezed all day..."

Let's Blow the Whole Thing Up
by KC Gleason and Jon Levitt via Deborah Edlund

Based on "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" by Harry Connick, Jr. with lyrics like "You say 'Buba,' I say 'BOba'"

Star Wars Cantina

Based on "Copa Cabana" by Barry Manilow with lyrics like "Boba Fett was so mean, Jabba had bad hygiene..."

by Craig Napoli

Based on "Unforgiven" by Metallica with lyrics like "Boba Fett, had I known..."

Fett'll Get Around
by Adskeen

Based on the song "I'll Get Around."

by Steven Cavanagh

Based on "Stand" by REM -- as sung by His Excellency, Jabba The Hutt -- with lyrics like "Han, brought here by my best friend..."

Jet Set
by Aaron-Wan Kenobi

Based on "The Jet Set" by Alphaville with lyrics like "Ah Boba Fett, take my hand..."

Max Rebo Band

Based on "Piano Man" by Billy Joel with lyrics like "Fett says Max can you play me a memory..."

More Than A Scoundrel
by Stephen Kozak

Based on "More Than A Woman" by the Bee Gees including lyrics like "Vader's right here with Boba Fett behind..."

Boba Fett vs. ___ Competitions

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Boba Fett vs. Batman
Breakdown comparing and contrasting the two.

Boba Fett vs. Predator
by users of

With analysis so complicated, it makes the match worthy of mainstream interest.

Boba Fett Top 10 Lists

Boba Fett Childhood Memories
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Unseen Gadgets in Boba Fett's Arsenal
by Nigel Willis

Secrets of Boba Fett
by Rik "Voodoo" Taylor

Select Top 10's with Boba Fett
by Various

You Might be a Fett Fan If... [No Longer Online]
And they even mention the Boba Fett Fan Club. We're honored!


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Jim Henson's Empire Babies
Featuring Darth Vader and Boba Fett, as if puppet characters created by Jim Henson. Contains profanity.

Father Knows Best
Quotes from Jango: "Boba I've told you a thousand times, quit playing near that Sarlacc or one of these days your going to fall in."
Author: unknown