Boba Fett Twin Engines of Destruction

1997  |  Dark Horse Comics

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Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction
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First published in four issues of Star Wars Galaxy Magazine, published by Topps in 1995 thru 1996.

Highly regarded, four-part storyline pitting Jodo Kast — the famous Boba Fett imposter — against Boba Fett.

Dengar makes an appearance, along with Slave I.

Boba Fett disguises himself as a character named Brek Madek. Boba Fett also calls himself "Sarlacc Food."


Writer: Andy Mangles
Penciller: John Nadeau
Inker: Jordi Ensign
Letterer: Michael Taylor
Colorist: Cary Porter
Editor: Peet Janes
Designer: Scott Tice
Cover Artist: John Nadeau


"This is my face." — Boba FettMore Info
"Sometimes it's better to think rather than speak." — Boba FettMore Info
"I don't trust anyone. Keeps me alive." — Jodo KastMore Info
"I don't like taking Rebel bounties ... but a hunt's a hunt." — Jodo KastMore Info

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Boba Fett uses the name Sarlacc Food when typing a transmission to Dengar. p. 10
Boba Fett uses the name Sava Brec Madak when disguised and undercover. p. 14

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  •  BFFC Admin rated this item and wrote this review on November 20, 2019:

    Fantastic writing. Iconic artwork. Best Boba Fett story.

  •  HunterOfTheWeb064 rated this item and wrote this review on November 14, 2019:

    I quite frankly, believe that this is one of the greatest comics out there. Truly a masterpiece.


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