Star Wars Flip Pop: Boba Fett
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Released May 2, 2023. (Originally set for September 6, 2022 and then June 13, 2023.)

Written by Jody Revenson and Matthew Reinhart.

This Boba Fett pop-up changes into a whole new scene with just a flip of a button in this ingenious pop-up collectible.

Display and play! The Star Wars Flip Pop: Boba Fett changes from one scene to another with just a push of a button!

TWO IN ONE: With the push of a button, this pop-up Boba Fett changes from Boba Fett in action, to Boba Fett falling into the dreaded sarlacc pit from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

COMPLETE THE SCENE: Pull the tabs to reveal an intricate scene full of detail.

PLAY AND DISPLAY: Add a touch of Star Wars to a bookshelf, table, or display case.

BONUS BOOKLET: Discover fun facts and behind-the-scenes details about Boba Fett in the bonus pull-out booklet.

COLLECT THEM ALL: Star Wars Flip Pop: Darth Vader also available!

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