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The wretched scum known as Vizsla was once one of the Mandalorians who grew disenfranchised with its codes of conduct and left it to form his own splinter group called The Death Watch. While leading this group, Vizsla, and the other members came across a small farming family on the colony planet, Concord Dawn. The Fett's had been aiding the Death Watch's sworn enemies of the True Mandalorians led by their mandalore, Jaster Mereel.

When Jango Fett's father refused to give Vizsla any information about the True Mandalorian's, his entire family was slaughtered in cold-blood. Jango barely escaped the carnage and was saved thanks to the intervention of Jaster and his group. From then on Jango was raised as a Mandalorian fighting alongside Jaster and the others. However, a betrayal within Jaster's group by fellow member Montross later ended with Mereel's death at the hands of the Death Watch. Jango, who took Jaster's place as Mandalore, later helped destroy the Death Watch and Vizsla.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Animated)

Voiced by actor/director Jon Favreau

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