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Ghez Hokan




A sadistic Mandalorian hired to protect the Separatist scientists who were creating a lethal "Clone Virus" on the agricultural world of Qiilura.

Ghez Hokan was a Mandalorian just like Jango Fett. He also had a penchant for killing his victims with a lightsaber, which he had obtained from a Jedi Master he had kidnapped and later killed. Ghez was stationed on the agricultural world of Qiilura where he was hired by the Neimoidian Lik Ankkit to protect a Separatist scientist that was working on a virus to target and destroy all of the Republic's Clone Soldiers. Thankfully, this plot was discovered and told to the Jedi who sent out a specially trained group of Clones called the Republic Commandos. The Commandos arrived on Qiilura, but, a malfunction with the groups transport led to them being separated from each other for a while. During this time, Darman, the Commando who had been separated from the others in his group came across a young female Padawan named Etain Tur' Mukan who had recently lost her master to Hokan.

Eventually, Darman was united with the rest of the members of Omega Squad and they were able to sabotage the Separatists plans to release the deadly clone virus. Hokan on the other hand, wasn't so lucky, as he lost his life to Etain who avenged the death of her Jedi Master at the hands of the Mandalorian.


  • Republic Commando: Hard Contact

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