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Kud'ar Mub'at was a spider-like creature who's habitat existed in his own web drifting afloat amongst the coldness and emptiness of space.

His species are only known as being the "Assemblers", which are an extremely rare and rumored endangered species of the galaxy. As a still developing creature, or what would be called a "subnode", Kud'ar Mub'at was said to have been a creation of his older Assembler parent. Subnodes are born with specified jobs to accomplish throughout their master's web, and each subnode is created purposely with less than average independence to avoid uprising against their master. But like every other Assembler, at least one of their subnodes becomes too independent for their own good and devours their master in order to gain full control of their web. This is precisely how Kud'ar Mub'at came to be a master Assembler.

Kud'ar Mub'at grew to become a well-known middle-man for many business accusations. His customers ranged from Jabba the Hutt, to Prince Xizor, to the Bounty Hunter's Guild, to Boba Fett, and more sources unknown.

Kud'ar Mub'at's inability to recognize his subnode, Balancesheet's, growing independence ultimately led to his eternal downfall. Once Balancesheet was free from the control of Kud'ar Mub'at's web, he devoured his own master, took control of his manipulative web, and used Kud'ar Mub'at's exoskeleton to take on his persona.

Balancesheet impersonated his expired master in order to complete his own ingenious plan.

Last updated: December 22, 2022
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