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Mirta Gev


Boba Fett's Granddaughter


Mirta Gev was a female bounty hunter during the Second Galactic Cival War.

As the daughter of Ailyn Vel and Makin Marec (and not to mention Boba Fett and Sintas Vel Vel's granddaughter,) she possesses various Mandalorian, bounty hunter traits in her warrior encrypted bloodline.

Like her mother, Mirta Gev has dedicated most of her life to tracking down Boba Fett and making him pay for his obvious failure as a husband, father and a grandfather.

In 40 ABY, Mirta ended up partnering up with Boba Fett, now an ill and elderly bounty hunter, to find her grandmother who has been frozen in carbonite since 1 ABY. Yet, in order to achieve this goal, Mirta Gev had to assist Fett in hunting down another bounty hunter named Skirata to obtain a cure for Fett's fatal illness.

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