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Etain Tur-Mukan




A young Padawan who killed the Mandalorian Ghez Hokan in retaliation for his murder of her former Master

Etain Tur-Mukan was the Padawan of Master Fulier. She was an average looking human female with auburn colored hair. While on the agricultural planet Qiilura, Master Fulier was captured by a group of alien mercs, led by the Mandalorian Ghez Hokan. While his hostage, Master Fulier by his own lightsaber at the hands of Hokan. Etain as a result, was left to fend for herself as best as possible. Luckily, Etain was later discovered by Republic Commando Squad member, Darman, who had himself been separated from the other soldiers in his group.

Although Darman and the other's of Omega Squad were taught to be pretty independent in thought, they still relied a lot on the wisdom of the Jedi. This was unfortunate for Darman who found out that Etain was still quite a novice with her Force abilities and still lacked both the patience and confidence to grow in the Force. However, with both Darman's assurance ,as well as, the young Jedi's order to treat her like a fellow soldier instead of his superior, Etain was able to grow tremendously in the use of her Force abilities.

While together searching for the rest of Omega Squad, Etain and Darman were caught in an ambush by some mercs. The attack resulted in the young Padawan claiming her first life with her lightsaber. This incident left Etain emotionally and mentally scarred for some time afterwards but alas, it would not the last life her lightsaber would claim. The latter incident came about when Ghez Hokan was responding to a fake cry of pain from Darman who was pretending to have been hit by Ghez's blaster. Upon closer inspection Ghez saw the screaming Darman, still faking an injury. In respect for his opponent Darman was preparing to take the young soldier "out of his misery" when he was suddenly pierced by the glowing blade of Etain's lightsaber.


  • Republic Commando: Hard Contact by Karen Traviss

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