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Gilramos Libkath




Gilramos Likath was a Neimodian who had been exiled to the desert planet, Tatooine.

Libkath had been a thorn in Jabba the Hutt's slimy, side long before Boba ever stepped foot on the desert wasteland. Libkath had "taken in" Mos Espa's homeless children and sent them out to steal the Hutt's cargo of weapons, that he in turn sold and made a profit from. Infuriated by these repeated thefts, Jabba sent several bounty hunters to kill Libkath but every one of them ended up dead. After arriving on Tatooine and seeking out Jabba, Boba was put through a life and death test "literally" that he barely passed. With his success, Boba was given the task of hunting down Gilramos Libkath.

However, Boba wasn't the only bounty hunter hired to take down Libkath. The other that Jabba purposely but Boba in competition with was the ancient Gen'dai bounty hunter,Durge, who loathed the young bounty hunter because of his Mandalorian roots.
Boba was also given the instructions of killing not only Gilramos but his helpers as well. This was something that Boba was hesitant about since he had met the homeless kids earlier when he first arrived on Tatooine. Also, the leader of the group was a young girl around his age named Ygabba that he had befriended.

Luckily for Boba he was able to use Durge to not only destroy Libkath and his droids, but to remove himself as a threat also, at least temporarily. Best of all Boba was able to spare the lives of the children that had themselves been slaves to the wicked Neimoidian, forced to steal for him or be put to death by a lethal injection of a deadly neurotoxin. The children finally free of the Neimoidian's grasp were then sent off to be united with their relatives or in Ygabba's case, her father , the same old man that Boba had also befriended while on Tatooine.


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