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While on the planet Xagobah hunting down the Separatist Wat Tambor, Boba Fett came across a reptilian alien named Xeran. Xeran belonged to an alien species called Xamster's that were natives of Xagobah. The Xamster's like many other alien species across the galaxy were caught between the war of the Republic and Separatist forces. Unfortunately for Xeran and his people Wat Tambor had taken many of the planets native plants and fungus and turned them into biological weapons, something that upset Xeran. Because of this perversion of nature, Xeran was eager to help Boba get inside the living citadel where Tambor was trapped, so he could end the tyrants reign. With his knowledge of Xagobah and it's plant life, Xeran was able to help Boba get inside of the citadel undetected, by using the Malubi spores that were inside of the malvil-trees purple globe "fruit" to camoflauge him.


  • Boba Fett "A New Threat" by Elizabeth Hand

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