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After the huge spike from “The Mandalorian” Season 2 and then a smaller rise from “The Book of Boba Fett” in recent years past, we’ve now reached 186.5k followers this year when counting our website’s memberships alongside our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and newcomer Threads. (We’ve also continued test driving Mastodon plus now Bluesky and TikTok.)

Here’s a recap of our most popular content from January 1 to today, December 31.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | BFFC News | YouTube

If all social platforms were awesome, we could compare all things on the same metric, but unfortunately some stats we can get with ease are based on impressions/views and others are based on likes, the latter of which of course are harder to earn. We’ve noted that alongside each data set below.


Here are our top 10 posts based on total likes (on our page which raked in 602k likes on posts) in 2023 Facebook, where we currently have over 78k fans:

#10: “Great to see #TheMandalorian aka Pedro Pascal in the crowd at the Oscars tonight”
10k likes since 3/12

#9: Happy birthday Danny Trejo!
10k likes since 5/16

#8: “#LAComicCon: Snowba Fett by Amber Arden”
12k likes since 12/2

#7: “#LAComicCon: #CadBane by David Neth”
14k likes since 12/2

#6: “#LifeDay is also #BobaFett day!”
14k likes since 11/17

#5: “Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian”
17k likes since 2/4

#4: “Exactly 45 days until #TheMandalorian Season 3”
18k likes since 1/15

#3: “The Book of Boba Fetch” by Kg07
20k likes since 6/3

#2: “Temuera Morrison alongside Sam Neill and Karl Urban…”
26k likes since 4/18

#1: “Jon Favreau got his own star today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”
58k likes since 2/13

Stats pulled from Meta Business Suite (aka > Content > Export (button at the top) > Facebook > pull every 3 months (the max they allow) and merge the data in a spreadsheet…


Out of 227.4k likes on our 2023 posts, here were our top 10 posts based on likes in 2023 on Instagram, which now has 39k followers, a hair down from last year oddly enough:

#10: “It’s quite a dynamic feeling to be in that armor. …”
1.7K likes since 1/6

#9: Don’t miss the new #StarWars fan film “Sands of Fate” by Escape Velocity Content
1.8k likes since 12/16

#8: On this day in 1979 was the 2nd unit production for the Slave I interior in “The Empire Strikes Back”
1.9k likes since 8/23

#7: Slip away in your favorite ship
1.9k likes since 1/11

#6: The GameStop exclusive #BobaFett gaming accessories by Geeknet include a keyboard, mouse, headset, and pad
2k likes since 1/16

#5: May the Force be with award-winning #TheMandalorian and #TheBookOfBobaFett costume designer Shawna Trpcic who passed away suddenly
2.3k likes since 10/7

#4: What’s your favorite #BobaFett line?
2.5k likes since 5/26

#3: Happy Valentine’s Day!
2.6k likes since 2/14

#2: #SpoilerAlert: Over two weeks ago, the new #StarWars Jedi: Survivor video game dropped – with our favorite bounty hunter making a cameo
3.2k likes since 5/13

#1: #LifeDay is also #BobaFett day!
3.4k likes since 11/17

Stats pulled from for the top 9 and/or use this to get the 10th or more: Meta Business Suite (aka > Content > Export (button at the top) > Instagram > pull every 3 months (the max they allow) and merge the data in a spreadsheet…

Twitter *

Clocking in at 35.7K followers on our Twitter as of today.

#10: “In just 7 days, #BobaFett returns in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35 …”
17k impressions since 6/14

#9: “Happy birthday Emily Swallow! …”
18k impressions since 12/18

#8: “The new Funko Pop #660 “Disney 100 Retro Reimagined” #BobaFett (Target Exclusive) was revealed this morning … “
18k impressions since 10/3

#7: “What’s your favorite Star Wars GIF? This one we made is ours.”
19k impressions since 11/24

#6: “Up for pre-order tomorrow 12/13 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, Hasbro just revealed this new “The Vintage Collection” Deluxe #JangoFett! …”
20k impressions since 12/12

#5: “It’s confirmed: #BobaFett is in #LEGO #Fortnite!”
20.2k impressions since 12/7

#4: “Besides #BobaFett, which other bounty hunter across all of #StarWars lore is your fav?”
21k impressions since 10/27

#3: “Congrats to Dave Filoni, who was just promoted to chief creative officer at Lucasfilm …”
23k impressions since 11/21

#2: “Today is the 45th anniversary of #BobaFett’s first public appearance – at the 1978 San Anselmo Country Fair Day and Parade … “
30k impressions since 9/24

#1: “.@Swarovski has a new #BobaFett on their website … “
66k impressions since 6/9

* Stats pulled from, although it’s quite broken since Elon took over and missing several months of stats. In fact, prior to June 2023 is missing. #Facepalm


We take a lot of pride and joy in writing the News section year after year. From the 31 articles we published in 2023, our guides, reviews, and exclusives are our greatest hits.

#10: Review: Chapter 24 of “The Mandalorian”
299 unique views since 4/20, written by Chelsey B. Coombs

#9: Review: Boba Fett’s Starship and Jango Fett’s Starship by Jazwares
342 unique views since 1/24, written by Chelsey B. Coombs

#8: The Psychology of “The Book of Boba Fett”
417 unique views since 12/9, written by Mosh Babilonia

#7: Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023: Guide for Boba Fett Fans
513 unique views since 3/28, written by Aaron Proctor

#6: Review: Chapter 23 of “The Mandalorian”
526 unique views since 4/14, written by Gustavo Perez

#5: Boba Fett in “The Mandalorian” Season 3, Notes Official Star Wars Facebook Page for Hong Kong
632 unique views since 2/25, written by Aaron Proctor

#4: Exclusive Sneak Peek at “The Book of Boba Fett – Collector’s Edition”
688 unique views since 7/20, written by Aaron Proctor

#3: 2023 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Star Wars Sales Featuring Boba Fett
799 unique views since 11/21, written by Aaron Proctor

#2: SDCC 2023: Guide for Boba Fett Fans
817 unique views since 7/7, written by Aaron Proctor

#1: Star Wars Day 2023: Guide for Boba Fett Fans
1.6k unique views since 5/3, written by Aaron Proctor

Stats pulled from our Google Analytics. (For the stat nerds, we use Behavior > Site Content > All Pages and filtering by /news/, then hand picking out non-2023 matches.)


7.67K subscribers now on our YouTube, which has 179 videos.

#10: Review: “The Book of Boba Fett” Collection by Enso Rings
298 unique views since 6/25, shot by Chelsey B. Coombs

#9: Los Angeles Comic Con 2023: Miggs Fett
311 unique views since 12/2, shot by Aaron Proctor

#8: FIRST LOOK: Regal Robot’s Boba Fett Prototype Armor Skull
440 unique views since 3/6, shot by Aaron Proctor

#7: Review: Boba Fett’s Starship and Jango Fett’s Starship by Jazwares
570 unique views since 1/24, shot by Chelsey B. Coombs

#6: Unboxing the “Mando Mania” Gift Box from Hasbro
582 unique views since 3/22, shot by Chelsey B. Coombs

#5: Review: Denuo Novo’s Boba Fett / Jango Fett Jetpack Kit with Assembly Step-by-Step
621 unique views since 8/25, shot by Aaron Proctor feat. Miggs Fett

#4: Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Team Interview Roundtable (December 12, 2023)
699 unique views since 12/12, recorded by Hasbro feat. Chelsey B. Coombs

#3: Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Team Interview Roundtable (January 10, 2023)
711 unique views since 1/10, recorded by Hasbro feat. Chelsey B. Coombs

#2: Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Team Interview Roundtable (August 24, 2023)
813 unique views since 8/24, recorded by Hasbro feat. Chelsey B. Coombs

#1: Review: “The Vintage Collection” Boba Fett’s Throne Room by Hasbro
1.6k unique views since 11/5, shot by Chelsey B. Coombs


What were your highlights in BFFC coverage this year? Let us know in the comments so we can do more of that — as you wish.

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