Exclusive Sneak Peek at "The Book of Boba Fett - Collector's Edition"

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We’ve been fortunate to receive another exclusive sneak peek from Titan, the publisher behind “The Book of Boba Fett – Collector’s Edition” — available August 1st.

See below for three new spreads with loads of “The Book of Boba Fett” info and imagery, first shown right here on the Boba Fett Fan Club:

Here’s the book’s official description:

The legendary Boba Fett has returned! Upon emerging from the Sarlacc pit and reclaiming his armor, he is making a name for himself as the new Daimyo of Tatooine, a position previously held by the notorious Jabba the Hutt.

Learn about Boba Fett and his crew and become immersed in the continuing story of one of the greatest bounty hunters the galaxy has ever seen! Featuring an episodic guide and in-depth information on the various characters, droids, creatures, and vehicles, all lavishly illustrated with final frames and amazing concept art, prepare to enter the dangerous world of The Book of Boba Fett!

Following a daring escape from the Sarlacc pit, Boba Fett must assembled a group of trusted allies–including assassin and mercenary Fennec Shand; the Mandalorian, Din Djarin; a gang of modified humans; and the fearsome Wookiee Krrsantan–and brace for conflict not only against other local gangsters, but also the deadly, spice-running Pyke Syndicate.

This volume contains a comprehensive account regarding Boba Fett’s latest adventures on Tatooine, from the creation of new creatures and ships to stunning art and photography from the epic series.

Here’s a copy of the table of contents:

  • The Story So Far
    • Tatooine and the Outer Rim
  • The Book of Boba Fett
    • Episode Summary
  • Characters
    • Boba Fett
    • Fennec Shand
    • Krrsantan
    • The Mods
    • Tusken Raiders
    • Din Djarin
    • Grogu
    • Luke Skywalker
    • Peli Motto
    • Cad Bane
    • Pyke Syndicate
    • Crime Families
    • Outer
    • Rim Inhabitants
  • Vehicles
    • Starships
    • Civilian and Military
  • Creatures
    • Tatooine Wildlife
  • Droids
    • Service Droids

The book is available all over:

Previously released promotional imagery:

Note: we also noticed a couple small typos here and there (e.g. Bulloch) and let Titan know upon seeing them, but it was too late to make it into the first print editions.

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  1. Stella M Flores says:

    I Love this. I hope they give us more Seasons of Boba Fett. It would be great to have some flashbacks on Jango.
    Can this be pre ordered?

    1. Regarding a second season, agreed! For pre-orders, we link to multiple sites in this article. Cheers!

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